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    [SOLVED] Dell 9010 Business PC MT Tower

    I'm looking to buy this computer I'm wondering what 4gb graphics card would work for it? I've seen some $80-$100 graphics card on Amazon but I don't know what I'm doing lol
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    Question 5 pin connection for cpu and fan header on motherboard Dell 9010?

    SPECS: processor i5-3570, motherboard Q77 Dell motherboard, PSU: haven't decided yet, RAM: 8GB DDR3 from Dell 9010 Hello can someone please help i just took apart a dell 9010 system and decided to put in another case, after i installed into the new case i ran into problem because the...
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    Question help need advice on these 120mm fan would these fans be quiet in a Q77 Motherbaord?

    Hello i plan to purchasing 3 X of these Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM high-Performance Quiet 120mm Fan or ARCTIC F12-120 mm Standard Case Fan Black 120 mm - P-Series I want my system fans to be quiet i hate having noisy fans i am using an Dell 9010 motherboard it is a Q77 Motherboard and only...