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    Question Defect RAM?

    I installed my new RAM today, (Corsair LPX 16GB 2666Mhz DDR4) Almost every hour im getting Blue Screens with different error codes like ‘MEMORY_MANAGEMENT’ and then it restarts and after an hour im getting the same error. No idea what this is supposed to mean. Please help.
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    Question Acer XB271Hubmiprz alternatives

    Hey guys, I have a problem with deciding which monitor to buy. My old monitor is an Acer XB270Hbmjdprz, the TN 1080p non g-sync variant. I have it for like 5 years and I've decided that I want an upgrade to QHD, preferably G-SYNC. I would like to stick to the 27-inch screen size. A year ago I...
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    Question Is GPU leaking? Something black and sticky on the outside of GPU. Picture attatched.

    Hey Guys, I just looked inside my pc for the first time in a long time. I was pretty shocked to see something that looks kinda sticky and black inside. It's a GTX 1080 and it's been a year and a half since it was installed. I'm at a complete loss, I have no idea what this is. All input...
  4. Question CPU Heatsink screw tilted / bent

    Alright, so here's the issue. The ONE SCREW does not align correctly. I believe this is because the Ryzen 5 heatsink may be defective. Is it defective like I think, or is there an easier way to fix this? All the other ones went in straight.
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    Question (resolved) New PC. Monitor reads "no signal" when new GPU is installed. Please help.

    So I had just finished building most of my PC and everything worked perfectly until I installed my GPU. When I turned on my PC and manually turned on my monitor, it showed "no signal". I initially thought I had a defective GPU so I bought a new one, but nothing changed. Power is properly...
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    [SOLVED] Power supply unit confusion

    Hi I am facing a problem with psu unit . As I m going to build a new pc with an amd ryzen 7 2700x with Asus crosshair vii hero with with Corsair vengeance pro 16 *2 (rgb) and with gtx 1060 6GB(gigabyte) So my question is as I already have xfx 850watt silver certified psu(2010) should I go...
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    Gt 1030 2gb ddr 5

    Hello Guys! I' ve got a problem with my card. When i run benchmark in Rome 2 total war it can;t go over 18 fps. No matter of settings used. Same on lowest as on high. Even though on my old 1gb zotac gt 730 it reached playable rates of about 35-40 frames. Problem appears in every total war game...
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    I.p. is t working

    I have a pixel 3 xl wanna wifi share from old lg to pixel I can't get it to work what am I missing
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    [SOLVED] Clear Space on SSD

    Got a new SSD and cloned my HDD onto it (only way to get my OS on the SSD). Problem is, I only want games and OS on the SSD. What files can I delete to get the most space out of my SSD?
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    Bottleneck i5 8600k?

    I was looking into buying a RTX 2070 card and was thinking of buying an i7 8700k to pair with it but due to sales and pricing, I would get a better deal by going with an i5 8600k and save a lot of money. Would there be a huge bottleneck with a RTX 2070 and i5 8600k? Or would it be better to go...
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    [SOLVED] New i9-9900K 100 C Idle temperature, continued heating after restart

    I found my new i9-9900k HOT, and I am both terrified and mad. Bought the CPU together with Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Elite before 3 days, and this is what I've experienced so far. Now before I continue, I just want to let you know that the only thing I've done is clocking the RAM to 3200 because it...
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    Will an i7-7700k work with a RAM that's speed is 3200MHz?

    I've seen this question with different CPU versions and RAM speeds but I wasn't sure. I created my PC build containing the following CPU and RAM: CPU: i7-7700k RAM: HyperX 16GB Fury Black DDR4 3200MHz CL18 HX432C18FB/16 I do not know if they will work together to their full extent. Thanks...
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    Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104 rare battery problem

    Hi to all!! I have a very strange problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104, step to tell you: 1- About 4 years ago i have this laptop with Windows 7 and it was freezing randomly so i have to powered off pressing the button. 2-Then i decided to format (Windows 7) and this issue never...
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    Evga supernova 750w b2 80 plus bronze/asus strix gtx 1070 8gb compatibility

    Ok i just wanted to ask if my psu is ok with the asus gtx 1070 that i just ordered. I want to know if this psu (evga supernova 750w b2 80 plus bronze) is giving enough power to my whole system i hope so that way i dont have to buy another one. But if it comes to it by your guys review i will...
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    i5 3470 to i7 3770k upgrade

    Hello guys, will i see any significant boost of performance after this upgrade? Hello guys, Will i see any significant boost after this upgrade? I mostly playing cs go semi pro so im just looking for stable 300+ fps. GIGABYTE B75M-D2V (LGA 1155) I5 3470 Nvidia Gtx 760 8gig DDR3. 1tb HDD...
  16. IInuyasha74

    The History Of Intel CPUs

    From the 4004 in 1971 to Skylake in 2015, we look at the evolution of Intel's CPUs. The History Of Intel CPUs : Read more
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    Why does my View Sonic XG2401 monitor look bad no matter how I configure it?

    Hi today I bought a ViewSonic XG2401 monitor as an upgrade to my LG 22MP56VQ monitor that is 2 or 3 years old. I game a lot so I wanted to find a 144hz Monitor and I wanted to find one on the cheaper end as I didn't have much to spend and the XG2401 seemed like the best option. When I turned on...
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    Replacing the motherboard to an hp omen 880 without losing data

    I currently own an hp omen 880-020no pc and I would like to upgrade to a new case and a new motherboard. I have an Intel core i7-7700 (not the unlocked K-model) and I will not be upgrading the cpu. Based on my current understanding, to achieve the best results I should reinstall the OS...
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    Is it normal?

    First, i am sorry for my english. I bought a monitor like 2 weeks ago.I glad i bought it. The monitor: But i realized that the monitor's bottom right side is really hot when i am using...
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    Corsair 570x CAse power issue

    I have all the parts to my build but a CPU. When I plug it in my MB (ASUS PRIME Z370 A) and GPU ( ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070ti) Show a white light and my MB also activates its RGB. None on the lights on my case activate when plugged and i do not know what is wrong. I have the I/O connecters for...