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  1. D

    Advice on PC

    I need some advice on my new pc. Right now Im building one myself but I need to know if this will make a good gaming pc. AMD Athlon X4 840k 3.7GHz Quad Core 8GB DDR3 1600MHz 1TB 7200 RPM Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB Im not sure if the graphics card is good enough so I could use some feedback...
  2. D

    is bad application of thermal paste causing heat with i5-4690k

    hi everyone, im new to overclocking and put my i5-4690k to 4.5Ghz at 1.275V with an asus z97-A and it worked for a liltle bit tested trought OCCT. All of a sudden i get a BSOD and CPU temp when crazy testing in OCCT. I talked with my dad who installed my hyper 212 evo for me (cause was out of...
  3. A

    ram usage is not at 100% while gaming

    I mostly plays nfs rivals but it lags after 15-30 minutes of gameplay i see that game doesn't uses ram at 100% because game only lags when the ram usage is more than 2.6 gb and when ram usage reaches to 2.80--2.86 gb the game starts to lag why the game don't lag at starting of 15-20 minutes...
  4. J

    Want to Upgrade - Suggest me a Build :)

    Hi everyone, I have about 77,000 Indian Rupee or you can say about $1280 and I want to Upgrade my PC - What I want is to do Gaming on 1080p resolution for next 5 years and I can't afford to replace dead parts so the Components should be of Good Quality - I'm not planning to OC as it reduces...
  5. C

    AOC G2460PQU = nausia

    I have a new AOC G2460PQU and its running at 144hz and GTX 770. The screen even when not playing games is giving me a vicious headache and nausea. Anyone have any ideas? I've been messing with all the settings and no luck.
  6. J

    Xbox One Controller Driver not installing on Windows Vista

    When I run the installation file for the driver, it'll tell me that it's only designed for Windows 7+. Is there another way to get the Xbone controller to work on Vista?
  7. W

    Good RAM for AMD A10 6790K

    so these are my options : Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb ddr3 1866 or G.Skill RipJaws X (Dual) 2x2gb ddr3 1866 - or is it ok to pair it up with a 1600 memory? :D
  8. A

    videos don't play on msn black screen

    When I click on a news item on msn page, it goes to a black box, but never plays the video. Any ideas why or any setting I might have to change>
  9. N

    Computer shutting down underload

    Ok my computer as the title says is shutting down and getting the 6008 error. There is no warnings or critical events in the event viewer prior to it shutting down. It is only doing it when i am playing games. So far I have ran Intel's Processor Diagnostic tool, the CPU passed 5 tests I ran on...
  10. Joshua Martin

    GTX 760 Reference Safe OC

    So, I've been doing some OC testing on my Reference GTX 760 2GB. I just want to double check and make sure I'm within reasonable safe clock speeds. The highest I went had the power target at 115% / 94c, GPU clock 1084 MHz, MEM clock 1790 MHz, and GPU temp was at 87c, which is the highest I've...
  11. discoslice

    Can't enable SLI mode with new 2nd 770

    I just got a 2nd PNY 770 OC 4 gig - finally got the correct power cable so both cards are detected and working fine. I got an Asus SLI bridge connecting them as well. But, in nVidia control panel there's no SLI option :( I did some Googling about this but couldn't come up with a solution. Help!
  12. D

    is there 2 version of I7 4790k !!!!????' devil & maxwell

    is there two version of i7 4790k maxwell and devil canon ? plzzz answer if u know it . also can some recommend a case for gtx 970 gugabyte g1 , i was hoping zalman z11 plus but peopls say it will not fit. my budgth for the cas is around £30 to £40
  13. A

    HELP - No Boot - Fans spin, then computer shuts down, then cycles on and off repeatedly - No BIOS`

    OK, I had a working system until some time today. Celeron G540 with ASROCK H61MV-ITX used as HTPC. I have a stock PSU that came with a cheap case. Now when I attempt to boot fans spin for about 3 seconds, Green and Yellow LEDs flash, then everything shuts down. No BIOS or video output. After...
  14. G

    Crysis 2 wrong screen proportions.

    Hello! Crysis 2 looks stretched on my PC, it's set to 1080p as it should be. Maybe it renders the game in 16:10 proportions whereas I have 16:9 screen. Looks like problem disappears when I disable fullscreen. Also, I get audio stuttering in cutscenes, but that's minor issue.
  15. J

    Game lag caused by GPU or CPU

    I play starcraft 2, and the game lags when there are a lot of units on screen. I have a 29" monitor, and I play on max setting on 1920 X 1080. GPU: GTX 670 2GB CPU: I5-4430 3GHZ Which of the two would I need to upgrade in order to avoid the lag? Thank you.
  16. M

    Display driver stopped working and has recoveredGigabyte fxa990-d3crucial 8gb ram 1600mhz ballistixsapphire r9 280x vapo

    Display driver stopped working and has recovered Gigabyte fxa990-d3 crucial 8gb ram 1600mhz ballistix sapphire r9 280x vapor x tri x windows 7 x64 i tried cleaning the registry deleting and updating my display driver replacing atikmdag.sys with an expanded atikmdag.sy_ setting 8 as the value...
  17. D

    MoW game series on (ROG G750JS) CPU/GPU Probelm.

    Hello! Everyone! This is my first post,with high hopes to someone enlighten me with this issue. (if this is not the correct section i apologize) This 2 weeks old gaming laptop is not running correctly in Men Of War game in all series, it does run smoothly in other games such as lichdomBM,Rome...