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  1. Question What's is this?

    (in Red Circle), what's that? That components make my SSD hard to get attached.... What should I do? it makes my ssd difficult to install
  2. V

    Expensive laptop GAMING cant run GAMES

    I want to cry myself to sleep. I've tried absolutely all blatantly retarded performance tips from videos, my dumbass dell laptop cant do sheesh. Dell G5 557eight. (because i was angry it didnt work i hit my external keyboard and eight stopped working) i7-EIGHT750H 1050ti 16gb ram win 10 I was...
  3. J

    Is there a legal way to obtain Win7Pro ISO's now that Microsoft has killed the links?

    Title pretty much says it all, I want to get a legal Win7Pro ISO so I can install it on used machines I am fixing up and selling in local classifieds, letting the customer know that it is installed for their convience and that obtaining a serial is up to them and will probably cost them money...