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    Question Motherboard for 2x RTX 3090

    Hi, I have two RTX 3090 (PALiT GeForce RTX3090 GamingProOC) for computer vision tasks. It is quite frustrating for me to choose the remaining components, because I am not hardware geek. Could you recommend me suitable motherboard and CPU for both RTX 3090? I could read that rtx 3090 is a...
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    Question Which cpu to buy? (deep learning and streaming)

    I'm planning to build a deep learning machine that does a lot of post processing on images on the cpu too. Currently Core i9 9900K turns out to be the fastest cpu available on market but with only 16 PCIE Lanes. My concern is I will be needing 2 GPU (RTX 2080Tis) and a 4K video capture card...