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  1. HelpMeI'mHopeless

    Question New PC randomly deadlock and needs to be force restarted.

    I built a new PC and almost every day it freezes randomly. Usually when it freezes I only have Chrome open. Doesn't happen during gaming sessions. Everything becomes unresponsive. Caps lock button doesn't light up. I need to hold down the power button and restart whole PC. There is no pattern...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] PC keeps dead locking

    Hello, My computer keeps completely locking up shortly after startup. It started as occasional Machine Check Exception BSODs then became more and more frequent. Now I don’t even get a BSOD, the PC locks up completely. I’m unable to move the mouse and the caps/num lock keys don’t illuminate...
  3. hijerovit

    [SOLVED] Tower fans make a car-revving-like noise and power up and down seemingly at random

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for questions, I'm new to the forums so I'd kindly ask to be pointed at the right place if I missed. Anyways, I got this PC recently and cleaned it up since it probably wasn't cleaned since it was built, replaced the thermal paste, reinstalled Windows 10, all...
  4. N

    Question Pc deadlocking

    Hi, my computer has been deadlocking recently and I am struggling to fix it. I beleive the problem is a missing or corrupted windows 10 file. I have Done a system restore but the problem persists. I have added no new hardware and have downloaded no new drivers. All my hardware has been secured...