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    Question MSI B560M-A Pro - Restore Default Settings = POST Failure Requiring Manual CMOS Reset

    2 days ago I had to restore the UEFI's default settings, and to my surprise, the mobo simply refused to POST. DRAM led was solid amber. I thought I had killed the motherboard or possibly even the processor's IMC. The machine would start, hang during DRAM check, shut down, then start and hang...
  2. icyulkn

    [SOLVED] Change Videos, Pictures, Downloads, Music etc icons in navigation

    I have been trying to change the icons in Windows 10 file explorer (desktop, downloads, etc) on the left hand side (with the hard drive disk icons) with no luck. I can change the icons appearance under "C:\Users\name" but not on the left hand side navigation. I've tried a bunch of tweaks but...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Downloading through Powerline Adaptor causes Router to disconnect from Internet

    Hi all, Recently purchased a Netgear Powerline 1000 adaptor, and it causes the router to disconnect from the Internet in specific situations (troubleshooting gives me the error "default gateway unavailable"). So far, it only happens when I try to do a multi-threaded downloads; e.g. a...
  4. N

    Question How to set Intel graphics card as default for waking up laptop?

    I'm on an ASUS Laptop and I recently did a fresh install of Windows 10 (Version 1909). I notice that when I put my computer to sleep and wake it up it takes about 10-11 seconds before the login screen appears. I believe this is because it tries to use my Nvidia graphics first rather than my...
  5. E

    Question Internet explorer default

    Hi, accidentally set internet explorer as the default for opening downloads. After the downloads from chrome are complete they open to a window titled "view downloads - internet explorer". I have tried to undo this but to no avail. Any help to get it working again is much appreciated.
  6. R

    [SOLVED] MOBO & CPU upgrade

    Hello all. Long time listener, first time caller and all that. I recently picked up a cheap second-hand pair of 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 sticks, however my motherboard only supports up to 4GB a slot so I'm using this as an excuse for a system overhaul. This is primarily for gaming and my...
  7. Webmetalreese

    Question New to AIO - Instantly regretting the purchase. Advice?

    I thought I'd dabble in water cooling as it's all the rage. So with my newest build I went out and bought a Cooler Master ML240. Board has headers for AIO/CPU/Chassis 1,2,3. I mounted the radiator on the top with the fans blowing out (Exhaust) and then I mounted 7 internal case fans that run on...
  8. Technology & more

    Question Corsair RGB expansion kit without node pro/commander pro

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way to use corsair RGB Light strips without a Node pro/Commander Pro Like some other RGB Light strip controller that does not require a pc and can plug into a wall outlet If there is some other way to use it please send a link for it
  9. T

    Question networking

    I have 2 wireless modems. I have a second computer In a rem connected through the my fist modem with ethernet cable. I would like to have wireless in the second location. Can I use the second modem for my remote computer connecting ethernet to ethernet and manage to get wireless at that location
  10. T

    Question PC case for NZXT Kraken X62?

    NZXT Kraken X62 is a pretty big AiO and i'm looking for a case that can contain it. What is the cheapest case that can do it and has a glass panel? I have an ATX motherboard. Edit: Is SilentiumPC REGNUM RG4TF ok?
  11. R

    Question HP part L23187 cable for internal 2" SSD - Dell alternate?

    I wish to insert my old ssd into a currently selling HP 14-cf0018ca but the connecting cable is said to be discontinued ie HP isn't selling it. HP does sell a similar laptop with the ssd so the discontinued bit is preposterous. Anybody found a workaround using a Dell cable?
  12. T

    Question My PC is a special snowflake

    My Pc is deciding not to be nice and will not post. It all started when my i looked at my monitoring software an it said my ram wasn’t working as well as it should be. So i decided i would just switch the ram slots. Once i switched them my monitor was saying no signal so i switched them back...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Help

    Will r7 250 1gb OC and 8gb RAM be bottlenecked by Intel Pentium G4560 3.5Ghz?
  14. C

    Question Windows 10 not using GPU properly

    So I just upgraded to windows 10 today, the install worked fine but I found when I opened TW Warhammer 2, BF5 and a few other games they would either crash on launch, or shortly after in the menus. After some troubleshooting, I found that disabling my graphics card causes all these games to...
  15. Skrilow

    Question Hyperx Fury 3200mhz don´t working with asus prime x370 pro?

