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  1. nexus3019

    Question How to limit the RAM?

    Hello everyone! I have been using my laptop, Dell Inspiron 1464, since 2011. It came with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Sometime around 2013, I accidentally limited my RAM to a mere 256 MB (original size - 4 GB) from inside the windows, and not from the BIOS. This prevented my...
  2. Jlg823

    Question Ant/Dust stuck in monitor, any help?

    As you can see here, View: there's something stuck in my monitor. It doesnt appear to be a dead or stuck pixel so I'd assume it's either dust or a dead ant stuck in here. Any solutions? I've tried using my phone's vibrator to see if I can knock the Dust/Ant...
  3. J

    Question Replacing Case for Inspiron 3847

    Long story short, I have this old Inspiron PC that I want to repurpose. The case however, is big, heavy and just looks bad. So I thought I'd replace the case with something smaller and lighter. Before replacing, I confirmed that the PC posts and booted into windows. The motherboard is a Great...
  4. J

    Question My Dell Inspiron 5570 is not able to factory Reset?

    I have been having lots of trouble with my one year old Dell Inspiron 15 5570. It has good hardware, but I recently noticed the issue of not being able to install to my hard drive. The laptop has a 120gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD. The HDD was correctly partitioned, but only files could be written to...
  5. Q

    Question Alert! Air Temperature Sensor Not Directed - Dell Opt 9010

    Hey. I am new at this, so work with me please. I have been getting this since I got a new Dell Optiplex 9010 MT mobo. I didn't have all the parts so I would get other alerts, but then once I installed them, they went away. ATS has not. When I ran the Diagnostics, it said it was the Ambient...
  6. E

    Question Upgrading Dell 7010 SFF

    Hey everyone, I know I'm going to catch some heat for attempting this config at all but bear with me, I think there is a solution here that makes sense. I have: a Dell Optiplex SFF 7010 3rd Gen Core i5 - 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 1GB GDDR5 The problem: a 240W stock...
  7. D

    Laptop Help Request

    Hello, I’ve been looking at 2 laptops for the past several days now, and am still stumped. So, let me explain! I am a college student, currently taking I.T. And graphic design as my profession. I need a new laptop, as i only have a desktop at the moment. Right now, I’m stumped between the Dell...
  8. A

    Question Bizarre issue with a laptop

    Hello. Some time ago I was playing a game when suddenly colorful dots all over the screen appeared. GPU problem, you say? That's what I thought at first. But after a while I've discovered some really strange things: 1) Everything works perfect on a dedicated display, including dGPU and iGPU...
  9. O

    How To How to fix buffering and frame drops DELL XPS 15 9560

    So about a year ago I bought a XPS 15 9560. Played Rust, CSGO, Squad, LoL and several other games. During this time I used several programs like throttlestop. It worked fine and I could keep nice temperatures and good performance. This week my summer started. For about 6 months I had quit...
  10. K

    Question DELL 3530 0,78GHz Problem

    I have problems with serverel 3530 goes into a "limb" mode where the CPU is max at 0,78GHz when plug into a dock. Also have a couple of 3510 doing the same thing. What could be the cause? Dell Support dont help much.
  11. M

    Question PSU replacment for inspiron 3656

    I have the pre-built Dell Inspiron 3656. It had an AMD Radeon R9 360 which I replaced with a Geforce GTX 1050 OC 2gb Windforce by Gigabyte. Only issue is that my PSU is 100 or200w. Amazon said GPU needs at least 300. But I dont know much about my pre-built pc so I dont know what PSU would fit...
  12. J

    Question New Laptop Working?

    Hey guys, I just got an Alienware m15 laptop with an RTX 2060. I have downloaded a few games and have been trying the new PC out. I've noticed that in a few games I'm getting some disappointingly low frame rates, like in Subnautica in certain parts on high settings I would drop to 30ish for a...
  13. W

    Question Optiplex 3020 Power Supply and Graphics Card Upgrade

    I'm trying to upgrade my Optiplex by installing an RX 480 and a new 500 watt EVGA PSU. I'm using a 24 pin to 8 pin adapter, as I've seen people successfully do on youtube. The system worked fine before the upgrade, but now it wont post. The fans spin up, and I'm left with a blinking amber power...
  14. I

    Question Help with power cable

    Hi All, I have a Dell Precision M6600. My power cable (250v) is not working anymore. I use now my old (125v) power cable. It's working but charging is very slow. Does this affect the performance of the laptop specially for the GPU? I'm having a Nvidia Quadro 3000m. I notice also when I freshly...
  15. I

    Question Not Enough power voltage affects GPU performance?

    Hi, I have and old laptop which is Dell precision m6600, having a gpu Quadro 3000m. My power cable (250v) is not working and then I saw an old (125v) power cable, plug it in and it seems fine but I notice it's not generating enough power because it's charging my laptop very slow. Does this...
  16. C

    Question Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series laptop not booting: need help

    Laptop does not boot to Windows. Cannot enter BIOS. First video for reference: View: Backlight does turn on. LCD test also works. Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment (Fn + power up) initiates error code beeps as heard here: View...
  17. Question 100% Disk Usage on Dell Inspirion Laptop

    Hello there. I have been having this issue for over a year now. I got my laptop 2 or so years ago and it worked great up until March of last year. It started booting up with 100 percent disk usage and sitting at 100. I originally bought this laptop for gaming and have only used it to game. I...
  18. yannakamura

    Question 1060 max-q does not render videos?

    Someone could help me! I bought a Dell Laptop (g7 7588) with 1060 max-q. But the grafic card does not render videos on Premiere even Encoder. I updated all softwares and ask for support from Dell and Adobe, but no one got help me.
  19. remixislandmusic

    Question Dell computer mouse doesn't work.

    Hello, so I still have a 10ish-year-old Dell USB mouse. It says on the bottom "P/N XN966". This mouse used to work fine, but when I tried to use it today it doesnt work. I plug it in, the laser turns on, flashes a few times, and turns off. It doesnt every show up on the computer and this exact...
  20. Riskwayyt

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 980 overclocking. Is it possible?

    So my question has been asked in a similar fashion through other posts and the Optiplex 980 is just a pain for anyone to overclock due to it's phoenix bios. I have the largest model of the Optiplex 980 and I also have sufficient cooling and even under heavy load the cpu currently hits around 60...