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  1. G

    Question Dell XPS One A2420 power supply replacement

    Hey all. Please forgive me since it's been years since I have really been on the forum. I have a Dell XPS One A2420 all in one machine that the power supply seems to have failed in. The model is a HIPRO HP-D2554A0 power supply. It seems to have been in use with servers as well, so the prices...
  2. ritiksharma454

    Question The GPU wattage on my laptop is not getting higher than 30 watts ?

    I purchased a new Dell G15 5520 laptop with i5-12500H and RTX 3050 (95 watts)) 2 weeks ago but I'm facing a problem here. When I'm playing any game the GPU wattage is normal but after 10 minutes the wattage is capped to 30 watts and its not increasing. This leads to performance issues and...
  3. rakinar2

    Question Where I can find Waves MaxxAudio Application for my Dell Prebuilt?

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 7080 MT, with Windows 11 (22H2) and Ubuntu 23.04 (dual-boot) installed. Previously, there was no bass in the sound output of the PC. However, after installing the driver update manually from Dell's site, the bass issue was fixed. But, Windows wasn't able to detect the mic...
  4. Swade14

    Question Dell Inspiron 16 7610 Fails to POST

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 16 7610 and when I try to turn it on, the backlit keyboard will come on for a few seconds then turn off. It will usually repeat this a time or two more before quitting. The only other sign of any power is the battery light that turns on. There has also been a few...
  5. moehamm

    Question Web-pages often keep crashing ?

    Dell Precision 5510 32GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM 512GB NvME.2 intel i7-6820HQ nvidia quadro dGPU, and an Intel iGPU Windows 10 pro latest update Some webpages keep crashing, or takes too long to respond! some google search, says RAM not enough, I have 32GB of RAM which is way more than enough, there...
  6. username_greg

    Question Upgrading laptop SSD, need advice please

    Just bought a new Dell XPS 15 (9520) with the specs indicated below. I deliberately didn't spring for the upgraded hard drive as Dell wanted close to $300 to get to a 2tb drive and so I'm going to buy one and upgrade myself - very comfortable with opening laptops etc. My question is about which...
  7. KokoAkos

    Question High CPU usage for seconds cause massive FPS drops

    Hi. During the week, this problem appeared, which mainly occurs while playing, the CPU usage jumps up completely randomly for a few seconds. The fps drops from locked 120 to below 20. Thanks to Process Explorer, it was revealed that all this happens because of the "services.exe" system process...
  8. G

    Question Random BSODs on laptop after installing a new SSD ?

    Dear members of the forum, I could use some assistance if possible to the issues that I am facing with my Setup… I have a Dell G15 5520 I5 12500H / RTX 3050, it comes with a 512gb SSD Gen 3 NVME. Recently I've purchased a new SSD (ADATA S70 Blade) 2 TB and installed on the machine, fresh...
  9. LightningsalesUK

    Question NVMe M.2 SSD showing as "unknown device" after removing it from PCIe/M.2 adapter card ?

    I am having trouble where my NVMe M.2 SSD's which I was using in a Dell OEM M.2 PCIe x16 adapter. The adapter holds 4 NVMe M.2 Drives and were setup with bifurcation however were only pooled and not raided in a Dell system. Was working perfect however I wanted to put all of the drives in another...
  10. rakinar2

    Question Headset mic not working on my PC ?

    I have a dual jack headset, that I plugged into my PC with a converter. My PC only has support of single port headsets. I was able to hear the audio perfectly, but it does not detect the mic. I plugged in the headset with the converter to the phone, and the mic worked too. Is there a fix for...
  11. P

    Question Bluetooth randomly disables and the options don't appear.

    I Have a Dell Inspiron 7415 2-in-1 that has the most up-to-date Windows 10 on it as well as all the Dell SupportAssist driver updates and such. Randomly when I re-open my laptop, none of my bluetooth devices work (mouse, keyboard, etc.), and when I go to the settings all the devices say that...
  12. C

    Question Windows 11 "Reset this PC" option missing

    Hello everyone. I have a clean install (with reformatting whole drive) using Windows 11 pro installation media from Microsoft site. Everything were good, i can use easy recovery environment (shift + restart to get their) and there was "Reset this PC" option. Then i decided to install Dell...
  13. Giorgi379

    Dell 180w laptop charger replace 7.4 plug connector

    Hello i have dell Precision m4700 and my 180w dell charger plug was broken so i buy new cheap hp charger and cut it to replace but i see dell have 3 wires black, white and green and hp have only red and white what to do how to fix and replace dell laptop plug?
  14. X

