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  1. MaiKeLin

    Question LG thunderbolt 3 monitor not detected on Dell xps17

    when I try connecting the monitor by usb-c the laptop starts charging, all USB devices plugged into the monitor connect to the pc, and it makes a sound signifying its connected but I cannot get it to detect the actual monitor input even after downloading all the newest drivers. The only way for...
  2. S

    Should i change my OS to 64 bit?

    I just discovered my old pc's CPU is capable of 64 bit windows. My specs are: AMD Phenom Quad core 9650 ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series (512 Mb) 4GB RAM (it says 3GB usable) 2 HDDs 640GB each SATA II I am a bit worried if my computer will perform any worse, could you give me any information about if...