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  1. R

    Question What is wrong with my laptop?

    So, my dad bought me a dell inspiron 3585, it has a ryzen 3 2200u and Vega 3 graphics with 8gb of ram and 120gb nvme. But i have this problem that suddendly it starts to overheat getting at 105 degree even if it´s on idle, when that happens, it gets buggy and even the connected earphones sound...
  2. Bluex

    Question Problem with Nvidia 1050 TI MaxQ on Dell XPS 15

    Hello. It's been a while since I posted but I have recently ran into a problem that just has me lost. I have a Dell 9570 with the GTX 1050 TI MaxQ. This morning I was greeted by boot loops and nothing seemed to prevail so I pulled out a stick of ram and tried running one stick. The system...
  3. R

    Question Dell Insiron 15 3000 series 3543 - Doesn't turn on, white blinking power LED.

    This is the GIF with the blinking light Today, when I tried turning my laptop on, it just refused to while showing the white blinking light you can see in the GIF above. I tried the thing where you take the battery out and unplug the charger and holding the power button for 30 seconds, still...
  4. R

    Is my information safe?

    Hello all, i just sold my old Laptop to a very fishy guy. The hard drive broke and it stopped booting up to window. I removed the hard drive and sold it as was. I was wondering if i have anything to worry about as far as my information being leaked even with the hard drive taken out.
  5. DaPro_Skillz

    Question Windows 10 Installation Media Not Working

    So I went on my Windows PC and download the Windows 10 Installation Media Creation Tool. I then ran it on my PNY 32gb NTFS USB flash drive. Once it was finished making it a bootable USB, I plugged it in to my laptop. How do I boot from it? Picture of BIOS
  6. thedopeprince

    Question How do I know turbo boost is working?

    I'm completely a noob so sorry if this is dumb. How can I prove to myself that turbo boost is working on a laptop? I'm running below base on an i5-1035 and the speed never moves. We purchased it to do some remote work which requires 2.0Ghz to pass the hardware scan and it fails every time...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] I bought a refurbished laptop from 2017. Should I keep it or send it back?

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop. Specs: 1tb SATA drive, Intel core i5 7200U, 4gb DDR4 RAM, Optical Drive. I wasn't aware this was a refurbished laptop until opening it up. It also did not come with a charger. My main use for this is to do office work, as well...
  8. H

    Question replacing a laptop motherboard with one with different specs

    Hi there.. I have a dell inspiron 15 3542 with a core i3-4005u and no dedicated GPU. I found some motherboards for sale that are made for the same laptop model but with a core i5-4210u and a gt820m GPU for a pretty cheap price. so I wanted to ask is it possible to swap the motherboard I...
  9. Karim2001

    [SOLVED] Amd vs Intel

    Hi I want to buy a new Dell Inspiron laptop i found good ones with i5 8265u CPU 4gb Ram but some come with intel UHD 620 while others come with Amd Radeon 520 2gb GDDR5 so witch one is better ? One a side note do in the case of AMD does it also come with integrated graphic card alongside the...
  10. S

    Question BSOD while moving

    I bought a new box packed laptop DELL 3567 i5 7th Gen last year it was working fine until 2 days before and it started showing me BSOD while I moved it a bit.. for example if I am using it keeping it on my table and it if I stand up to show something to my colleague the system hangs to the...