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  1. Sir_thank_alot

    Question What kind of power supply to buy ?

    Hi guys I need a new power supply, is 850watt good enough? Will it be a bit future proof. Here are the list of fully modular power supply that I can get from my country HELP ME PLEASE 1)Corsair RM850e 80+Gold ATX 3.0 Inr 10800 usd 129.75 2)NZXT 850Watt 80+ Gold full modular Inr 10553 usd...
  2. Dark7

    Question Strange PSU noise ?

    Hi Hope you all are doing good actually my psu is making somewhat of strange noise I can't determine what the cause and why it's happening's certainly not coil whine or fan noise as psu fan requires at least of 40% load to start ........ I am attaching a video of the psu here kindly help...
  3. Dark7

    Question Need Help...... Coil whine or something ?

    Hello there i have recently build a pc with the latest Ryzen series but started to encounter some problems with my psu My pc spec Asus Tuf motherboard 650 plus Wi-Fi Ryzen 5 7600x Deep Cool dq 850m v3l Psu Deep Cool AIO Gammax Adata ram 16*2 5200 Mhz I started to hear this humming sound from...