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    Question Optiplex 9010 power draw/GPU upgrade/CPU tdp question?

    I have a Dell 9010 sff. I ran AIDA64 and noticed that the 3rd gen i5 never drew more than 30-35 watts. Is this normal for SFF Optiplexes? Does Dell throttle the CPU like that? (for my purposes, it's a retro gaming rig, so that's perfectly fine). Main reason I'm asking is because I found a...
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    [SOLVED] Does Dell Optiplex 9010 MT support SLi ?

    Can Dell Optiplex 9010 MT accept support sli? lets say sli gtx 960. ? is that possible with this motherboard? (SIMPLES YES or NO, im no looking for complicated answers and a book read)
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    [SOLVED] Microphone and Line In settings in Windows 10

    Hello, I have a problem with setting up my headset (Trust gtx 310) microphone in W10. For a long time, everything was working correctly. Today, after connecting both jacks to the mb, i got a notification, asking if the second one is supposed to be a microphone or a line-in. Accidentally, I...
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    Question dell optiplex 9010 mini tower upgrade to rtx 2060 graphic card and pcie 3.0 slot on motherboard

    i have dell optiplex 9010 Mini tower which has 16gb ram , 750 watt corsair powersupply and amd r9 270 graphic card . i want to upgrade my graphic card to rtx 2060. rtx 2060 requires pcie 3.0 i want to know that does optiplex 9010 mt has pcie 3.0 slot . previously buying r9 270...
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    [SOLVED] Optimizing old Dell Optilex 9010 AIO

    I work in a schools IT dep and am trying to see if I can juice out a bit more speed out of these 6.5 year old machines some of the classrooms still have. Specs: os: win 10 education or 8.1 education cpu: i5-3570S (with integrated graphics) ram: 4gb ddr3 ethernet controller : Integrated Intel®...
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    Question dell optiplex 9010 Mt ram upgrade

    i have dell optiplex 9010 Mt it comes with some low profile memories of 4x2(8gb) rams . i want to upgrade it to 16 gb rams 8x2(16gb) i have interest in kingston hyper x 1600mhz is this ram compatible with my system and will my system work properly? hyper x is 1.5 v will this work...
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    [SOLVED] Alert! Air Temperature Sensor Not Directed - Dell Opt 9010

    Hey. I am new at this, so work with me please. I have been getting this since I got a new Dell Optiplex 9010 MT mobo. I didn't have all the parts so I would get other alerts, but then once I installed them, they went away. ATS has not. When I ran the Diagnostics, it said it was the Ambient...
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    Question Upgrading a Dell Optiplex 9010 MT Motherboard

    Hey. This is an update from another post, but after dealing with my Optiplex MT 390 freezing ever since I got it, I've decided to get a 9010 MT motherboard. I haven't been running a lot of programs or anything, so I don't know what's wrong. Tried some programs to see how everything was running...
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    Question Dell optiplex 9010 cooling

    Hey all I was wondering if any other dell optiplex 9010 DT variant OWNER thought it was weird that the 9010 DT only has one other fan, I was also wondering if it is possible to mount a second fan to the side of the case where the "vents" are to pull cold air in and turn the other one into an...