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  1. aden.anderson2001

    Question Apps launch with delay

    I have a relatively high end machine here but the apps take quite a while to launch. im using high performance plan, with all drivers and windows itself updated constantly. this delay thing hasnt been here for only a couple days or after an update, but for quite some time. i havent reinstalled...
  2. B

    Question Laptop takes some time to power on the screen and start turning on (boots quickly after that) ?

    Hello! My laptop used to turn on immediately after pressing the power button, with screen turning on and showing a quick bios screen, then the manufacturers logo, and finally booting into my operating system after that. A week or two ago, I (tried to) turn it off, and left the room. When I came...
  3. pavlaras74ever

    Question Slow boot up after upgrading mobo and cpu

    I just bought the ryzen 7 3800x and mobo aorus x570 pro. Everything's good. I mean it works. But when i turn on the computer , it probably checks cpu vga dram and boot. This mobo has 4 small leds on those , and it goes from the one to the other. After cheking them all, the 2 small leds that my...