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Forum discussion tagged with detection-issues.
  1. J

    Question Seagate FireCuda (2To, 2.5") won't show up in disk management nor BIOS

    Hi, I recently bought a Seagate FireCuda (2To, 2.5"). The issue is that it won't show up in disk management nor BIOS. The drive is running as I can feel the vibration. I have tried three different SATA cables and tried two different SATA ports on the mobo. One thing to add is it was recognised...
  2. P

    Question When I put a 2gb stick of RAM in my motherboard, I get 4GB of RAM detected, but if i take it out, I get 6GB.

    So a year or two ago, I was on windows 7 64-bit, and I had 8 GB of ram detected, and everything was working out. Then I stopped using my PC for about half a year, and upgraded it to Windows 10. A few days ago, I noticed that only 6 GB of RAM was being detected. But CPU-Z detected 8GB of RAM when...
  3. Arfang

    [SOLVED] My new PC dosent detect my radeon 5700 xt. Woud love some help!

    Hi, I just finished building a new PC, everything was running fine until I tried to install AMD graphic drivers, the system slows down and restarts. Then I realized the device manager wasn't detecting my GPU. I've tried a lot of things but I'm running out of ideas and would love some more...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't detect switch controller

    So i have tried plugging in my Switch Pro controller into the USB and USB C ports and nothing happens. Do i need to install some drivers or something?
  5. T

    Mouse stutters and pc seems to slow down randomly...

    Ok so this problem just started happening where my mouse would randomly stutter all of the sudden. It happens in programs and desktop while idle. I have troubleshooted: System Specs: Windows 7 and windows 8.1 i7 4770k quad core cpu with a h60 Corsair cooler MSI G45 z87 Gaming Mobo MSI 760 gtx...