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  1. praveenk72007

    Question Monitor Flickering Issue on Dell S3422DWG Gaming Curved Monitor 34" WQHD

    Issue Description: The monitor exhibits consistent flickering, as shown in the video below. This flickering is present in every frame, indicating a persistent issue rather than an intermittent one. The flickering manifests as significant changes in brightness or color between consecutive frames...
  2. C

    Question BOSS-N1 480GB RAID1 - - - performance not what I expected ?

    We just purchased a Dell PowerEdge R360 Server with a BOSS -N1. The performance is not quite what I expected, and I'm having a hard time finding reviews online to compare against. I am getting 1400MB/s READ and only 222MB/s WRITE. Can anyone confirm whether this is normal?
  3. R

    Question FPS throttling after playing games for 5-10 mins

    Hey Guys, I am writing this after facing issue with my DELL G15 5520 laptop for some time now. My Laptop configuration is: CPU-12th GEN Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H GPU- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop RAM - 16 GB Its been like 7-8 months that I bought this laptop, and it was giving amazing...
  4. X

    Question Move main SSD to new system (same model/specification, but other „hardware number“) - will Win10 work?

    Hi guys, short question: My XPS15 9550 broke yesterday. If I bought a used one with the same specifications (CPU, GPU etc.) and replaced its main SSD by the SSD from the broken laptop, would I be able to continue working in my usual environment (same operating system, same software) without any...
  5. E

    Question UHD 770 Video Memory for Dell XPS 8960

    For the Intel UHD Graphics 770, which is part of my core i7 cpu, how much video memory does it use for my particular system? I am going to purchase a Dell XPS 8960: It has these specs: 14th...
  6. kelerman23

    Question Strange annoying issue with nvidia gpu - sudden jump in gpu usage and drop frames without any reason!!

    Hey i have a strange issue with my rtx 4060 on my dell xps laptop the issue is on all games after a while of playing the usage of gpu jump to 100% and the frames drops to the half without changing sitting in the same scene in the game without changing anything like for example fifa 23 or...
  7. Chris_264

    Question Dell Precision 5820 - Tesla M40?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I ordered a 24gb Tesla M40 for machine learning, and while it works perfectly fine in my main system, (7950x3d, MPG b650i edge wifi) It refuses to allow the Precision 5820 it's meant for to boot, or even output video through the NVS 510 that ALSO 100% works...
  8. findingComputers

    Question Are there any BTX cases I can buy?

    I have a not (yet) working dell optiplex and I was thinking, can I get rid of the prebuilt case? It's too tight to work in to, and a tight power supply (235 watt) that I can't make big changes. I dont want to get rid of the motherboard (im broke) since theres also a pcie slot (3), so I can put a...
  9. D

    Question XPS 630i for 12900k first build

    Hello! I am planning to build a pc and i am wondering if i can use the 12900k in the xps dell 630i. My only concern is temperatures and airflow as i want the processor to last long and not overheat. I will be using the contact frame and the DARK ROCK PRO 4. Can i use this case or should i get a...
  10. C

    Question I am trying to find a replacement lcd panel for a dell p1913sb monitor.

    Hi I am trying find the part number for lcd panel of a dell p1913s monitor.the dell website is no help and general Google searches provide little information. Kind regards
  11. ArmourSuit

    Info Dell Pre-Built PC can't work with NVIDIA GPU

    I post this because if anyone need help they certainly look at this web site so for an easy access to answer, I want to write the solution from my experince. I hope no one has to deal with this problem in the future, but if it happens, let me tell you the problem. Long story short, its "power...
  12. Q

    Question Insight on Laptop Comparison

    I'm looking to do some mobile graphic design work. I'm not too concerned about the weight so I've been looking at Gaming Laptops around $800 budget. I've landed on two that I'm wondering which might be the better choice. The Acer is a certified reman at around $700 and the Dell will be about...
  13. K

    Question What's wrong with my monitor?

    My 6 year old Dell U3818DW stopped working all of a sudden. I'm able to connect my laptop and the audio still works fine, but it can't display anything correctly (see the photos below). It's not the HDMI cable because this happens without any input – I can't read the input selection menu at all...
  14. Z

    Question Why does my Dell laptop fail to boot several times ?

