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  1. S

    Question Can I run Radeon HD 6850 with my i5-2400S with 320W PSU?

    Hi guys, I currently have a system with the following specs: Dell Optiplex 790 Intel Core i5-2400S DDR3 (4x2 = 8GB) 2 HDDs I've recently got Radeon HD 6850 (Power Color Edition) from one of my friends just to see if I can run/test it in my system. GPU has 6-pin connector, but my PSU doesn't...
  2. ThaShamano112

    [SOLVED] Please URGENT help for Dell Optiplex 790DT ram upgrade

    Hi Guys im new here...i have a urgent question, i have a Dell Optiplex 790DT. my specs are: psu:550w Gpu:(GalaX) Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 low profile cpu: intel core i3 2130 3.40ghz So now i actually have 4gb (2x2gb)RAM installed and im planing to upgrade it to 8gb. My question is, if i buy 2...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] First PC

    Hello everyone! As you can tell by the title this is my first PC. I have decided to go the budget route and order a prebuilt dell optiplex 790 mini tower i5-2400, 8GB ram, 2TB HDD, 120GB SDD. I was wondering what type of gpu i could put into this system without changing the psu, and what kind of...
  4. NiskaOfTheAI

    Question Dell Optiplex 790 sound cards

    I was looking at some renewed Dell Optiplex 790's as an option of replacement for my old (which has decided that it's time for everything to quit) and I wondered, what in your experience is the best sound card option for it? Many reviewers of the products said it was best to add one, but...
  5. aeromaster03

    [SOLVED] Help needed upgrading

    I currently have a Dell OptiPlex 790 desktop, apart from increasing its RAM to 12GB it remains as it was purchased. What should be the first thing/things I should I aim to upgrade as I want it to eventually be a gaming pc (I’m not expecting it to run the latest games at 60FPS - just games like...
  6. jimmyl_82104

    Question HDD to SSD clone works on 1 out of 3 computers

    I used Macrium Reflect to clone the HDDs to SSDs on a Dell Optiplex 9020, 790, and 390. It only worked on the 9020 and not the other two. All 3 of the clones took about half an hour, and all of the partitions were the same size. Just on the Dell Optiplex 390 and 790 they won't boot. They both...