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  1. T

    R9 Fury X running slow?

    i did some benchmarks today I'm seeing something strange. for some reason this Fury X is slower than my EVGA GTX 980 FTW. for example, i ran Unigine Valley bench at 1440p/DX11/Ultra/8x AA on both cards. the GTX 980 scored 1880 points but the Fury X scored 1490. The bench also looked very choppy...
  2. A

    I have quad core 2.8 ghz with 4 gb ram can i play gta 5

    I have a quad core 2.8 ghz pc with 2 gb graphics card and 4 gb ram plz tell me can i play gta 5
  3. E

    What Psu will work for Asus rampage v?

    I have a corsair tx850m and this board requires a 24pin, 8pin and a 4 pin. What can I do to get the 4 pin powered up?
  4. TheGloriousMR

    1st Build Help

    I will be building my 1st pc in about 2 weeks.This is mostly for gaming but will also use it for other minor task like photoshop and word. I have this so far (link below) but any suggestions on reducing the price for a couple hundo would really help my pocket.I do however DO NOT want to...
  5. N

    Just ordered an i7 3820, have a couple of questions

    So a guy was selling an i7 3820 and a GA-X79-UP4 motherboard for $250. Without thinking I purchased the components right away. Did I get a good deal ? I didn't do any research before I purchased them, I'm mainly just gonna be doing gaming. Should I just cancel the order and get an i5 instead ...
  6. andreaszero

    Need help for cooling solution.

    Hi, I need help finding a good cooling solution for a 4690k. I plan to OC it to 4.2Ghz-4.5Ghz. I am between the H75, H80i and Noctua NH-U14S. The NH-D14 and D15 are too big imo and will make my case(450D) look bad and also affect the airflow in a bad way so I'm leaning towards liquid cooling...
  7. R

    Which case should I get for cooling and airflow?

    I've been looking around for my first gaming PC lately and I've come across two that I like. They are identical in specs but one of them has a mini tower case while the other has a mid tower case with five pre-installed fans. Mini Tower Case...
  8. G

    Is this build decent?

    Hi i habe the case, ram, gpu, psu and was wondering if the other options where a decent idea, not looking for overclocking, tiny bit of room for budget gpu - 970 gigabyte itx psu - cooler master v650s case - nzxt 410 ram (4x4gb) Crucial BLS4G3D1609DS1S00CEU mobo - Asus H97-PRO, Intel H97 cpu...
  9. N.Broekhuijsen

    ASRock's X99E-ITX/ac Pairs X99 Chipset With Mini-ITX, Will Cost $249

    ASRock announced how much its Mini-ITX X99 motherboard is going to cost. ASRock's X99E-ITX/ac Pairs X99 Chipset With Mini-ITX, Will Cost $249 : Read more
  10. D

    Pavilion p6 series

    Need help finding and fixing problems on my desktop HP Pavilion p6 series IE 11 for Windows 7 that are causing IE11 to stay connect.
  11. R

    Where can I find my VRM Temp?

    Hi, I'm trying to find the VRM temps for my GTX 970. I have a picture of Open Hardware Monitor: (if it's not working: Is the VRM temp displayed here? If not, where can I find it?
  12. L

    Usable RAM < Installed RAM

    I was unable to find this answer on previously posted topics. I have a 32-bit Win 7 (home premium) pc with 4gb of ram installed, however only 2.75gb are "usable". How do I determine what is causing this limitation? Thanks! MoBo:
  13. D

    bsod when i lauch my steam games my computer has the bsod

    i've been trying to play my steam games and half way through playing i get a bsod. i have msi afterburner and my gpu has major spikes to 99% please help!!!!!!!
  14. C

    Upgrading from GTX 770 GB - New GPU for 2015

    I recently sold my Zotac GTX 770 2GB for about 200€ because it didnt meet my needs, it really couldn't play any games on Ultra with High FPS I think its due to the 2GB VRAM and now I want to upgrade. I prefer Nvidia Cards I'm not really a fan of AMD and I really love Geforce Experience I...
  15. A

    New SSD, Dota 2 Now Stuttering

    I upgraded my laptop to a 512 GB SSD, and installed windows 8.1 into it, used my cloud to bring any files I wanted over, and re-installed most my programs from their websites. However, when I started to try and play Dota 2, every 10 or so seconds there would be a .5-2 second stutter, in which...
  16. TheJJBman11

    Heat and Performance

    I have an AMD GPU and therefore I have the Cataylst Control Center but have never looked into it as I don't intend on messing around with anything. But when I looked at it earlier today I noticed it tracked the temp, idle it stays about low to mid 30 degrees Company 2 and my frames were are 30...
  17. rdawg16

    can i use Usb to Vga adapter without having a integrated vga port on my motherboard ?

    Due to artifact issues with my asus r9 280x i am going to Send the graphics back to ASUS to fix it so they said it will take 14 days to be fixed and return back to me. My question is as there is no integrated vga, hdmi, hdmi, etc. on my ASRock 990FX KILLER motherboard So is it possible to use a...
  18. B

    What is a bootable windows?

    I found and OS for $15. It says re-install or install windows, but it says that it's a "bootable windows." I just want to know if it really doesn't mean anything, or I should not get it. Need it for my computer build, which I am almost done with. It is also on an 8gb USB.
  19. J

    Harddrive transfer rate extremely slow

    Internal C: harddisk About 600kb/s transfer rate when I move files around! Games load very slow as well. Anything in the software/hardware I can check before declaring the hard disk fried?
  20. C

    SSD filling up fast (win7)

    Hello , I have a problem with my SSD that for no reason takes space and I have it only 2 months. I checked through the folders and only have like 40.3 gb taken but if I click properties in the ssd it says it has 163 taken. Any help is appreciated. Update sorry I took so long to give my...