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  1. DeKrypted

    Question Samsung C27JG5x - Vertical Line of Dead Pixels

    Hello! I have a Samsung C27JG5x monitor, and I have had it for a while now. Yesterday, I noticed that there is a 1 pixel wide line running down my monitor vertically. It appears to be every other pixel, so I suspect the problem is in 1 of the two interlace field drawers. I don't really know the...
  2. mrtech9

    Question Black dot on LED monitor ?

    Today I've woke up to this black dot on my ASUS VE278Q, I know that It cannot be fixed but I've been wondering what can cause it? Nothing even touched monitor or has been spilled over it. I've been thinking, over the night during the thunder I've pulled out my cables from the wall and plugged...
  3. firoz.mansur15

    Question Black Dots on LG 24M38H-B monitor screen ?

    I have been noticing a few black dots on my LG 24M38H-B Led Monitor for the last few days. I have tried applying pressure to make them disappear. I have also tried a pencil eraser on them but to no vail. Please refer links for images. Two of these images are taken in super macro mode and in...
  4. testeras

    [SOLVED] Dark spots on screen ? Can someone tell me what are these black spots on my screen? it can only be seen on dark colours like gray and blue(on white it cant be seen at all) Screen is Lcd Lenovo ThinkVision 76hz 1280x1024 (idk which model). I dont know when it...
  5. A

    Question Ozone or ASUS Monitor?

    Hey everyone! I'm about to buy the Ozone OZDSP25PRO but I've read that a lot of people get dead pixels right away or after a few days using it. I'm thinking about buying the ASUS VP249QGR instead. Maybe the MSI Optix G241V? Which one will be better in terms of not giving me headaches?
  6. TerraCorbix12345

    Question Should I return this MSI Optix G273 with a dead pixel on it?

    I purchased an MSI Optix G273 from Costco about a month ago and while it's been doing great so far, I noticed that there was a dead pixel near the upper left-hand corner of the screen (in pics provided). For now, it looks like there's only one dead pixel on the monitor, although there could be...
  7. currylord

    [SOLVED] Disabling part of the viewport

    So I'm using an old monitor that has a stripe of dead pixels on the bottom as my second display. I was wondering if it was possible to rule out those pixels completely from the display viewport. So for example if I were to maximize an app, it would only scale until the point where the...
  8. the-halfbloodprince

    [SOLVED] Want to confirm if this display is done or can I use it?

    So I'm a college student and I needed an external monitor to use with my laptop but can't afford one rn. Luckily, I got my friend's permission to use his old laptop's display as that laptop was broken and was not usable anymore. So I carefully removed the display from his laptop successfully...
  9. X

    Question Does my monitor have a stuck or dead pixel?

    Basically, I have the samsung lc27rg50 and after about 9 months of ownership, I began to notice two bright dots in the bottom center of my screen. The monitor has a VA panel. Here are the details: When looked at it straight on, the pixel just seems like it does not show color, but when I'm...
  10. I

    Question asus monitor prob dead pixels

    soo i've had a new asus monitor for about a month and one day suddenly not few, but whole ass lines of dead pixels apeared, it covers about 5/8 off my screen, and the intresting things is that its perfect lines, idk should i just get a new display, wait for it to go away or just get a new...
  11. jainamshah4321

    Question Stuck or dead pixel?

    Hi, I am running an ASUS VG248QE, and I suddenly found that everytime I have some sort of dark colors on my screen, on pixel turns red and does not change, but when I go back to bright colors the pixel works fine. This means if I hover my cursor over it(while on a dark background), the red pixel...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] Dead pixels

    Hi. So my monitor pixels just died and I have no idea what is the cause of it. It just randomly happened. I remember earlier I choked with water and maybe I spilled some drops on the monitor, but this doesnt seen to me to be the cause of this, or maybe it is. I wanna know what you guys think...
  13. Bex-80

    Asus Laptop From eBay - Advice

    Hey, I recently brought a second Asus F553M laptop from eBay for £90, it has an Intel Celeron N2815, 4GB RAM and a 750GB HDD, the full specs can be found on the ASUS website. It was described as... And... In the pictures it does look in very good condition and the seller probably isn't...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Is this a dead pixel or stuck pixel ?

