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  1. N

    Question PC problems and bsod

    Hi, I firstly want to mention that I did not have this problem before going to vacation for ~15 days, my parents usually disconnect everything to avoid problems or just in case a thunderstorm happens. So my pc was disconnected from the electricity for that amount of time. After I came back...
  2. ocjoe75

    Question Cloned Windows 10 drive only boots with source drive as D:

    I finally bought an SSD for my Windows 10 Home desktop. It's the same size as my old HDD, 500GB. I cloned the HDD successfully via Norton Ghost 2003 on a bootable DVD (I know it's obsolete, but the function and filesystem are still the same since NTFS). When I booted the cloned SSD alone, the...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Radeon VII + I7 4700k bottleneck?

    Hi, A few days ago i bought a Radeon VII GPU, and i have a few issues with it.. Not the common child diseases you might have heard of. No, i'm lacking serious low FPS in low-medium games, such as League of legends, GTA V and Assetto Corsa. I run: 16gb RAM Win 7 1440p screen I7 4700k 750Watt PSU...
  4. R

    Question MSI 980ti 91℃

    So I recently purchased an MSI 980ti Armor and started playing games. The card was working perfectly so I decided to do a little overclocking with MSI Afterburner View: which was stable but then my temps started ramping up to 85℃ in games and in some games (Resident...
  5. C

    Question i7 7700k hyper threading

    okey, so i bought i7 7700k few days ago, updated bios. in all programmes like aida aida,cpu-z and others my cpu shows 2 cores and 4 threads ( when hyper threading auto/enabled), but it has to show 4/8. when i disable hyper threading it shows 4 cores and 4 threads.. mby someone know what is the...
  6. B

    Question My PC's stuttering

    Specs: CPU - Intel Core I7 4770 3.4 GHz GPU - Radeon RX 570 4 gigs of VRAM Motherboard - MSI MS-7817 Monitor - Acer S230HL Anyway, I've been playing games like Fortnite and Apex Legends on this and they run pretty well. Though lately there has been stuttering (up to 1-2 seconds of a frozen...
  7. MineBlow111

    Question Realtek High Definition Audio - Not plugged in

    I did something to the mobo and now I can't hear anything from my headphone. Can someone help me please?! This is URGENT!
  8. D

    Question PC won't boot with GPU installed.

    So, i bought used R9 270X, and when i installed it, connected all perfectly and pressed the power button cpu cooler spinned for 1 second and gpu coolers just barely itched, however if i press the power button again litteraly nothing happens, coolers won't spin even itch... But when I plug out...
  9. K

    Question Is this a normal reading?

    Is this a normal reading for my rtx 2060 zotac amp? View:
  10. ChaosLegionaire

    Question What driver for MSI GE75

    Hey. I have lots of desktop experiance but am new to laptops. Just picked up an MSI GE75 /w 2080 and want to update graphics driver. Am gonna use DDU, but which driver version from Nvidia's site do I use? This laptop has a full RTX 2080 so do I use desktop driver, or is it still the notebook...
  11. keyetmoist

    [SOLVED] Cablemod

    I’m building a new pc and I want to try out cable mod but I’m not sure what cables to get. These are my components: I will also have a Samsung 860 500gb SATA. If you see any issues with this build please tell me
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Building a 9900k PC need advice on Cabinet

    Building a new PC with i9 9900K cpu /Z390 Aorus Master/16gb/Corsair H150i 360mm cooler ... etc ... I was earlier looking to fit everything in my old Cooler Master HAF X but now decided to buy a new full tower case for it... I have max budget of INR 16000 or $225 ... i want a full tower and not...
  13. N

    How is my first PC build looking? This will be my first PC build and I was wondering if there was any obvious problems or changes to make. Any comments would be helpful.
  14. N

    [SOLVED] PSU for RTX 2080

    What’s the minimum watts for RTX 2080? I’ll be using Gigabyte RTX 2080 Windforce, is Seasonic M12II-620 Evo 80+ Bronze good enough? Please give me another option if that’s not recommended for my RTX. Thank you.
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Is Raidmax RX-500XT enough for RX 570 4GB?

