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  1. yee-haw

    Question Can I put a 1050Ti in an XPS 8940?

    My friend recently got this ( computer and I wanted to give him my old 1050Ti for an easy upgrade, but on the website it said there wasn’t a port for it. Would he still be able to put in the 1050Ti and...
  2. Bluex

    Question Problem with Nvidia 1050 TI MaxQ on Dell XPS 15

    Hello. It's been a while since I posted but I have recently ran into a problem that just has me lost. I have a Dell 9570 with the GTX 1050 TI MaxQ. This morning I was greeted by boot loops and nothing seemed to prevail so I pulled out a stick of ram and tried running one stick. The system...
  3. S

    Question Need clarification on GPU power consumption between 5600 XT and 2060 on a 460w PSU.

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my graphics card for the new Flight Simulator, but ran into some inconsistencies with PSU requirements. I'm running the internals of a Dell XPS with an i7 4790 and a 460w Dell PSU. I am really trying to avoid upgrading the power supply as new ones are pretty...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] Which laptop better for video editing?

    My bro is looking for a laptops that could perform video editing well, I will list out some options, i had look into specs but i don't know if a U series intel really worth to buy: Macbook Pro 13 inches (16 inches too expensive...) i5 xxxx, intergrated gpu? 700 USD Dell inspiron 7591 i7-9750H...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Dell XPS 9560 vs Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB

    Hi guys, I am confused between these two laptops: Dell XPS 15 9560 (used-like new) with a guarantee from the seller for $799 and the Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB (new) for $970. Now, Dell XPS comes with: i5 7300HQ Nvidia GTX1050 4GB 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Touch And Lenovo Yoga 720 with: i7 7700HQ Nvidia...