    Hello guys I have LG TV , had it about 3 years, I just noticed today right in the center a black mark. I'm trying to figure if it's a stuck or dead pixel. i am sure it's not on the outside screen I rubbed it pretty thoroughly with a microfiber towel with cleaning solution this is 4 different...
  15. Masterpayne4

    Question Random blue pixels on screen

    Okay so I have not used my PC in over a year and have decided to reboot it up. It all seems to be running smoothly but after i get past the BIOS many blue dots appear on the screen and move about, I know it isn't a problem with the monitor because I am able to use my ps4 on it. I have tried...
  16. V

    Question RTX 2080Ti causing artifacts all over the screen

    So i received a brand new prebuilt system that is quite powerful (i7 9700k/RTX 2080Ti/32 GB of ram), it is indeed a really nice machine. But there is an issue i came across. I connected my pc to a monitor (Asus XG258Q) and there are some sort of lines all over the monitor. They are white, green...
  17. B

    Question Acer XB271Hubmiprz alternatives

    Hey guys, I have a problem with deciding which monitor to buy. My old monitor is an Acer XB270Hbmjdprz, the TN 1080p non g-sync variant. I have it for like 5 years and I've decided that I want an upgrade to QHD, preferably G-SYNC. I would like to stick to the 27-inch screen size. A year ago I...
  18. D

    Question discolored cluster of pixels on laptop LCD monitor

    Hi friends I have an msi laptop that has been running for 7 years, and suddenly I noticed a cluster of tiny black dots at the bottom center of my laptop display. only some parts of pixels went black, not the whole pixel, but today their number increased and the color changed to green, cyan and...
  19. S

    Question ¿These are dead or stuck pixels?

    I bought a used monitor (Dell P2217H) and it came with this defect, I can´t return it becasue is used I don´t know if are dead or just stuck pixels, i investigate and apparently, stuck pixels can be fixed via software One is grey and other is half blue and half red
  20. Y

    Question Backlight problems, smart ideas?

    Hello everyone, I want to share my problem and listen to your ideas. I purchased a new monitor and noticed a problem with the backlight, after long disputes with the seller, he sent monitor to the official AOC service in my country. In conclusion, it is stated that no defects were found ... I am...
  21. H

    Nvidia's Latest Game Ready Driver Covers 'Battleborn', Three Open Betas

    The latest Game Ready driver from Nvidia supports the launch of Gearbox Software's "Battleborn" as well as the open betas for "Paragon," "Overwatch" and "Forza Motorsport 6: Apex." Nvidia's Latest Game Ready Driver Covers 'Battleborn', Three Open Betas : Read more
  22. M

    New computer boots but bluescreens at windows logo.

    I just put together my new pc mobo: MSI H81M-P33 CPU: G3258 GPU: GTX550ti Ram: Corsair Vengance 2x4gb (8GB) For some reason when i boot the pc it starts off normally ( i can go to bios if i want) but as it is about to start loading windows it bluescreens. I've launch startup repair a few...
  23. C

    How much is my alienware aurora worth?

    Hello, i received an alienware aurora for free. I'm not much of PC gaming person, although i do enjoy playing games on consoles. I'm planning on selling my pc since i won't be using it, i just want to know how much it's worth. I'm not PC gaming savvy. Also if someone could also tell me if this...
  24. O

    What do you think?

    I am building a new PC that I hope to use for some light gaming (skyrim,minecraft,cs:go,dota 2). I will be running Ubuntu 14.10. Here is the pcpartpicker list:
  25. Ant Vo

    Is 110°F+ way to hot for a laptop hard drive?

    Hello Laptop community. My laptop is one of those laptops that you wish you could just put aside and buy a new one. That aside, is 110°F+ just way to hot for a typical laptop on Google Chrome? Using Hard Disk Sentinel, I found out that my computer keeps a 111°F temperature at idle and has went...