    Is Raidmax RX-500XT enough for those components Ryzen 3 2200g Biostar A230MH PRO RX 570 4GB Sapphire Pulse ITX 1TB Toshiba HDD 2x4GB 2400MHz Also please don't say point of Ryzen 3 2200G is integrated graphics, ik i have the pc planning on adding that gpu so i need a stronger psu The shop where...
  16. W

    Setting up an old P320h with window 7

    At my place of work, we process a lot of 3d point cloud data, and I am trying to optimize some old Dell T5610s for data processing. At the time the T5610s were in productions, one of the options was for a Micron P320h PCIe flash drive. This board was one of the first generations of PCIe drives...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] I7 9700k very high temperatures

    I recently bought an i7 9700k (paired with gtx 1080) and i mount it on a gigabyte z390 aorus elite with a water cooler corsair h60 which i’ve been using for around 3 years now, the problem is i’m getting from 70 to 100 Degrees Celsius (160-212 Fahrenheit) regardles the cpu usage, and also the...
  18. G

    MacBook liquid damage help

    Hello! My roommate spilled a drink on his keyboard. We got it dried immediately and it has worked for several days. Now it won't turn on. The battery appears to be charging, but it doesn't turn on when you press the button. 2012 MacBook air. Could it just be the keyboard? What can we do?
  19. S

    My Samsung laptop R730 only charges went off and there is no charging indicator

    Laptop charges extremely slow and only when off, also doesn't show it's charging.
  20. ceriumin

    Good mobo and cpu for gtx1050

    Unfortunately I had a recent event where my sata port was ripped out of its socket and damaged the motherboard. I have to throw it out and buy a new motherboard. My specs are below: Gtx1050 Fx4300 Ga 78lmt usb3 r2 8gb ddr3 ram 450W So since now my Motherboard is completely destroyed and I...
  21. B

    [SOLVED] Powerline wifi apapter help

    OK so i have this problem with my powerline adapter for my PC i cant use any other form of internet where my PC is thats why i use it. when browsing the web my speeds are extremely fast and what my service provider provides however when im downloading games from something like steam or epic...
  22. L

    i7 6700 & RTX2060 Bottleneck

    So, I'm planning to buy an RTX2060. Just curious if it would cause bottleneck with my current system. My R9 390 died couple months ago. I was going to buy RTX2070 but with the release of 2060, the price gap between those two doesn't seem worth the extra cash. Thanks :) My specs: i7 6700 16GB...
  23. R

    [SOLVED] GTX1080 GPU dead after short circuit

    Happy New Year to all! My year started with a bang. During rearrangement of my study I connected my PC and screens to different wall outlets because of the desk geometry. I turned on the screen and PC and realized I forgot to attach the hdmi cable. When approaching the PC case there was a loud...
  24. K

    Source lost on monitor, computer becomes non-responsive

    Every once in a while after I go idle for a few minutes (sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes it doesn't happen at all) my monitor will go black and say that it cannot find a source despite the hdmi cable being plugged snuggly in both the computer and the monitor. At this point the computer...
  25. J

    OS install fail

    So I’ve built a computer and the thing just won’t install an OS. I open the windows set up with language, time/currency, and keyboard selections; it freezes on that screen. Need some help regarding this. It runs to bios, but won’t get past that. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Asus prime b450m-a motherboard...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] CPU Ratio Apply Mode not appearing in MSI BIOS

    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700X Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar GPU: RTX 2060 FE RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 mhz cas 16 Even after updating to the latest bios, CPU Ratio Apply Mode does not appear after setting OC Explorer Mode set to Expert. I also have never overclocked a CPU before so I don't know if...
  27. Kayle_

    GTX 750ti cpu pair

    is g4560 good pair for gtx 750ti ?
  28. C

    Tried fn,f6 didn’t work on my gateway laptop

    My screens blue and flashing winzipdriver updates and still can’t find my mouse
  29. S

    Kingston 2GB 256M x 64-Bit PC3-8500S 204-Pin SODIMM CL7. What does 256M means?

