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  1. vishalaestro

    Question Fast Sync not showing when connected to external displays

    I'm using Dell G5 I5 8300H laptop with Gtx 1060 max q and 16GB RAM. The support page tells that connecting to external display uses the dedicated graphics card. Therefore to use Fast sync i connected my laptop to a Sony TV via HDMI port , the display settings shows that the dedicated GPU is...
  2. I

    Question FPS drop / Stutter in windows 10 OS when "second screen only" is selected as display.

    Hello guys, I recently purchased "LG 25UM58 25-inch UltraWide Monitor". I connected it via HDMI to my DELL G5 5587 laptop. I see a strange FPS/stutter in all over windows apps. The FPS drop is visible in videos very clearly. The whole windows experience looks sort of laggy. Strange part is...
  3. A

    Question Bizarre issue with a laptop

    Hello. Some time ago I was playing a game when suddenly colorful dots all over the screen appeared. GPU problem, you say? That's what I thought at first. But after a while I've discovered some really strange things: 1) Everything works perfect on a dedicated display, including dGPU and iGPU...