    It doesn't have a battery. When I plug it in, it automatically starts booting and fails to boot several times (it doesn't show the Dell logo, I just see the keyboard and power button light turning on and off repeatedly). It finally shows a screen that says something like "Date and time not set...
  15. anonymousgoated10

    Question Why is my monitor randomly cycling through red, green, blue, white and black screens ?

    As the title suggests, my Dell S24S21HGF monitor is cycling through these colors. I was playing a video game, and I got a tad bit too upset and tapped my display many times. I did not punch hard. I would like to reiterate that. It was fine until the last tap and since then it has been in this...
  16. ikea(s)

    Question 980TI won’t work in a Dell T5810?

    Hello, recently acquired a used Dell T5810 from eBay for super cheap. I think around 100 dollars. Been using it for around 2 weeks and all works well with the ancient NVS 510’s it comes with. Considering this is a pretty old station, when selecting a new GPU I didn’t want to go too new, so I...
  17. koreysmith

    Question Laptop recommendations ?

    1. What is your budget? $1,000.00 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14" or 15" 3. What screen resolution do you want? Unsure at this point. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? No. 5. How much battery life do you need? 12 hours 6. Do you want...
  18. B

    Question Dell laptop freezing after a few minutes, requires hard power off ?

    Dear Community, Laptop: Dell XPS 9570 2018 model Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz 16.0 GB RAM Microsoft Windows 10 Home (x64) 10.019045 BIOS 1.27.0 (up to date) My laptop spent 2023 in and out of repairs. I replaced the battery (4 years old) after it was draining...
  19. liamjbarr77

    Question RTX 2070 maxing 100% 3D and low voltage issues ?

    Hello, I've seen a lot of posts about this issue online and everything I have tried to fix the problem has not seemed to work. It's very odd and has had me banging my head against a wall for a while. So, during gameplay the game will be running perfectly, for example Drive. my GPU will...
  20. E

    Question Which old or new laptop brand and model is most upgradeable?

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop and would like to buy one that the CPU, RAM and storage are all upgradeable. Are there any models out there that come with these requirements ? I'd like to spend $1K - $1.5K if possible but will consider spending more if needed. Thanks.
  21. A

    Question Dell XPS i7 aging issue

    Hello all, first post here, please be kind :) I have a Dell XPS laptop with an i7 CPU, 16 gigs of ram and an SSD drive. I've had it for a few years (probably about 5) and have been using it mostly for web browsing, so nothing too demanding. Over the last year my computer has become increasingly...
  22. D

    Question DELL 690 Ethernet Cards - What do you recommend?

    Im using an old Dell 690 desktop pc. My ISP is capable of over 1144mps however I'm only getting 350mps. Im thinking its the Broadcom Net Xtreme 57xx Controller slowing things down. Is there an Ethernet card I can buy that will enable me to get the most out of my possible internet speed? I would...
  23. U

    Question DELL Monitor picky about detecting input (Not displaying input)

    This is split from another question I asked here on this post. To summarize, I have a Dell monitor that is very picky about detecting input sources. Looking back, I've had this problem for as long as I remember, when I used to have trouble connecting my macbook to it as an external display, but...
  24. N

    Question cursor acts like it weighs a lot and I can't control movement for 1-2 minutes

    On my Dell Latitude E4310 laptop running Fedora 39 Linux Workstation edition or earlier versions, intermittently the cursor acts like it's physically heavy and it slides rather fast and obliquely straight to the screen's top right corner. I struggle to control its movement with the touchpad or...
  25. Trandond7

    [SOLVED] Need Old BIOS .Rcv File - Dell Inspiron 5378/5578/7378/7579/7779 System BIOS

    I used to undervolt my Dell-Inspiron 15-7579, and it ran like clockwork. But then, I flashed the new bios. Undervolting became locked. The laptop's cpu is now throttling. Need 1.27 or older BIOS .rcv to resuscitate it. Help?
  26. conticreative

    Question My wife's Asus ZenBook UX430U Hard Drive failed. What steps should I take to replace the HD and install Windows 11?

    My wife has (had) a Asus ZenBook UX430U with Windows 10. Eventually it updated to Windows 11 (magically, apparently). About six months later, the Asus UX430U couldn't boot. I gave my wife one of my laptops and I am now trying to revive her ZenBook UX430U. I checked it with a rescue USB drive...
  27. Kitsuru

    Question Computer is stuck in black screen when GPU is plugged in

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, and long time without posting on forums in general, so I bought this "new", refurbished PC a couple of days ago, I'll share the specs right here: The GPU in question is a Radeon R5 430 2Gb Low Profile. If...
  28. J

    Question G-Sync with MSI Ge76 11UH and external screen ?