    Question Best all-around laptop for 1500£?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new laptop for some light gaming and video editing. It should be quite easy to transport as I travel a lot, so I'd like it to be not too heavy. I'd also prefer a more "elegant" laptop, rather than a classic gaming laptop with a very flashy keyboard and colour...
  15. mrmaruniversal

    [SOLVED] i5 4460 @ 1.7 Vcore

    Machine: dell inspiron 3847 Selected CPU: i5 4460 Not much to explain besides this CPU is using a constant 1.726V at idle, under load, etc. (Stating to HW MONITOR & HW INFO) This unit used a MAX of 35watts during AIDA 64 Stress Test and temps maxed out at 66C on the package. Core VIDS maxed at...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] Dell G 5515 BIOS Update Error - - "ESP Disk Space Not Enough!" ?

    "ESP Disk Space Not Enough!" Getting this error every time I try to update BIOS. Downloaded it from Dell's official Website. I Have posted pictures that You Can look at. View:
  17. vikaskumar2299

    Question Are these vertical grey stripes in IPS monitor actually an issue?

    Hi. This is a complex issue so you may need to pay some extra attention (and see photos link in the end) to understand what I want to ask: So I bought a Dell 1080p IPS monitor. It had some power cable issue so I ordered a replacement. Then I observed this issue in new monitor: When I ran...
  18. P

    Question Gsync onand the v-sync is on is working only

    Hy guys! My problem: I have a monitor, and if .G-sync. is turned on and v-sync is turned on, the game is fast, otherwise, if vsync is turned off, it is not. and bad hitbox in fps game, not smooth. G-sync and V-sync on: as if it were turned on at the same time Why is it that if vsync is not...
  19. consptheory77

    [SOLVED] Is Dell a reliable outlet for prebuilt machines?

    Back in 2015, I built my own desktop, a Haswell, making various upgrades over the years, but now I feel the time is approaching for me to look at getting a new system. I have more money than I did back then, but I have less time and more responsibility, so the prospect of building a new system...
  20. 630i Reveval

    Build Advice Help building a sleeper PC in an old XPS 630i chasis

    Can anyone give me some advice building in an old XPS chasis. I know it's going to be a complete gut and replacement, but I'm wondering about front IO compatibility or replacing the USB 2.0 ports with USB-C or USB 3 ports. Be gentle, I'm new to this, but very eager to learn. Thanks for your time.
  21. rootofpi

    Question 3910 RAM,graphics card slot.

    How many GB of RAM can I add to this PC, and can I add NVDIA graphics cards? :- Inspiron 3910 Compact Desktop : Inspiron Desktop Computer | Dell India And which graphics card would be good I am Looking for a four outputs / display port.
  22. anjanesh

    H Series 32 GB DDR5 RAM or G Series 64 GB DDR4 RAM

    Which is better ? - H Series 32 GB DDR5 RAM - $2539 - G Series 64 GB DDR4 RAM - $1658
  23. anjanesh

    CPU with H Series only ?

    I wanted to buy this - - but my server friend told me not to do so because : Because this laptop has a poor performance cpu you should buy a laptop with cpu ends with H like i5-11300H My needs : running websites using docker - now all development setups...
  24. thepctinkernerd2021

    Question Dell precision T7600 cpu upgrades

    Hello, I had at my place of work a dell precision T7600 workstation. The it guy managed to get dual 12core 24threaded Chips on that system. He said he did with a bios update. Is it even possible to put those v2 intel Xeon E5 cpus in this computer? I remember watching a video back in the day of a...
  25. H

    Question BSOD comes after the screen goes black when shutting down.

    So I bought a brand new gaming laptop dellg15 5510 model, everything was fine until yesterday night when I stopped the gaming for the day and shut the lap down, the screen went black which happens after the shutting down screen, then suddenly it opens to a BSOD( stop code...
  26. Cool-Bit3377

    Laptop battery replacement advise

    Hello all, My laptop has inflated from the bottom to the point where the bottom has detached, and I could even see the inside parts of my laptop. Furthermore, my laptop battery cannot hold on at all after charging for hours, which makes think that it's a problem related to the battery. Since I...
  27. AEAMMZ

    Question Samsung 980 PRO only using PCIe4.0x2 instead of x4 on Dell G5 5520

    I recently change the ssd provided with the Dell G5 5520 (core i7-12700H, DDR5) wich was a GEN 3 NVME. I migrated the S.O. using Marcium Reflect and didn´t do a clean install. I also changed the storage mode on the bios to be AHCI/NVME instead of Raid. CrystalDiskInfo says that the 980 pro is...
  28. RifouLeonards

    Question "Weird" issue with Dell Inspiron 15 7577

    Hey everyone, hope y'all are doing great... I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 laptop, precisely the i5-7300HQ version, lately I've been getting a "weird" problem with its keyboard... the keys (2,z,s,x) as well as the CapsLock don't work, but when I plug in a USB drive or mouse or basically anything...
  29. chris.weii

    Question Optiplex 3040 SFF BIOS - 2+7 Flashing Amber ?

