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    [SOLVED] help my partition is lost after accidentally deleted and merged!

    hello guys i have a 1TB HDD and it has 2 partitions of 310GB and 1 partition of 200GB. since i had about 100GB unallocated space left, i wanted to extend them evenly across the partitions and with the 200GB partition it went smoothly using Windows disk management utility. i run my OS on an SSD...
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    [SOLVED] Very high voltage RYZEN 5 1600X -- STOCK SETTINGS

    Hello dear readers I'm running everything on stock and I'm never reaching more than 60c on cpu when gaming on max details in any game but I'm having some weird voltage spikes 1,516v which worries me as this is brand new cpu I've got and I saw guys saying that 1,4v is already overkill. Is it...