    Hello, I have a laptop MSI Ge76 11UH connected to an external screen Dell S2722QC in HDMI. I read that the MSI Ge76 didn't have G-Sync but that it could work with an external screen connected to a Display Port and not with HDMI. But there is no Display Port on the Dell screen, there is an HDMI...
  29. CannedBeans5475

    [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 15 5559 light turns on one time but pressing the power button doesn't boot the laptop up

    So I recently got my laptop's motherboard replaced and after a few tweaks here and there so far issues have bee minimal to say the least however, there are instances where everytime I plug the charger into my laptop the light on it turns on indicating there's power but if I go ahead and press...
  30. D

    Question DELL OPTIPLEX 5050 I7 7700 (VS 6700)?

    Hello i have dell optiplex 5050 specs: i7 6700 1tb samsung 970 evo 40gb ram [1x hynx 8gb and 2x8gb + 1x16gb kingstons off aliexpress maybe fake?] asus gtx 1650 low profile and i belive 230 psu) its not my main computer but i find myself using it alot for multitasking and copying alot of...
  31. R

    Question help adding hard drives to a dell t1700?

    my custom build died and i'm trying to replace it with a dell t1700. i need to add two hard drives. i know i need a caddy to install one in this empty bay: i thought i might be able to fit a hard drive here but that might just be wishful thinking. i know i should be able to put one here...
  32. Runel0rd

    Question Is it possible to upgrade a Dell Precision 3630 workstation?

    Thank you for your time. I recently acquired a completely fine, functional, and clean Dell Precision 3630 workstation for practically free. I have installed a fresh version of Windows 10, installed a few programs, and have noticed that this machine is extremely loud. I am wondering if it would...
  33. S

    Question Poor gaming performance on my Dell XPS 9570

    Lately, I have noticed my XPS 9570 having painfully bad FPS when gaming. I recently tried GTA5 and noticed FPS in the 10-20 range on lowest settings at 1080p, when it used to average a cool 40-50fps earlier on medium settings. The GPU was running at 100% as indicated by NVidia GeForce...
  34. K

    Question Dell Optiplex 7010 doesn't turn off help

    Hello, Recently, I bought a used Dell Optiplex 7010 (i5 3rd gen 128 SSD) for regular internet browsing. however, I ran into a problem. When I turned on the computer and tried to use Windows 10 shutdown button PC went dark for a few seconds and then immediately started to show signing in screen...
  35. P

    Question Generic Lockups on Ubuntu, please help me read my system logs

    Dell Latitude 7480 i5-6300u Running Pop os, Ubuntu, Zorin Experiencing generic freezes, the only thing that works is holding the power button. What I have tried: Fresh installs Pop os, Ubuntu, Zorin New Fan, Heatsink, and thermal paste (confirmed that I am not overheating, and fan works) Ran...
  36. G

    Question Laptop not starting after cleaning - need help

    Hey, I need some help. I opened my Dell G15 5520 to clean the fan. But I couldn't get out the screws of the fan. I'm not sure how you say it in english, but when screws are wrecked and the screwdriver can't grip anymore, that's what happened. The screws were new, but very sensitive, guess I...
  37. P

    Question Random, generic freezing, what do I try next ?

    Laptop model: Dell Latitude 7480 I5-6300u Qhd touch screen 16g ddr4 (2 sodimms) Pop!_os 20.?? Random generic freezing at any temperature or work load. Freezes during retro gaming, or browsing the web, or using software center. Sometimes locks up within minutes, sometimes hours. I tried...
  38. marriomarrios

    Question del precision 3620 is compatible with core i7 700 or only with corei7 7700k?

    hi, I would know if the processor corei7 770 is compatible with dell precision 3620, because in the user manual only say tha is compatible with corei7 7700k.
  39. P

    Question Laptop fan spins briefly on startup and shutdown, otherwise will not spin.

    Dell Latitude 7480 i5-6300u Laptop had hard freezes where nothing worked. Finally thought I had it figured out (bad fan), ordered a new fan, heat sink and thermal paste. Installed everything, and started it up with the bottom cover removed, Saw the fan spin up so I thought everything was...
  40. P

    Question Dumb question, how to uncouple this connector?