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  1. M

    ordering this week need final thoughts (GAMING BUILD)

    whats up guys im building a gaming pc and was wondering if yall could do me a solid and look over my list of parts and fix it or say its all good. i plan on ordering them on Monday so plz lay into it. i am also planing to get an rog swift monitor for my primary but not sure what to get for a...
  2. Mrinal_2

    Need advice on best PC build of 1500$ 2016

    I know there are existing thread with the same question but there isn't any thread of same topic in 2016, as the prices of components have been dropped and there is an option of skylake. So sorry for posting it again. This will be my 1st pc build so i did a lot of research although still...
  3. Q

    Seeking motherboard replacement advice

    Hi I have an HP desktop and about a month ago the display just won't turn on. I gave it to an authorised HP support centre and they told me that the motherboard would have to be replaced, but they did not have a the stock available. Another place told me the same thing. This is my current...
  4. S

    Suitable Graphic Card

    Hi My present pc built was: Processor-AMD KAVERI A8-Series APU A8-7600,Board-ASUS A88XM-A,Ram-8 gb 2 sticks,PSU-Cooler Master thunder 500 wt- unit was built in 2014(September). Now I am in need to install Maya 3D and Auto-cad. I am seeking your advice for suitable graphic card (2 or 4 gb) that...
  5. T

    how do i write on personel pitures to share on lap top

    how do i write on my personal pictures to share on fac book from my lap top
  6. C

    Error while upgrading

    I decided to upgrade my pc to windows 10. i downloaded the installer media tool and Everything went fine until i was greeted with it stopping at 40% and saying it had problems installing some components. i was then greeted with an error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 and then my computer was brought back...
  7. Z

    Dual Monitors with Only One DVI-I Port?

    Alright, so, I have a GTX 960 2GB graphics card which features 1 DVI-I Port 3 Display Ports 1 HDMI Port What would be the best way for me to connect dual monitors to this card? I've already got one monitor plugged into the DVI-I, I already own an HDMI cord but I'm not sure how to go about...
  8. K

    I think I need an upgrade...Can you guys help?

    So here is my situation. I built a system in 2010. Core i7-860 paired with a gigabyte p55a mother board and a Radeon 5570 video card. non ssd drive. Win 7. OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W PSU I just got a new GoPro and my videos are tough to edit. They dont play right, they are choppy...
  9. A

    Need help finding a specific type of game

    I am looking for a zombie type of game where you have to build a base and defend it from being attacked and you have to hold defences and get people to live in or maybe just live by your self I don't really mind but where you also have to go out and get resources and can go out and kill zombies...
  10. ssmana

    PSU digital ATX

    Hi, i bought a new psu recently, i needed 1000w for my system and i decided to buy the hx1200i corsair PSU because it was on sale and the box for the 1000 w PSU plastic covering was off, i did not feel comfortable buying that one. i just have one question, it is about the corsair AX series, they...
  11. O

    New build advice

    Hello, room-mate parted out his aging A6/660 rig, building a new one asap. On a budget, weighing all the options, which socket should we go with? 1155 - older but cheaper used cpu's (could grab an i5/7) 1150 - modern (still value leader and plethora of mobos/cpu's available used i believe) 1151...
  12. S

    Need Motherboard Upgrade help.

    My Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard is bad, I need to know what I can Upgrade into with my Phenom II Black (5.0 Ghz) processor I am a Gamer to keep in mind ;) So an AM3+ (Phenom II) Is or is NOT compatible with the CROSSBLADE RANGER Motherboard? Somehow I don't think so but worth asking...
  13. C

    There is not factory image.. please help?

    I recently tried to reinstall windows 10 to the factory setting on my brand new computer. The resetting proces failed and I had to make a bootable usb. After installing windows 10 again I got directed to "PowerRecover" and I got the option to choose a language. Clicked on next and the said...
  14. T

    Please diagnose this old 80gb HDD for me.

    I got a WD800BB , It had served me for quite a time , and recently It got some problems. a few weeks ago . All of the partition in the drive were disappeared. at this point I was still able to mess with the drive with partition wizard , recovering it . Windows's Disk Management can't handle it...
  15. S

    Gpu keeps overheating

    My computer was fine for the first 3 days and i think i may have messed something up and now my GPU sits at 54 Celsius on idle and as soon as i open up a game like cs go it jumps to 95 and monitors disconnect
  16. G

    Brand new ASUS F555UA. Can't tell if it is charging or not.

    Hi. I just got an ASUS F555UA for my birthday today and I have no idea if it is charging or not. It has been plugged in for over 2 hours and it won't turn on. I did check the wall socket and it is working with other chargeable items. I don't see a light anywhere need where the charge wire plugs...
  17. L

    Office/Gaming Sound Setup

    Currently I have a Gaming PC, PS4 and a Sony 4K TV. Right now I have some Astro A50's and some simple Creative 2.1 Desktop speakers. I have my Astro headset connected to my PC via AUX split with the speakers and the Digital connected to my PS4. This allows me to hear anything on both at the...
  18. Bearmann

    Can you reccommend an external hard drive dock?

    I'm looking for a good quality, external hard drive dock without a fan or enclosure for SSD's and 3.5 inch spinners. I would like both eSATA/SATA and UASP USB 3 connections. Are some of docks built better than others or more reliable? I've used Thermaltake which has been OK generally- one of...
  19. M

    How to overclock Q6600 on Asus P5KC 775

    I want to overclock my q6600 but I don`t know how.. I entered bios but I can't find any MB Intelligent Tweaker or whatever which I see in most videos or guides... In my Bios there is only "Main", "Advanced", "Power", "Boot", "Tools" and "exit". First I thought that what I was looking for was...
  20. R

    Corsair 350d fan mount problem

    Hi, i have a new corsair 350d and i just want to know how do i mount a fan on the top of the case w/o buying a radiator heatsink?? well im trying to move the front intake fan 140mm from corsair to the top of the case. but it can't mounted! i dont know why! so now i just put it back to the front...