    I bought a ryzen 1700 with 16gb ram of Kingston hyperx Fury 2x8 and a motherboard prime x370 pro and my problem is that the pc does not want to turn on, after several attempts to remove and put the ram, I managed to turn on, and when unplugging did not turn on again (Everything is new) When I...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Need Help! Motherboard Needs Changing

    Hi, Currently running the below, but am wanting to change the motherboard. Please suggest the best motherboard for the below parts: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-Bit CPU Intel i5 6500 3.20GHz (Skylake) Ram 16GB Dual Channel - Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz Motherboard Gigabyte H110M-S2H-CF...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] USB-C - power cable into data port

    I have an Acer Chromebook Spin 11 which has a USB-C charging port, along with a USB-C data port. What happens if the power cable is accidentally plugged into the USB-C data port? Will it permanently damage the laptop or are there safety measures included to prevent damage? Thanks in advance :)
  18. E

    Question Garage setup dangerous?

    Ok guys so I am new here. I have a quick question. We are expecting a baby so the desktop is having to be moved. First choice is the garage. I have a neat little setup started but I am worried about the tower getting condensation from the humidity and becoming a useless brick. I live in south...
  19. J

    Question Disk Boot Failure?

    I'm pretty new to computers, and I installed a new motherboard and cpu. The first boot was fine and i was playing just fine on my PC.The next day i booted up my computer was slow and laggy to the point where I had to turn it off,and ever since I did that upon turning my PC back on I get a...
  20. B

    Question Multiple monitors on/off good or bad?

    So I have three monitors hooked up. I only game on one and use the other for all the other information I could need. Now the third is a TV that's hooked up and duplicating a monitor. When the tv is off or on another source. My question is will that tv still affect my pc if its off? Also Say...
  21. L

    Question Can no longer write to SD

    Hi, Recently I have stopped being able to write to my SD card. It seems to have happened randomly and even when plugged into my computer, I cannot explore the SD card although it is recognised. When I try to take a picture (which by default saves to SD) the photo is not saved. If I try to move...
  22. I

    Question Computer Keeps Freezing

    This is a custom build PC for Blue Iris software. The cpu is a i7-9700K with 16GB memory and Gigabyte Z390M motherboard. 600W PSU. The PC is freezing up and for the life of me I have no idea why. I upgraded all the parts in late December 2018. It worked fine for about 45 days. Then it froze...
  23. J

    Question Terrible issue with choke in CS 1.6

    Hello, guys! I'm facing a terrible issue while playing CS. I haven't tried wether it exists in csgo aswell, but whenever I face an enemy and I start shooting, my choke and ms are jumping up and it seems like I cant hit it, to be more specific I am hitting the enemy but kinda the server does not...
  24. S

    Build Complete 1000€ computer build

    Approximate Purchase Date: Next week Budget Range: 1000€ System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Preferred Website(s) for Parts: or (I dont want to buy in Amazon.) Location: Portugal Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080p...
  25. ITrySUPERHard

    Question Razer Deathadder incessant beeping on cold boot during POST. Still boots to OS Lenovo S20 Thinkstation

    As the title states my Lenovo s20 boots as if I am holding/spamming a mouse click during all of POST. It only happens on a cold boot, restarts don't cause it. I also have a PS/2 Compatible Mouse driver that is error 24 in the device manager list. I have done Advanced Driver Removal in safe-mode...
  26. R

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master Hyper TX3i

    Is this cooler quieter then stock Intel cooler?
  27. V

    [SOLVED] Computer freezes for a few seconds every so often when playing games?