    I want to upgrade my memory capacity and replace 2 of this 2GB RAMs and buy 2 of 4GB. The 2 x 4GB that I want to buy are described as: Kingston 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM PC3-10600 (1333Mhz) 204-Pins, 512M x 64, CL9, No ECC, 1.5V . Does the 256M a value that match only with the laptop or I can get the...
  30. L

    [SOLVED] Bought a 9900k, does my PSU Corsair GS700 will run it without struggling ?

    I have a PSU (Corsair gs700) for 5 years. Will it be enoght for 9900k + 1070 TI? or should i invest in another PSU?
  31. D

    laptop won't connect to wifi in one specific room

    My acer aspire 5733z won't connect to the wifi in my main bedroom for some odd reason. 2 days ago i went and cleaned out the fan, closed the laptop back up and turned it on, and it was working fine. brought it back to my bedroom and it suddenly won't connect to the wifi, and if it does it says...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Port Forwading & DMZ - cannot bypass firewall - trying to connect Nephew's game consoles

    Hello, Please help if you can. My nephew has waited 3 weeks for me to come in and look at the network to play his new PS4 he got for Xmas. This is my first time port forwarding. I appreciate any advice or input. PROBLEM I cannot bypass the firewall by forwarding ports or using DMZ. My nephew...
  33. J

    Monitor not displaying, rear case fan not working

    Had blue screens of death for a whole day so i figured it had something to do with the motherboard. Removed cpu cooler to clean and reapply thermal paste, and also took out a fan at the top cuz i figured it was taking some airflow. Reseated the ram aswell, plugged everything back in and it...
  34. M

    GPUZ For the RX470 Sapphire Nitro+ VGA 4gb

    i want to buy a used sapphire nitro rx 470 4gb and the seller just send me a screenshot for the graphics card in gpuz,is this graphic card stil in good condition (sorry for bad english)
  35. P

    Samsung 860 EVO doesn't show up on my pc

    I put this ssd in my computer and saw that it didn't show up, i went to disk management and saw that the ssd was apparently active and a primary partition, the blue box, but it still didn't show up, i gave it a name, still didnt show up. I hope you can help me with this problem MB GigaByte...
  36. R

    [SOLVED] Air Cooling vs. Liquid Cooling for Threadripper?

    Hey gang! I purchased a powerhouse of a system this summer for my 3D animation studio. It features a Threadripper 1950x with 4x GTX 1080 Ti's, among the key components. The guys at the computer store had all suggested a liquid cooling system to go with this CPU. I had never used liquid cooling...
  37. S

    This is my new pc setup

    Gpu: Rtx 2070 Cpu: i5 9600k Ram: 16gb ddr4 2666mhz Psu: 750watt Will this build last me at least +/- 5 years? I would like to be prepared for next gen gaming when ps5 comes out
  38. B

    Computer turning off then on again in a second

    Before i went to college I started to experience a problem with my computer where I would press the power button.Then the LED and fans would turn on for a second then turn off and would repeat till I unplug the computer. This computer build is around 4 years old and this is its first major...
  39. J

    2 PSUs with one machine?

    I can get into all the details if need be, but the bottom line is, my RME PCIe card is (apparently) causing some of my SATA HDDs to not be recognized by the BIOS. There is no real scientific way for me to confirm this, but it seems as tho my 850w PSU is not enough for everything. Can I have...
  40. G

    [SOLVED] Mission Impossible? Help me upgrade my office PC externally...

    I work as a lawyer at a law firm with an IT policy that is both strict and stingy. I must use the computer that they provide and I must not alter it. Unfortunately, it's a comically old box with a Windows Experience rating of 4.9. It has a very tiny monitor that makes document preparation...