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  1. eyaln1

    New M.2 SSD shows up only sometimes in the boot manu

    Hi everyone, I recently bought the Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB as a replacement for my Samsung 840 EVO 2.5" 1TB. The problem is that when I boot the computer I can only sometimes see the drive in the boot manu. I've managed to clone my old drive to the 960 in one of the times that the drive was...
  2. D

    Different RAM kit compatibility

    So currently I have 8gb (2x4gb) of Kingston HyperX white 1600Mhz RAM. I plan to upgrade to 16gb in the near future. So I was browsing on amazon for the same type of ram, which I found. I could buy one 4gb stick for 28$, or a 2x4gb for 73$. If I buy two 4gb sticks individually, or buy the...
  3. S

    gtx 1060 variant

    I am going to buy a gtx 1060 since I have got a gtx 750ti and need a good upgrade. so which graphics card is the best variant. or
  4. R

    Need Help setting up second monitor

    Hello, I have the GTX 1060 ( and I am trying to attach a second monitor. However, the card only has one output port but the card is supposed to support multiple monitors. How can I set up the second monitor?
  5. R

    Optical Input to Analog out via Creative Sound Blaster Z

    Hi. I'd like to run an optical audio signal from my cable box into a Sound Blaster Z and out to my 5.1 computer speakers. I have a Blu-ray burner in my computer. I'm not finding much help from Creative customer support. Any help would be appreciated! Rick
  6. Eximo

    Mid-tower case for two 280mm radiators.

    Since radiator compatibility requires looking at pretty much every case, I thought I would reach out and see what the community recommends. Looking for suggestions for a mid-tower case, would settle for a smallish full tower as well, that can fit a pair of 280mm radiators. I lean towards plain...
  7. Y

    Computer Freezes at random while playing Games

    While playing games computer freezes at random. The lights on mouse,case and the keyboard are on and there is no sound when the computer freezes but the video freezes and doesnt respond to any command. My specs are ; Motherboard : MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.00Ghz...
  8. F

    Bios problemE PLZ HELP ME

    ther is a f button and c button on my case, i pressed them by curiossity and what happen is that the pc restarted and open up the bios but blank, a blank bios, the after a couple seconds the pc restarted again into the bios blank again . plz help me its a brand new custom pc was working fine...
  9. S

    Black screen with four options/GNU GRUB/no booting device/ubuntu

    I have Acer aspire e11, intel celeron processor N2840 dual core, intel hd graphics( dont really know wich one, 2GB DDR3 RAM memory and 500GB HDD. Previously i had windows 7 64bit proffesional edition and i decided to switch to ubuntu. I have followed this guide step by step: ubuntu guide. When...
  10. T

    Reeven JUSTICE or CRYORIG H7? Which CPU cooler?

    I'm stuck between these two: (H7 is out of stock I can wait though) Which one would you recommend? What would be a better choice? Looking to replace my stock heatsink, thx.
  11. A

    Water cooler for non K

    I want a water cooler just in case I ever do step up to K series processor and Z170 mobo. And i don't want a giant hyper 212 sticking out of my case either. And I most definitely have the room for a water cooler (Define R5 for me case and i7 6700 NON K CPU). So whats a good price:performance...
  12. J

    New memory not working

    I bought the following ram Look at this on eBay My mobo is an Intel dq67sw I installed the ram in slot 2 and 4, nothing shows on screen. I installed 1 in 2 and it works (both tried alone in slot 2). If I switch back to 2x2gb in slot 2 and 4 it's all...
  13. C

    I need a good Gaming Desktop

    I'm looking for a good gaming desktop which can run Overwatch pretty well. My budget is $1000, I also would prefer it to be on this site PS : Yes it is AUD Thank you ~
  14. K

    Unable to install Hyper-V Platform role

    Hi, I am trying to install the Hyper-V role through the Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn a Windows Feature On or Off. When I check the box for Hyper-V, it searches for the files, acquires them, and applies the changes. It then says "Windows completed the requested changes" and...
  15. L

    Power outage resulting in pc damage

    So I just bought a surge protector plug. But!! Before I managed to plug my pc into it we had a power cut. My brother was gaming on the pc at the time and the power went off for a second or two before coming back on. The pc then came on and the bios appeared detecting the surge. What is the...
  16. honneylemz

    Help on a processor that just doesn't want to get properly installed

    Hey guys I'm pretty noob to this things and is still learning from the ground up. Two weeks ago I bought a processor not really new but more powerful than the one I've used. It is a Core 2 duo E7400 2.80 ghz and my older one is a Pentium dual core E5200 2.50 ghz. I've checked my motherboard and...
  17. A

    Laptop won't boot. How can i boot from usb

    I installed crimson amd driver on my laptop and something definitely went wrong because now it freezes when it get to the welcome screen. I would like to just make a clean install of windows but how can i boot from usb if i can't even get to windows?
  18. J

    Just emptied my drive, anything I should do before I put data back on?

    Hey guys, I just cleared out one of my external HDDs down to nothing, and just did a standard format (Windows 10) to NTFS and default allocation size. I was wondering if there is anything else I should do to the HDD before I start using it again?
  19. Jonathanese

    Upgrade: 3570K to 6800K?

    After I got my GTX 1070, I started realizing how much of a bottleneck my CPU apparently is. For a card that is supposed to be beating the Titan X, it is running at something like 40% slower. Now, I'm not sure how much of a bottleneck it actually is, because my GPU still shows high usage. But...
  20. U

    Any improvements/ suggestions??

    Any improvements?? This is my first intel build and am wanting to stay in the 600$-650$. Here is the link If their is any better bang for your buck cpu or gpu leave your suggestions below. Have a great day ^-^