    Alright so this has me pretty stumped... I have a Windows 10 PC running the latest version 1809. It has great hardware and everything seems to be fine. But when I play Call of Duty WWII, StarCraft 2, Skyrim, or really any game it randomly "locks up" for a few seconds every minute or two. What...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] My computer will not turn on anymore

    Specs: Gigabyte B450m DS3H AMD Ryzen 5 2600 EVGA GTX 1060 6gb 1x8 ddr4 ram 1td wd blue hdd 250gb samsung ssd Over the weekend, I switched out my case for a newer one (NZXT H500I). No new parts were added besides the added light controller and cable extenders for the cpu, motherboard, and PCIe...
  29. E

    [SOLVED] Laptop Bluescreen (is this normal)

    my laptop (asus gl553ve) just bluescreened for the first time in 1 year and it said windows_tdr_failure is this normal? this has only happened once since i bought this laptop a year ago
  30. PaulAlcorn

    ASUS Dominus Extreme Listed for $1,800, Xeon W-3175X Listed at Newegg

    Intel's Xeon W-3175X and the ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme are listed at retail. ASUS Dominus Extreme Listed for $1,800, Xeon W-3175X Listed at Newegg : Read more
  31. P

    [SOLVED] Suggestions on building a pc?

    So i've been looking into building a pc i don't need a monitor. My budget is around 50,000 INR or 700$. I found that a gtx 1060 is probably good for this price range. But is it okay enough for gaming in 2019? Also Any other part suggestions? Thanks.(:
  32. O

    Inverted-ATX case airflow help?

    TLDR: Running stock fan setup, need to make airflow/temps better for upcoming project. Want to know where I should add fans since case is inverted. I built this computer as a video editing workstation for my company a little while ago with this subreddit's help. We have a really big project...
  33. R

    [SOLVED] i5 7600k to an i7 8700k

    Hello, quick question. Will I see big improvements if I plan to upgrade my motherboard and CPU? To a MSI Z370 A PRO and an i7 8700k? I currently game at 144hz 1080p on an i5 7600k at 4.5 ghz and GTX 1080 FTW stock. I do notice some games peg my cpu to 100% usage like Black Ops 4 trying to push...
  34. A

    Trouble connecting to wifi

    Hi! I have a problem with connecting my pc to my wifi at home. The wifi works on other devices (tv, iphone, tablet etc) and my computer is still connecting to other wifis (at cafes or at school) I have tried to remove the wifi and recinnecting, but it doesn’t work. When I write in the wifi...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] Help me please

    I transferred all my hardware to a new tower. After that i turned on the pc. I am not getting any beeps at all or no signal on the monitor. Altgough my fans and lights are coming on but after being on for 30 seconds it clicks off and then back on. I have bought a brand new mother board and the...
  36. M

    Not sure which motherboard

    This is my build: I am not sure which motherboard is best, lost in all those z370 and z390. Also if you could o incompatibilities or bottlenecks? This PC is mainly for gaming and working. OC is very possible, hopefully all components are capable...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] Does 0,5 ghz make a difference?

    I bought a new gpu recently but my cpu is bottlenecking it because it is at 100% while gaming and the cpu 50-60%. Now i use the amd a8-5600k boxed for fm2 and the one i want to buy is amd a10-7890k boxed will this make a big difference? Edit: i now have a fm2 plus motherboard, how much would it...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] (2) 140mm exhaust fans and (3) 120mm intake is it good airflow ?

    Hi I have NZXT H700i case and it has built-in 3 120mm intake fans in the front and 1 140mm exhaust in the rear I bought 2 extra 140mm noctua nf-a14 PWM chromax and i placed it on the top as exhaust But i did more research and some says that more intake is best for cooling and some says vice...
  39. M

    GPU and CPU don't use max power.

    Hi! I have a MSI GE70 2PE Apache pro with i7-4700HQ and a GTX 860M, also 16GB DDR3 RAM. The problem is that games lag and both the GPU and the CPU don't use their max power. Usually only around 40%. Here's a video:
  40. S

    [SOLVED] No signal to monitors

    Hey everyone, I'm having some computer issues. Last night, my computer stopped sending signals to two of my monitors when I get it loaded up, but it recognizes that all three monitors are there at startup and when I check if there are monitors in the NVIDIA control panel, it sends a signal to at...