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    Question itunes backup question

    i've backed up everything in itunes manually without time machine and all the songs all have been renamed something like 03_songtitle or similar, does that mean if i ever have to bring them back to itunes that's what they will be called in there?
  2. M

    Question utorrent content avaliablity and open source switching

    are the software and files that are available on utorrent are the same on itunes and google play? i want to be able to get the same content that's on itunes and google play on utorrent like podcasts, tv shows/movies and music and i want them to be legitimate content not the pirated stuff that I...
  3. M

    Question audio and visual concerns on smart tv

    I have a Samsung smart tv and I have a few concerns. I've noticed that when the room is dark the screen gets brighter, is there anyway i can change that so that it stays on the same brightness regardless how much light is in the room? Also I've noticed that when I'm watching netflix the sound...
  4. M

    Question plex dvr recording storage

    with plex dvr, when it records something does it store the recording as a file and i have it forever? if so does that mean i can save the recording remotely?
  5. M

    Question seagate external harddrive is not being detected on mac osx

    I have a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drive when I plug it in it starts up but my computer doesn't read it. I am running Mac OSX 10.7.5. It read it before and now it's not, what do I do?
  6. M

    Question vpn on preinstalled ddwrt router

    if i were to purchase a preinstalled ddwrt router do i still have to subscribe to a vpn service in order to use vpn on the ddwrt router? I don't want to spent almost $200 on a preinstalled ddwrt if I still have to pay to use some of the features.
  7. M

    Question HP laserjet 5L not clearing paper jam

    I have an old hp laserjet 5L printer that I refuse to part ways with because it still work perfectly. recently it got a paper jam, i canceled the print job and i unplugged the printer because it still showed it had a paper jam after the print job was canceled. i tried to print a test print by...
  8. M

    Question user display picture mysteriously disappears

    I logged out of my mac and I noticed my display picture was gone. I never deleted it and the user & groups setting in system preferences is locked. does anyone know why this could have happened? it's also the for the administrator account?
  9. M

    Question web mail login issues

    everytime i try to login to my yahoo e-mail the curser automatically shifts over as if i hit the tab button which i didn't. i am using on outdated version of firefox could that be the issue? i don't have that issue when i am loging in to any other webstie
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    Question playstation now vs twitch

    can someone explain to me what playstation now is and is there any sports games on there. can i play games on playstation now like NHL20 on my macbook pro? also is twitch basically a platform that allows you to watch people play video games and there's no actual games to be played on there?
  11. Thundurh

    [SOLVED] Parts overheating

    Hello. Whenever I play games my 980 Ti is in the 75-80 C range. Is that too hot? I would like to know how to decrease these temps if so! Thankss
  12. M

    [SOLVED] android box question

    do i need a gmail account to access an android box? i know i'm probably going to need it access google play store but other than that would i need a gmail account for anything else on the android box?
  13. J

    Question Looking for IT Guy Utility Software

    The building i work in has 4 floors and over 400 PCs and Printers within cubicles and offices. Is there a software that i can use like a Geo-mapping tool, to select a location on a floor plan that would show me the location within the building and the PC and its peripherals attached to it...
  14. M

    Question two step authentication change

    how can i take off two step authentication on the iphone? i know it make it less secure but it's also preventing me from logging in on my other device. it asks me the the authentication code but it doesn't give me the option to type it in, which is why i want to remove it. i've tried going...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] itunes won't detect iphone 8

    when i plug in my iphone 8, itunes tells me it can't message the connected iphone. i am running mac osx 10.7.5 and itunes version what do i do?
  16. M

    Question iphone 4s to iphone 8 transfer

    how can i transfer all my text messages that i have on my iphone 4s to my iphone 8? i'm looking to transfer every message i've send on my on iphone 4s to my iphone 8
  17. M

    Question password character specifications

    i have been trying to create a password and it's telling me that i need a special character and an alpha character in my password, what's the difference? I looked up what the difference is and i get the same results.
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    Question Cloning software for MacOS X and Windows XP?

    i want to clone my mac osx and windows xp computers what's the easiest cloning software to use and if possible that won't take 3+ hours to go through the process. i plan on taking the cloned operating systems and putting them into virtual box
  19. S

    Question constant crashing with 3600

    Ryzen 3600 keeps crashing on my B450 Aorus Elite. I tried changing the voltage but it won’t let me. How to do it? Any fixes I could do? Which version of bios should I have?
  20. S

    [SOLVED] B450 Aorus Elite Fan Header Voltage Limits

    I didn’t realize how little fans I could attach to my motherboard. So, I just bought a fan splitter from rosewill but I need to know how many fans I could attach to one header. On the front of the fans it says DC12V 0.16A. Can I attach two fans to one fan header on this motherboard without any...