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    Question Manual OC'ing a Ryzen 3600

    Hello everybody. I assembled my pc back in January with a Ryzen 3600, B450 Tomahawk Max, 8x2 gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz memory, and an Asus RTX 2060. Since I put the build together I noticed my temps were always fluctuating in the high 50s - 60s while idle, and sometimes it would even spike...
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    Urgent (Black Fr): $2k High End Gaming / Heavy Use Build

    Hey all, My desktop has been becoming slower and slower lately. I started looking at PC parts too late this year and am hence rushing to complete a new build. Any help I could get would be great!!! TL;DR i7-4790k or i7-5820k, with X99, Haswell E etc? Is it worth the upgrade or not? Which...