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    Amateur looking for help high end Gaming PC

    Hey everybody, ive been gaming on PC for a while now but this is my first time building a new PC. ive build a PC on part picker. (i do not wish to do water cooling) i have a few questions regarding this build, 1. what case would you recommend? the case i...
  2. B

    Graphics Card Fan

    After cleaning out my computer, I noticed that my Graphics card fan does not work. The fan won't spin and my computer overheats then the screen goes black, because of the overheating. On google, the temperatures would reach to 100 degrees and would crash. Is there any way I could fix this...
  3. D

    Need help with airflow

    Hi guys i want to add more fans to my case and i want to know if the air flow will be good.. My case is Antec X-1T and he supports up to 5 fan.. currently i have 2 so i want to add 3 more so that my case will have 2 intake and 3 exhaust.. so 2 intake and 3 exhaust is good air flow or not ?
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    Just Making Sure

    I was watching awesomesaucess complability video,he was talking about how your case needs to have usb ports and support for other parts.I need to make sure that all these parts will work. Case:Corsair 750d,i7 6700k,corsair h100i gtx,Samsung 850 Evo 250gb, 1 tb black, ddr4 ram,asus maximus hero...
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    My new custom PC will not turn on! HELP!

    So I just built a custom $2000 gaming PC. When I turn it on, it turns on, yet after about a sec you hear a click and it turns off without turning it on, or off the power the comes back on after another sec later Does anyone know what to do? I checked and all the parts were compatible and...
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    which budget laptop?

    Looking for a basic laptop for niece to take to university - course work, internet, emails, dvd's etc. Not gaming. Torn between two - similar prices First HP 15-af151sa 15.6" Windows 10 (pre-installed) AMD A8-7410 APU Memory: 8 GB Storage: 1 TB Up to 7.2 hours battery life The second HP Pavilion...
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    can't find setting to change the integrated graphics card dedicated memory on asus UEFI BIOS

    I have an asus H110M-A mobo, Intel I5 6500 processor, 8GB DDR4 ram 2133mhz and Windows 10. I want to change the dedicated memory from the 128mb to preferably 1024mb, but in the asus UEFI BIOS utility I can't find the setting, my version is 2.17.1246. If anyone could help it would be very grateful.
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    Two different WAN IPs

    I'm not able to use service due to two different IP address, On Router WAN port its showing 172.16.XX.XXX and on its showing different like 182.XX.XX.XXX, please help me how get the setting done of to get the access my DVR publicly?
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    In need of help with recovering my acer aspire r3-131t

    My drivers are not reading my recovery media sub I can not recovery my lap top in which I use for work if anyone has a way I can do so please help asap
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    GTX 690 Issues.

    Hello, I have performance issues in games lately (Battlefield 4 in particular) it runs about 50-60 fps on average on ultra while about 3 months ago it was at least 80 in most cases, I haven t made any hardware changes since, Ive tried several drivers and its still there, in graphically less...
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    gtx 1080 HELP!!!1

    I really want to buy a gtx 1080 but which brand should i buy !!!! Evga ASUS Msi please help mee
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    Will the AMD Athlon II X2 260 cpu bottleneck a rx 480 ?

    It is the best CPU my MB accept, it will bottleneck a RX 480 ? I need the best GPU to play latest games at 1080p on high quality
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    got a cit vantage case with a fm2+ mobo and only an Amd A8 6600k

    got a cit vantage case with a fm2+ mobo and only an Amd A8 6600k prob oc to 4.1/4.2 which cooler will fit cos I have heard from different sources that they all do and all don't and getting peed with that bull if you know what I mean........... not looking for expensive just up to £20 mark any...
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    Build For A First-Timer + A Few Questions

    Hi! I've been lurking on this site and wanting to build a computer for the longest time, but I know pretty much no one who does so regularly, so I'd like to ask around here if this is a workable build for an absolute first-timer. I plan to build this in the beginning of June. Preferences: A...
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    What is this thing called....?

    Hello guys my name is kinkar n I'm from india. I have brought a Asus X555lj-130d Notebook few months back. Yesterday it dropped n the Bar holder bottom down the display panel get broken. I have attached a pic of it. Pls help me in finding this thing I don't know what is it call .....if any 1...
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    Graphics card suddenly stopping

    I have a GTX 750 ti that runs 3 monitors and when I utilise all three monitors it appears to crash (all screens lose connection) I recently upgraded my old underpowered cpu motherboard and ram to the below specs and that didn't appear to fix it. I'm using a ctx 600w power supply. Kingston...
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    Good amd processor that is affordable for gtx 750 ti

    Any suggestions? I dont want to spend money for another MOBO so imight just buy an AMD processor
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    Looking to upgrade CPU but need some verification

    So just to preface, my computer knowledge is extremely low and I've already spent way too much time trying to understand this stuff and still don't quite grasp everything yet. Here's my dilemma: I purchased this computer...
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    New motherboard, no bios or screen.

    I have recently replaced my motherboard after my old one stopped working, all of the lights and fans on my computer come on now when I power it up, butno screen comes up not even the bios. The motherboard is a ASUS sabertooth 990fx r2.0. I am wondering why this might be happening and how I can...
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    First Post Ever !! Do I need to upgrade my system to play Total War: Warhammer

    Hello guys, This is my first post here, I don't know much about PC's and I want to give my husband a Bday present of buying him a PC game, but I really don't know if his system (built 3 years ago) will manage to run it with high enough graphics. I don't want a salesman take advantage of my...