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  1. S

    Question BSODs after upgrading to 16 GB

    Hello, I recently upgraded my Dell XPS 8700 from 8 GB of RAM to 16 GB, and I have been experiencing frequent BSODs. Here is the multiple things it has said the errors were: Unexpected kernel mode trap KMode exception not handled Driver power state failiure System_service_exception - What...
  2. Black Dovahbear

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to bypass DELL's motherboard "Unsupported Video Configuration"?

    I planned to use my integrated graphics as my second GPU for virtualization but when I plugged my display cable into the motherboard, I got this message. Is it possible to bypass this message? Or is it actually outright not supported? It won't even let me boot if I have a GPU plugged in. I'm...
  3. A

    Question Is it worth upgrading to DDR4 or getting more DDR3 ram

    Hello, Intel Core i7 4770 Dell 0KWVT8 motherboard 2x 4gb DDR3 @ 1600MHz (cpu-z says 800mhz but I assume that is for each stick) AMD r9 290 A couple of years back I bought a Dell XPS 8700 prebuilt computer. I have upgraded the PC's graphics card and power supply only. I have an r9 290 in it...
  4. T

    Windows 10, on boot it init Keyboard + Mouse and delay is approx 3s, Looking to improve boot-time

    Hi all, I have been a system builder for many years and I cannot overcome something that appears to be new to me. for windows 10 at least! with all W10 based systems I build for clients and myself.. AMD & Intel I notice that as soon as the system passes POST/BIOS and goes to load windows Both...
  5. digi550

    Asus gtx 1060 strix

    Hi , i am about to get MSI gtx 1060 gaming X this week and i was just browsing for asus strix and what i have found is asus has launched another GPU with 9 gbps memory in 1060 model .... since the asus strix rog and msi gaming x has 8 gbps memory . The new asus gtx 1060 strix model looks...
  6. Crashman

    ASRock Z270 Extreme4 Kaby Lake ATX Motherboard Review

    A reduced price variation of its Z270 Gaming K6, ASRock’s Z270 Extreme4 also comes with fewer feature enhancements. Does this create a value triumph over a previously-tested $150 competitor? ASRock Z270 Extreme4 Kaby Lake ATX Motherboard Review : Read more
  7. D

    Need help choosing a motherboard for gaming build

    I need help building my 2nd gaming computer. I don't know which motherboard and ram to get, I planning on getting the i7 7700k but there so many boards to choose from.I'm going from from Amd to Intel build. I have already have the graphics card, 700w psu and case. And be going to get WD hhds...
  8. Likespieman007

    Issue with AMD Audio Driver and RealTek Audio Driver

    Hey guys, I recently installed another graphics card into my system(r9 270 crossfire), and my windows sound Icon tells me that there is no device plugged into the system when clearly I have the audio cables plugged into my system. What do I do? I tried re-installing all of the drivers, and...
  9. Prestigebumps1

    Looking for laptop suggestions

    So I'm planning to get a new laptop for school (write essays, powerpoints etc...) and maybe be able to do a little gaming on the side (small games like WoW and Civ 6) I feel that its also worth mentioning that I'm fully comfortable with adding my own ram/ssd/hdd with the laptop to increase its...
  10. A

    GTA 5 & GTX 1080 hate each other

    What could be causing this This is on a 1080 with an I7-4770k. 16 gb ram, psu at 600. We've tried driver re-installs, game re-installs and all sorts of game tweaks.
  11. C

    2gb vs 4gb gtx 960

    Is the gtx 960 4gb worth 40$ more vs the 2gb which is 190$? Also, msi, gigabyte, or Evga gtx 960? What one is better?
  12. M

    Computer randomly freezes completely after playing a game for a while or leaving the game paused for a while

    Hello all, So I built this pc a while back, and I just keep getting this freezing thing randomly. First of all the specs: - ASUS Crosshair formula Z motherboard with updated UEFI and everything. - AMD FX9590 8-core unclocked in a closed watercooling loop from NZXT (25C Idle, 40C load). -...
  13. G

    Macbook Air 13 or Asus Zenbook UX305 ???

    I wanted to buy a laptop for my college needs..since i am into IT field...the laptop needs to run..all progrmng s/w...i also need it to be i shortlisted the macbook air & the asus zenbook u305...i prefer the zenbook cause..i have been using windows always...n the zenbook has a 256...
  14. I

    My C: Drive is Filling Up. Help with WizTree

    I downloaded WizTree to see what was filling up my C drive and I don t know what to delete. My C drive is an ssd that only has my OS and a few other things (right now it is 100% full). the 'Windows' folder has 66.9% of the size. When I expand that my 'winsxs' folder has 27.7% of the size of...
  15. A

    Would would it take to over clock it?

    What would it take to overclock a i5-3570k CPU to 4.5 GHz is possible? How much power? Cooler if necessary? Is the stock cooler enough or do I need better one? Also i have a p7-1125 case and the stock power and motherboard with a Gigabyte GTX 750 1Gb. Help would be appreciated!
  16. A

    my ram usage is very high

    i recently noticed that my ram usage is very high over the past couple weeks and i dont know why. while im running a game like world of warcraft and browsers its at about 6gb usage out of 8. can anyone help me? ps. i just installed dual monitors so could that be it maybe my build: gtx 760 2gb...