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  1. J

    Anti-loss distance detect device

    Hi all! I am looking for a device or technology that can detect the distance between the user and the PDA. The device or technology must work WITHOUT: bluetooth connection (between PDA and device) iOS or Android applications The basic idea would be to have a separate transmitter and a...
  2. L

    Question Why does my Mobo detect both RAM sticks but only uses one of them

    specs: CPU: Intel i7-4790 MOBO: ASUS B85M-G RAM 2x4gb ddr3 1600MHz HyperX Fury GPU: MSI Ventus RTX 2060 Userbenchmark: my problem is that my motherboard only use one stick of RAM what i've tried so far: Reseated both sticks alone and in pairs in...
  3. PinaCaroline

    [SOLVED] Ssd not detected?

    My pc parts fixed Hiya, I built my first ever pc now but I cant get the BIOS to detect my ssd card. I have tried moving the sata cable, rebooting to UFEI, and so far nothing. I am at a lost as its my only hard drive and i cant install windows without it? At least it wont let me giving me an...
  4. S

    Question Memory isnt detected in Windows but is detected in BIOS.

    I have 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM installed in my PC. My computer usually only detects 8 gigs when I use it. The problem gets weirder. I entered the bios to check if any of the memory settings may have been messed up (none were) and I rebooted. Now my PC detects 16 gigs again. Problem solved right? I...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] My motherboard won't detect my RAM anymore

    So my motherboard is a B350M gaming pro from MSI and I have two sticks of (2x8) of DDR4 RAM. There were never any issues with the RAM, until I inserted a new pair of RAM for a friend to see if his worked. (trying to solve his PC's problem). However, once I tried to insert my original RAM back it...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] New PC not detecting GPU?

    I have just built a new pc and installed windows, but the screen resolution was fixed at 1080p (though I have a 4K monitor). I checked display adapters and my gpu isn’t showing up. The fans on it are running, the rgb is on and my DisplayPort cable is plugged into it, but for some reason my pc is...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Logitech G Hub not detecting mouse after restart

    I I just got myself the Logitech G703 wireless mouse and when I download Logitech G Hub it detects my mouse and no problems there. But if I restart my computer G Hub doesn't detect the mouse anymore and I can only get the program to detect it again when I reinstall the program every time I turn...
  8. dzharo

    Question I killed brand new SSD?

    Good evening! I've bought a KingDian chinese SSD. I pluged it in the laptop's (ASUS X550J) HDD place, and put the HDD to the DVD connector via caddy. The SSD was recognized in BIOS, and Disc Management like unallocated. Then I install MiniTool Partition wizard and try to migrate OS from HDD to...
  9. Benc12

    Considering upgrading from a 1060 to a 980 ti?

    So im currently running a 1060 6gb and i have money that i can use on upgrades for my computer. Last thing i need to upgrade currently is the graphics card. I only want to be spending around £200 on the GPU (after selling 1060 id have around £350) 1070s are just out of my price range or i could...
  10. J

    Can I use a Nvidia card for PhysX in a all amd Gaming PC?

    Alright, I have a AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE Overclocked to 4.2GHz And a Overclocked MSI R7-370 4GB Edition , And I was wondering if I could put a Nvidia GPU in the PC for the sole use of PhysX. Thanks in advanced guys!
  11. S

    Adding SSD with already installed HDD.

    If you only have a HDD for your stuff, how do you add a SSD for boot and programs. I only want to move my OS and programs... How do I do that?
  12. U

    Installing 8.1 on new build

    Hey guys, just finished building my first pc and I'm trying to install windows 8.1 (student) on it via usb but having no luck. I bought and downloaded right from Microsoft, and using their usb setup. Pc started up trying to install windows fine, but when I enter my product code it says it's not...
  13. N

    Best smartphone under 125$??

    hi, i am finally saying goodbye to my Nokia 5130., Considering to buy a Smartphone under 125$ and yes i am under very tight budget because i also need to upgrade my PC. one of my best choice is Xiami Redmi it has 1.6 ghz processor and 1gb ram best hardware configuration under 100$ but the...
  14. S

    Upgrading the Gefore GT 220

    hey guys, im buying an SSD and am looking to upgrade my graphics card to something actually aimed at gaming. im looking to spend around the €100 mark and was wondering what you thought would be the best upgrade
  15. I

    psu for new Amd based system

    Hello! Here's my problem. I'm getting a new system and don't know what psu to buy. Specs: cpu: amd fx 9370 4400 mhz gpu: amd r9 280x OC Platinum, 384 bits,3gb memory ram: 2x4gb kingston hyperX beast series 1600mhz Ssd: kingston hyperX 240 gb Hdd: western digital black 1tb Motherboard ...
  16. P

    i have laptop window 7, i cant seem to download anything

    im have problem downloading anything