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    Question Tried to dismantle and fix fans and the computer won't boot up properly anymore

    My laptop's fans started making loud noises once we started booting up a game so I decided to try cleaning the fans with some online tutorials. I had to stop midway because I was afraid I'd break something (the top just wouldn't come off and some plugs looked unsafe to pull). Once I turned it...
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    Question Why is my dell monitor flickering?

    Hello guys, i was using dell monitor suddenly one day when i switched on it started flickering. Sometimes after two or three times switch on and off solved it and another time when i unplug and plug the power cord from backside of the desktop solved the problem. Do you know something that can...
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    Which is the best Laptop among this refurbished one?

    I was given short notice that my work was switching from paper to electronic charting so now I need to buy a laptop quickly on a budget. I know a little about computers but not much. Which one of these would be the best...
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    Question Are old Dell laptop internal components interchangeable?

    E6400 specs I have an old Dell Latitude E6400, that was my granddad's, nothing special. It has a decent duocore but everything else is really weak, old, and slow. I am wondering if it's possible to, as a fun side project, upgrade it with completely new internal parts? I have relatively little...
  5. Question System process uses 30% of cpu when gaming

    As you can see here, whenever I'm gaming, the system process uses 30% of my cpu, leaving the game with only 65%ish. Apart from making my game drop frames, it makes my discord unusable since there's no more resources to use. It only happens when gaming, since when I'm idling nothing ios using...
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    [SOLVED] need a bit of help

    hello i have a little problem actualy i dont know if its a problem i have a dell inspirion n5110 and its runing 70-80 degres celsius i have a intel i7 2670QM 12gb of ram and a nvdia geforce gt525m graphics card its runing wery hot is it normal for these laptops to run so hot?