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  1. PaulieVideos

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision M6600, blackscreen after replacing thermal paste on a CPU.

    Hello. So I got this dell laptop, precision M6600 to be exact. The laptop was perfectly working but running a bit hot. I decided to follow disassambly instructions to replace the old thermal compound and use arctic MX-4 as the new one. When I put the laptop back together and powered it on, all I...
  2. PaulieVideos

    Question Upgrading a GPU in Dell Precision M6600

    Hello, I know Precision M6600 can have a dedicated GPU and I was wondering, I found one in a used market with only Intel HD graphics, meaning the GPU slot will be empty. Obviously I can buy a gpu a put it in the gpu slot but is there the heatsink for the GPU or does the variaton with intel HD...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] PC wont boot into Windows, black screen and red lines

    I recently installed an SSD into my T3500 and a fresh copy of Windows. I removed my old HDD in case I needed to use my PC again if I messed something up. Everything worked flawlessly and after a week I was normally uing my PC when my screen turned black and sound stopped. I turned it off from...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Can i Change motherboard in Dell t3400?

    hi! i have a Dell precision T3400 with Core 2 Duo processor. i want to change this processor with core i7 3rd gen, Can i change it's motherboard with LGA1155? If i can change then which One. ATX or Micro ATX????
  5. R

    Question Will I be able to move a T7400 Motheboard to a new case?

    Hi Guys, I have a t7400 and I have made a few fair upgrades on it but now want to move it into a new case, I belive its a full atx but there are 2 cpus that need cooling and the ram needs cooling as it is FB-DIMM- ram, would i just be able to move it into a new atx case or what?
  6. B

    Slow Driver Updates or Stuck at 99%

    So I recently build a new PC, but I transferred my SSD with my OS to the new PC from my old one. I built a MSI Z390, 8700k, 2070 GPU, 16gb RAM, 500gb m.2 WD SSD (Blank), 3tb HDD (from old pc), 1TB SSD (SSD), and the 256 SSD with the OS. BIOs has already been updated to the latest version I found...
  7. D

    Spotify Premium Audio

    After building my first gaming computer and now listening to music I find that my Spotify premium music sounds like complete garbage to things like YouTube and SoundCloud. What is causing this? I don't hear the bad audio quilt in my car when listening to premium on my phone.
  8. Kriilus

    Are these parts good? Can i get better price-performance?

    I'm selecting parts for my friend's first PC and he has a budget of £1k. I was wondering if these parts are ok and if there are any better parts that are better price to performance, for example, the RAM. He has a HP monitor that his dad doesn't use...
  9. late_

    Upgrading setup with 1440p monitors

    I bought a GTX 1080 a while back and been gaming on my legacy 1080p screens from my 760 times. So now that I have a new GPU all that horsepower is lost since pushing 1080p is child's play for the 1080. I'm looking for a solid 1440p monitor and I have some ideas already, but wanted some more...
  10. E

    Need a good ups for first gaming pc

    Hello, I am finishing my first pc build and I need a good UPS for gaming. Here is my build: And my case: Thanks for any info. Kind regards, Elliott
  11. C

    Another post about a noob building his first pc

    ok so here it goes, I've decided I'm going to go build my first gaming pc. but i like no nothing about computers really, like i have researched and know what needs to go into one but i have no idea what I'm looking for with in each individual part. so heres the basic run down. all i have done...
  12. S

    blue screen problem

    Hello, I am a little bit confused about what services or help that you provide here. I have recently requested help for a blue screen problem that I currently have. My message was answered by a menber which I thought was going to help me. after I posted info about my problem, I sent a copy of...
  13. ErikFX8

    Upgrading Old PC Gateway GT5411E

    Now this is what I have... http:// Windows 7 Ultimate Gateway GT5411E 2 GB RAM PC2 4200 533MHz Intel Pentium D915 65nm 2.8GHz Intel 945G Motherboard - 4006158R Original Intel Graphics So I want and Output for HDMI (for an HDTV), and the best processor can go on my system, any gaming at all...