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    Question Fan Recommendations

    Hey everyone, Currently on the market for some new fans, however I'm seeing lots about decibels and CFM, etc. Am i right in saying that the more CFM the louder they are. I currently have the fans listed below. Does anyone have any recommendations for RGB fans that are quieter or the same as...
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    Marantz SR6010 doesn't recognize subwoofer

    Hi, I have a problem with my new Marantz SR6010, it won't recognize my older UniQue JWS A8 Active Subwoofer, it won't even get me a test tone from the sub. It shouldn't be anything wrong with the sub since it works fine when I plug it into my old TEAC DR-H300 receiver. I've tried all the...
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    Which of the following controller should i get ?

    Hey guys , i need some help in deciding one of the below controller, i never used a gamepad before so have no idea about it ,