    I got my hands on a Optiplex 3040 SFF and it's flashing a 2+7 Amber light. I looked up what that means, it says that I need to flash BIOS. Is there any way I can do that without buying additional hardware?
  30. T

    Question Monitor Shows Static Then Goes Black ?

    Hey guys, I recently got a Dell S2721QS monitor to hook up to my Acer Aspire Laptop Running Windows 11. When I got the monitor, I plugged it in to my computer using the included hdmi cable and I noticed that it said no signal on the monitor but my laptop was recognizing the monitor just fine...
  31. R

    Question I want to put a different motherboard into my dell optiplex 9020mt

    So currently i have a dell optiplex 9020 mt with i7-4790, i have upgraded the powersupply to a 650 watt psu, and an rtx 2060 super in it and i wanted to upgrade the motherboard in so i can put a new cpu so my gpu doesn't bottleneck. I want to know what motherboards i can put into it and if it...
  32. A

    Question Aggressive display flickering during gaming

    Hi everyone, I have no idea if this issue is related to my laptop GPU, monitor cable or the monitor itself so I am posting this everywhere it might be relevant. My monitor is set up at 240hz and sometimes during gaming (no matter the game), the images start to flicker aggressively while the...
  33. thepctinkernerd2021

    Question how do i go about replacing the caps on the dell dimension E510 motherboard?

    hello, i have a dell D E510 system. and i got it for free and would like to use it as a media server. i love the case design. how ever i dont want to pay the high prices of the boards used which are known to fail again if not used carefully. im wanting to make a youtube video on my channel on...
  34. L

    Question Dell Inspiron 16 7610 - I need to have 2 external HDMI monitors in addition to the laptop Will this docking station allow me to do this? My husband's Dell 16 7610 needs to use the monitor that is built in, plus he needs 2 more monitors connected with HDMI. All of these devices are less...
  35. Itz Soul

    Question Why Does My FPS Drop Half-way While Gaming & Have Trouble Increasing Back Up?

    Hello! so recently i got the Dell Precision M6600 with intel i7 2nd Gen, 16 gigs of RAM & 4GB Nvidia Quadro 5010M GPU. Its a fairly old machine but i just wanted to do some lightweight gaming along with office work so i grabbed it while i could. Although it's been giving me a weird FPS Drop or...
  36. N

    Question Atikmpag.sys,amdkmdag.sys bsod amd graphics hardware

    Getting bsod or screen freezes/crashes. only way to recover is by powering laptop off by pressing the power button. tried installing every recommended driver for this like 20.4.2,20.8.2,19.3.1, still same. It fixes itself if I restart it by pressing the power button three times in the fourth...
  37. vikaskumar2299

    [SOLVED] Has anything technically/physically changed with this kind of monitor power cables over last 10 years?

    I have a 10 years old Samsung SyncMaster 933 monitor. It has this kind of power cable and a monitor input design. Basically it's a 3 pin input. Middle pin is slightly bigger than other two and PSU of monitor is built inside the monitor only: (see Photo below): Photo 1...
  38. vikaskumar2299

    Question 16A power cable plug with Dell S2421HN monitor a deal breaker?

    Hi. I really like the S2421HN in reviews. And planning to buy same. But there's some problem I noticed in reviews on Amazon India (I am from India). Most people complained that it has 16A plug which is physically bigger (see photo), but Indian homes usually have small sockets on wall. Which are...
  39. rockerrb3

    Question CD burner speed

    I have a Dell Optiplex 7020 and need to know what the maximum speed is that CDs can be burned at. I called Dell and they couldn't tell me.
  40. M

    Question energy efficient and quiet power supply for dell precision t5400

    hi i'm looking for a power supply for dell precision t5400 desktop computer that is energy efficient that will use the bare minimum electricity without effecting performance and it needs to be as close to silent as possible. this computer that this power supply will be going into will be on...