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  1. Q

    Dell OptiPlex 755 SFF problem

    Unless I detach the cord from the front panel, the computer doesn't even turn on properly. Any suggestions?
  2. F

    First build: Family desktop

    Part list: I've been researching this topic for about two weeks now and have been slowly improving my build. I feel I am now at the point where this is something I'd like to order. I've always wanted to build a computer and taking apart my old desktop was...
  3. P

    PSU blew up after Compressed Air Cleaning

    After taking my computer outside and cleaning it out with a compressed air can I took it back inside and turned it on. When I pressed the on switch it instantly made a fairly loud bang or pop sound and smelt like burning although I did not see any smoke. When cleaning I used only short bursts...
  4. MinecraftKid45

    Weird blue horizontal lines occasionally on the screen?

    So, last night I was looking inside my laptop, just cleaning it out, and I took my hard drive out, got my dust can and blew under the motherboard, and put it back in. Put my hard drive back in and put it together. When I turned it back on and logged back in, I saw that some things were corrupt...
  5. V

    CPU Temperature - Help!

    Hello. I have the following specs: Motherboard: SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1 ASUS CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K (Not OC'ed) CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 Hydro Series When running (CPU) at 0%-6% it has following temps: 42,39,38,39 When running at 100% (Heavy Load used) it has following temps: 76,76,75,76 When...
  6. K

    Trying to transfer Win7 to SSD From HHD

    hi all so i am following this guide to transferring windows from hhd to ssd but stuck on getting my 500gb hhd down be enough to fit on the ssd? any ideas ive deleted asmuch as i think i can GUIDE:
  7. Joshua Fredricks

    A performance difference?

    Will I get better fps in game I enjoy to play? ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 960 Overclocked 4 GB and Zotac 750 ti 2 gb (What I run Now,)
  8. L

    Transfer android app to IOS?

    i have an android galaxy s5 that broke a while back and fixing the screen is too much to buy right now. so im using an ipod touch 5th gen to move apps. a lot of games can easily be changed via backing up ingame and then transfering data but a few of my games wont seem to open. so im wondering if...
  9. Leomanof1000

    Advise on upgrading low budget gaming PC

    I'm looking to upgrade my gaming PC, but I do not know where to upgrade first. Right now I'm saving money up, so I just want know what will make my build better and future proof. I need it to run modern games smoothly, like Battlefront, Need for Speed 2015, Battlefield, etc. Here is my PC...
  10. rcxtra

    WOL -- No Longer Working Within LAN w/New Router

    Sending WOL packet no longer works within my LAN (not over internet) after switching routers. The new Asus router even has a tools page on its GUI to send WOL packet that doesn't work either. I'm guessing I'm missing a setting in the new Asus router that wasn't present on the old cheaper one...
  11. N

    what is the best wifi pcie adapter?

    Im stuck between two adapters. I'm new to toms so please correct me if i do something wrong. the two cards I'm stuck on are: Gigabyte GC GC-WB867D-I ASUS PCE-AC68...
  12. S

    GTX 950 Or similar Graphics card for cheap?

    I'm just wondering if I should either get the Evga GTX 950 SC or a different card for around £120, I've got a pretty strict budget and £120 is the most I can spend and I've managed to find this card dead on my top end but is it good enough for the price? My brother is not the type of person that...
  13. M

    Need your helps For my PSU

    Hello guys i want to build new pc and want to know your idea for it and need ur help abt my PSU lets start my build Cpu:intel i5 6600k MB: Asus viii Ranger VGA: Sapphire Radeon R9 390X 8GB Xfire memory: 16GB G.Skill 2400 Ripjaws Cpu fan: Corsair GT80i PSU: ???? HDD: 2TB Western Cavier Black...
  14. P

    Can I change my graphics card?

    I'm about to buy this card: I want to know if my pc can handle it. PSU: 350 Watt GPU: Intel HD graphics RAM: 8 GB gddr3 CPU: Pentium G2030 3.00 GHZ...
  15. T

    Using another Graphics card for extra monitors

    So I currently have a GTX 960 with 2 monitors and I was wondering if I could use my old HD 5770 to run 2 more since I currently dont have the displayport adapters I know I can buy 2 for like 10 bucks but I just wanna know if i can do this also.
  16. I

    New graphic card 220 £

    Hello I have AMD-FX 8350 power supply 500W -Eurocase ECO+80 monitor 23'' and current graphic MSI R7 260 I would like to play new games on high graphic settings with 60fps.I have tried " GIGABYTE GTX 960 WINDFORCE 2X Gaming 4GB " ,but it was almost the same.Could you advise me which graphic...
  17. Z

    just purchased new toshiba c5300 laptop, trying to connect to the router, where is the required security code? Yes, I'm a dumm

    trying to connect a new toshiba c5300 laptp to router, it asks for a security code I do not have or am unablt to discern location of said code....Help???
  18. S

    iBuypower, Gamdias, And The TTC Switches Inside The MEK Keyboard

    iBuypower is selling a keyboard with TTC mechanical switches. If you haven't heard of TTC before, you're not alone. iBuypower, Gamdias, And The TTC Switches Inside The MEK Keyboard : Read more
  19. K

    My pc is not working

    Hello guys! I have a problem for 2 months. I turn on my pc and it makes 1 long beep and 3 shorter and I have no display. If I restart it more times it works but not every time. Tonight it stopped working at all. Thanks for helping!
  20. S

    Windows crashing and freezing constantly

    Hello, I've got a 5 year old computer that has been running fine and completely without hardware issues for all that time, but around 1-2 months ago I started getting a freeze whenever I booted. Without fail, every day when I turn my computer, it will freeze at some point; at login, start up...