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  1. E

    Question Shared memory with GPU. I know its been hit before but I cant find a situation like mine.

    My system: I9-10900k OC to 4.9 Strix 3080 strix z490 f 32GB(2x16) Gskill @3600 EVGA 850W PSU Problem.... Every now and then I get low frame rates(50-60) normal is (170-200) and stutters. I think I have figured out what's causing it just not sure if there's a way to fix it or how if there is...
  2. W

    Question Many games only run when integrated graphics are disabled.

    Many games only run when integrated graphics are disabled. If I disable Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 the game will run normally. Already uninstalled the drivers using DDU - did not help. All drivers are up to date. Dedicated GPU: NVIDIA GeForce MX 150. I appreciate if anyone can point me to the...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 treats dedicated GPU as the integrated one

    Hello, I've a PC with an AMD A4-5000 APU and an integrated Radeon HD 8330 GPU plus a discrete Radeon HD 8600M GPU which I don't know if it's a 8630, 8670 or 8690. Now, when I install the drivers from AMD, both GPU drivers installs correctly, but for some reason Windows 10 (build 2004) treats the...
  4. Asdwj

    [SOLVED] How can I allocate more ram to the dedicated graphics card?

    I have 8GB, the dedicated graphics card uses 6gb and the integrated graphics 2gb, how can I allocate more ram to the dedicated graphics card?
  5. A

    Question What is better, 16 GB RAM + an integrated GPU or 8 GB + a dedicated GPU?

    Time to buy a new laptop, and I have to settle for a fairly low-end machine. The ones in the price range I'm going for are unsurprisingly in many ways similar, but the starkest commonality seems to be that almost all of them have 8 GB RAM. Some of them have dedicated graphic cards (though...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Unable to dedicate more than 1 gig of ram to minecraft server

    so i have a 64 bit computer with 16 gigs of ram and when i try and dedicate more than 1 gig of ram it says this Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap i also have the newest version of java installed. Please help.
  7. Antimax14

    Question Using a i5-4690k as a dedicated streaming pc?

    Hi! I just upgraded my gaming pc to a i7-9700k and gtx 1070. However, will streaming be better with a dedicated streaming pc with an i5 4690k?
  8. saltySquash

    Question Can't connect to game servers when my own server is running?

    I know many of you probably don't know DayZ, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which game it is. I recently tried to make my own local server in this game (DayZ Standalone), i've port forwarded and all that, but when i run it, i can't connect to any dayz servers at all, not even my own, and...
  9. T

    i wan to upgrade my ram

    i have and 8gb potenza ram stick and want to know if i can switch it our for two 8gb corsair vengeance ram sticks
  10. T

    Questions about voltage converters

    From 240v to 110v, would it be ok for 100w on the converter if my electronics device is 62-65w? Or should I go for 300w? I hear some says I can times the wattage with 1,5 and others say the converter should be 2-3 times higher than you need. What is right? I saw a converter at 100w, but the...
  11. M

    How much dedicated memory my NVIDIA have?

    Hi. I was trying to discover how much dedicated memory my graphic cards have, but I'm somewhat confused. I found how much dedicated memory the Intel Graphics HD 4000 have, but I don't know where to find the dedicated memory of NVIDIA GeForce. I had opened the msinfo32.exe, as recommended...
  12. S

    XFX R9 380 4GB vs MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

    I am currently using the R9 380, and the sound is really bugging me when its on full load. And sometimes the driver keeps on crashing on certain games I play with ultra settings. I'm trying to switch to gtx 960, as I heard the quality is quite on par with the 380 (maybe, i'm not really good with...
  13. F

    SSD Vs Mechanical

    Which is better and for what reason?
  14. I

    PS2 HDD Is recognized but not seen as online by my PC

    Hello! I just really need help with this, I've been trying for a couple days now to solve an issue with this new Sony PS2 HDD I've bought. I am using and IDE to USb adapter to connect it to my PC. (Running the New Windows 10). I have it plugged in and I can feel the disk inside spinning along...
  15. E

    Acer laptop turns on but screen is black

    Hello i got issue with my acer aspire e 15 laptop. Yesterday it work great but today when i turn on it display don't show anything ... led light is on , mouse work but display... do somebody can help me ? ;/
  16. F

    Would this fit?

    Hello people i was wondering if this motherboard MSI ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97-G45 GAMING would fit in this case Corsair Carbide Series Black 300R Windowed Computer Case?
  17. L

    Windows 8.1 updates

    Just bought new laptop and took it out of box. It says 56 Windows 8.1 updates 47 of which are important need to be downloaded and installed, but every time I try, they fail. Tried turning off antivirus and firewall and running Windows Installer Troubleshooter. They're still failing. Any ideas?
  18. R

    How well will the Nvidea gtx 750 run Watchdogs at 1080p ultra

    Hi there, I'm going to be upgrading from my HD 4600 to a gtx 750, I have got 2 questions. 1. How well will the gtx 750 run watchdogs on ultra at 1080p 2. The gtx 750 is pcie 3.0, but my motherboard is pcie 2.0, will it work? And how much performance would I be loosing
  19. J

    $1,500 Multitasking Office Build for Calculations

    Approximate Purchase Date: This summer, likely at the release of the i7-4790K. Budget Range: $1,500 with OS System Usage from Most to Least Important: Data analysis (MatLab, OriginLab, Omnic, CompleteEase, etc.), word processing and various office uses, potentially image/video editing in the...
  20. J

    ASUS R9 270x

    Hey I haven't really overclocked many components before, but I am interested in overclocking my GPU. What would safe settings be for this card?
  21. T

    Updates failing to install

    Recently all my windows updates are failing to install. They download fine and then restart my pc to install. The PC locks up about 12% during the install process, then fails, and reverts to old settings. Any suggestions?