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  1. ThaShamano112

    Question Please URGENT help for Dell Optiplex 790DT ram upgrade

    Hi Guys im new here...i have a urgent question, i have a Dell Optiplex 790DT. my specs are: psu:550w Gpu:(GalaX) Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 low profile cpu: intel core i3 2130 3.40ghz So now i actually have 4gb (2x2gb)RAM installed and im planing to upgrade it to 8gb. My question is, if i buy 2...
  2. E

    Question Can I put a PCI-E WiFi adaptor in a PCI-E 16x (wire x4) connector?

    Hey, I recently purchased a Dell Optiplex 7010. I have no way of getting an ethernet cable in my room as my router is downstairs so I have had to order a PCI-E WiFi adaptor, I know that these fit in PCI-E slots, (16x 1x etc.), however I can't put it in the 1x slot as my GPU blocks it. Are you...
  3. muneeb_sheikh

    Question 144Hz Monitor is giving vertical green lines (not permanent) on left half of screen [GTX 1660 Ti]

    Hi Community Members, Below is my RIG: Mother Board: MSI X570 Gaming Plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X GPU: MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X RAM: 2*8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX ddr4 3600 MHz PSU: Corsair VS650 Monitor: Dell S2716DG Back Story: I just bought the monitor. According to store guy, it is brand...
  4. K

    Question What is the best CPU upgrade I can make with my Dell Prebuilt?

    Hey guys, I have a dell inspiron 3650 desktop that has an i5-6400, 8 gb of ddr3, and a graphics card that i swapped out, which is a zotac gtx 1650 compact. what is the best processor I can swap out the i5 for? which i7 would be best? I can spend 300-500. also, would another 8gb of ram help that...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Unable to Boot on Dell Dimension E521 (Possible Motherboard Issue)

    So I have a Dell Dimension E521 from the mid-2000s. I decided to mess around with it. It has: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU (64-bit) Dell 0UW457 Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE GPU I had upgraded the system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 awhile back and set it aside. I come back to it...
  6. Aidanator

    [SOLVED] I have a Dell Inspiron 3583, will it work if I plug it into a 144HZ monitor?

    To specify a bit, I know that it will display correctly, but will I be able to use 144HZ if I plug into that display?
  7. ColopiX

    Question Cant decide what monitor to buy. 22 to 24inch

    Im using BenQ GW2270H for 2 years and i want to upgrade to some bigger monitor.Also my eyes hurts after i replaced my old and first monitor Asus vw192s with this benq I have 3 monitors offered 1. Dell UltraSharp U2414H- 23.8in/AH-IPS/60Hz/8ms----105 €/118 $ 2. HP Elite Display E232...
  8. A

    Question PC Booted after Unplugging and Re-Plugging Power Cord. Why?

    Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well. On a two-day old computer I bought it froze completely while I opened Netflix on Chrome. This seems to be an issue with Netflix as multiple PC users report the same issue online. No minidump or BSODS, no error in the event viewer other than the forced...
  9. Ice19

    Question Why does my laptop have sudden ping spikes/connection drops?

    My laptop has been randomly disconnecting me for at least 2 months. It will have a sudden ping spike and disconnect from whatever I am playing or doing and then reconnect right after. It isn't just my at home internet because this has happened while connected to another wifi. I do not have an...
  10. A

    Question Second monitor recognizes laptop input, then sleeps

    I have a second monitor I use to extend the desktop on my laptop. It previously worked fine, but now it recognizes the laptop's input and sleeps after displaying the extended top for a second or two. I have tried unplugging the monitor, checking cable connections, and restarting the laptop...
  11. Alextotal09

    Question Dell Optiplex 7010 MT PSU Upgrades?

    Wondered whats the best psu upgrades for this I had a previous post but actually put in the wrong system as I thought it was a dt but its actually a mini tower! I have heard this might be a good shout?
  12. G

    Question Hello, how do I squeeze some more FPS that seems to be unused by my machine

    So, hello my name is Paul. Some time ago I bought a Dell Inspirion 15 to play games and be able to explore more of PC, before this laptop I used to be a console player, with many regrets after experiencing Alt+Tab, infinite free games plus mouse and keyboard. However to load some more busty or...
  13. Guppu

    [SOLVED] Does the 0K83V0 Dell Inspiron 560s Motherboard have a PCI-e slot?

    The system is a Dell Inspiron 560s. It's a pre-built PC but I am planning to upgrade the Graphics Card. The question is whether the motherboard comes with PCI-e x16 (2.0) slots or not. My issues are: The motherboard seems to be attached to the case. The case is just 80mm in width. That means...
  14. M

    Question HDD Usage 100% even at idle and unable to load dll "iaStorAfsServicesApi.dll"

    So I recently updated to the new 2004 build of windows 10 and my pc started lagging a lot. I checked the task manager for issues and it shows my hdd is at 100% at all times maybe dropping to 98% for a second or two and after some time a new error also started popping up. unable to load dll...
  15. babaloooo

    Question Alienware R10 Ryzen RAM and SSD Questions

    First post! Go easy on me here. Sorry I didn't build my system from scratch. I bought an Alienware R10 Ryzen setup and I wanted to upgrade the RAM and SSD. RAM: Currently, it has 8GB HyperX(TM) FURY DDR4 XMP at 2666MHz. I was wondering if I could buy this RAM here...
  16. Sheev Palpatine

    Question Mechanical Keyboard Flickering, DELL OPTIPLEX 3020

    Hello, I have a 4 USB hub for my mouse and keyboard for different tasks, however I bought a new DEL 3020. The keyboard works fine on other DELLs, and other PCs through the switch but every-time it connects to this one it flickers and the mouse also does not work. I used to have a smaller...
  17. E

    Question 3rd Party Motherboard Replacement Or Just Return The Laptop?

    Hello, I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 (7590). I have owned the laptop for only 6 days. Sadly, I am already experiencing coil whine and have been in contact with Dell Support. I was told that an onsite service appointment will be scheduled to replace the motherboard. But since I have a...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision m6800 startup issue

    Hi, I have a dell precision machine. Today it suddenly got shutdown as if it was unplugged from all the juice (battery+ac adapter) I tried to restart it quite few times but i won't start. I removed the battery and tried to use only AC Adapter. When i plug ac adapter it's led and power button...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] What does this RAM spec means?

    8GB,4Gx1 + 4G onboard, DDR4, 2666MHz This is the spec shown in the Dell Website about their Dell Inspiron 14" 5490 Laptop. What does this means? Does it have 8GB or 4GB? Please clarify.
  20. cmcc05

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 How to Wipe Corrupt Install on Old Drive

    In the last few months I decided to upgrade my laptop with an NVMe SSD from a hard drive. My plan was to backup and wipe the HDD install of Windows and reinstall on the SSD while keeping the HDD for extra storage space. It all went smooth and the HDD shows as the full 500gb unallocated space on...