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    [SOLVED] Dell vostro caddy - fitting SSD

    Purchased a new SFF vostro munus the 3.5 HDD but can't seem to get info on bracket for installing 2.5 SSD
  2. PcRigs

    [SOLVED] Dell Laptop Display extremely dim and flickering

    Hi, Main Issue: The display is extremely dim. If it becomes normal, it randomly flickers or goes off for 30-45 seconds before coming back to normal. I recently purchased a Dell Vostro 15 inch laptop. (4 months ago) Until yesterday the laptop was working fine. Today when I powered it on, the...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 7590 vs Vostro 7590

    Hello, i am buying a laptop mainly for college and also to manage some work for my moms business. i am thinking between the Inspiron 7590 and the Vostro 7590.
  4. F

    Question Does DELL Vostro 15 - 7590 and Ballistix Sport LT are not compatible?

    I just bought Vostro 15 (7590) and want to replace the memory with 2 x 16Gb Ballistix Sport LT SODIMM DDR4 2666. I tried one by one, but I only got keyboard backlight and blank screen for around 1-2 minute and then shut down automatically. I tried one with the original memory and the other with...
  5. T

    Wifi randomly shuts off in a brand new computer

    I just built a brand new computer with no drivers, no anything. The monitor turns on and everything works EXCEPT the wifi. I got a cheap wifi adapter that I'm using, but everytime I plug it in it works for a minute or so and then the wifi for ONLY the desktop becomes "limited." Does anyone have...