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  1. M

    Question Need help choosing a desk.

    This will be the first time I buy a desk. Ive been looking for a desk that has good length and depth for gaming/studying and I narrowed down my choices to these three.
  2. T

    Question Good corner computer desk for both a PC and a console?

    Recently I moved into a new house with not enough room space for both my consoles and my PC in one room with seperate desks. Previously I would have my consoles connected to my monitor and would switch between the two, however my current monitor doesn't have enough HDMI ports for both consoles...
  3. E

    Question New Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm looking into getting a new desk for myself. I am looking for a durable L shaped desk, but one that is durable and could desk slams. To be fair I haven't slammed my desk since I was a freshman in highschool (senior) but I'm taking precautionary measures. I am coming from an...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] I slightly push my PC with my leg and it instantly turns off

    I have a small desk and cannot afford to have the PC stay on top of it. I keep it under the desk, next to my legs. So sometimes when I stand up, for example, I would slightly push the PC with my leg,(not even with enough power to call it a kick, doesn't even touch the wall most of the times) and...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Question about my next setup place with nice airflow.

    So tomorrow im changing my room (personal decision) so this is the wall where im going to place my gaming setup, i would like to know where´s the best place to put my pc ( it has tempered glass in the right so internal components are visible and i want a nice look of it and a good airflow ) i...
  6. [SOLVED] Microphone arm on non-standard desk edge profile

    I'm looking for a microphone stand with an adjustable scissor-like arm that can be fastened to the edge of my desk. The problem is that I can't seem to find accurate measurements of those arms and the position and size of the screws. I attached a size-accurate figure of my desk's profile. (I'm...
  7. a9xgamer

    Marble top PC Desk/Table

    Hey guys! So can I use Marble top with Aluminium legs as my PC desk/table? I'll be using PC and other electronics like Laptop and iPad charger and stuff on it. So I'm kinda worried that it might shock me or short my PC or other electronics?
  8. R

    Question Gaming Desk Help

    Hey all. I'm looking to purchase my first gaming desk and I would like to know if any of you guys have any suggestions. I would like it if my Pc is off the ground. And since I have two ROG PG279Q monitors I would like some suggestions on monitor brackets. Thanks
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Moving computer to new area...

    Hello! So I recently got a new desk, and I was wondering how to move it over to the new desk. I know what to plug in, however, do I just unplug the computer from the outlet, or should I do something else? I have a surge protector and it has a button on it it that turns it off, so should I turn...
  10. bossiermeteor27

    [SOLVED] help with mounting. Desk is different than your normal gamer.

    I want a dual monitor setup, so what monitor should I purchase on my 1070 ti. But the problem is, I don't know how to mount them on my credenza desk with a hutch (google credenza desk with a hutch, it should come up with similar-looking desks). I have one Acer 75 Hz free sync right now but I...
  11. G

    Question Can I mount a 55" screen on a desk (and how thick does the table top have to be)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the market for a desk, monitor arm and 55" tv, trying to set it up so that I can view the tv from either my desk or the couch. For the arm I'm looking at or...