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    Laptop has a hard time detecting switchable graphics.

    Hi, I currently have the Lenovo Y50 and I accidentally dropped it (while it was off) and although everything seems to be fine, the laptop tends to have a difficult time detecting my GTX 860m. Three things usually happen randomly: 1. Works perfectly fine. 2. Works fine then suddenly game lags...
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    Rate the Build above you October 2015

    Hey all, Thought I'd start a thread so we can have a little fun, help each other with advice and generally critique systems to better understand the parts so we make less mistakes on components and builds and WHY. So here goes: Updated Build: 10/12/2015 So, What are your thoughts?
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    Boot failuer du to overclocking...

    I just got an error screen upon boot up. Here's what it says. "The system has experienced boot failures because of overclocking. Last settings in BIOS setup may not coincide with current H/W states. Current CPU Speed : 17.0 x 200MHz Current Memory Speed : 1333MHz Current HT Speed : 2000MHz...
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    Asus GTX 960

    I have an Asus GTX 960 gpu. its great, i can play my games well, but then a problem occurs during my gaming. My system alarm goes off, no sequence just sort of a long beep, sometimes it will flicker. i had gpu tweak open and monitored everything while i was playing. everything was fine, but my...
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    need to build a server pc

    recently my company is doing well in business, as more of clients are being served i am getting worried that i will run out of storage space in my server pc which is intel xeon w3550, intel dx58bp motherboard and 8 gigs of ddr3 ram nvidia quadro 600 and 1 tb wd hard disk. now my concern is that...
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    Reverting back to onboard sound?

    Long story short, I have no more room on my mobo for my Xonar DX. I uninstalled the drivers and audio center however in my system tray I still have the AsusAudioCenter.exe but it does nothing. Also my speaker icon is not in the systray and if I go through control panel - sound - playback, all I...
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    Dell Laptop showing 2 display in 1 screen

    Hello am a newbie here..can someone please help me with my problem? My laptop display went all wrong all of the sudden. When it started the display was not coming on correctly. It is now showing the same display 2 times on the screen, this is what happened to my laptop. can someone help me...
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    Am I Overloading My Psu?

    Hello all, I come to you today with a question requarding the psu in my build. I'm mainly wondering if I am pushing this thing too hard, or if I need to worry at all with it. My system specs are MSI z97 gaming 5 I5 4460 Xfx r9 390 (very slight overclock from 1000 mhz to 1080) 8 gb g skill ram...
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    VGA motherboard to Displayport monitor?

    So today (long story short, I'm sitting on my ass until the MSI GTX 980ti Gaming 6G comes out) I bought a displayport-to-VGA adapter and a VGA cable from MicroCenter, believing I could link my ASUS ROG Swift (which has displayport output only) to my motherboard and use its integrated graphics...
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    Is this system good enough

    I'm upgrading my graphics card soon and i was wondering if my system is perfect for a GTX970 Motherboard- Asus Z87-A CPU- I5 4670K not Overclocked RAM- Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB PSU- Corsair CX600 Graphics Card at the moment is an AMD Sapphire 7850
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    DVI - I to DVI - D?

    Hi, so I have a graphics card that has a DVI - I port but my monitor has a DVI - D port is there some way I can still connect them? Thanks for your time!
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    can i run total war 2 on this laptop

    hi people im getting a new laptop in a few days and was just wondering if it would be good enough to run total war 2 its specs are AMD A4-1500 1.6GHZ APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 8330 Graphics Quad Core 2MB Cache Memory 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L 1 x SODIMM Hard Drive 1TB...
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    Can't read DVDS

    I am trying to reinstall windows 7 however, when I put the disc in nothing comes up under my computer or any prompt regarding it. I dried deleting the fillers in the regedit or w.e they were called yet it still does not work. I changing the boot priorities and start with the boot menu yet...
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    Samsung SA700 3D 23" Monitor PLEASE HELP:

    Hi, So 1.5 year ago i bought this monitor for a 450$ deal, got it working great till the day i was cleaning the screen, i miss hold the stand and i droped the screen on my headset. the display broke and all i see is mixed colors and white light on the edges. that all happened on the 27th day...
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    Will I be able to do all of this?

    Will I be able to multi-task with dual monitors along with record any games at 60fps while maintaining 60fps in-game? I also want to be able to run Shaders mods on Minecraft but playing it at 60fps and recording it at 60fps. Let me know what I need to change or add to the build for a better...
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    Which SSD to choose for HP 15-g049AU Notebook

    I have bought this laptop 3 months ago. But, it is very slow. I do not intend to play any games on it but I used the Android Studio on it. Even building the gradle takes 5-10 minutes. So, I heard somewhere that changing the HDD to SSD might increase its speed issue. Since, I do not know...
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    Need New Card!

    Hey guys this is my first post and im new to this site so please be nice. I currently have an Alienware x51 R2 from 2013. Don't hate me.. I wish I had built my pc but i was much less mature and didn't know what i was doing. My pc specs at the moment: Intel Core i5 4430, GeForce GTX 645, 8GB Ram...
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    Pre-built Watercooling: When to change fluid Hello everyone, I know I should probably just search deeper and find out the answer to this question but I wanted a specific answer based on the cooler I have: the Swifttech H220, I had it for like 5 months now and ITS AWESOME, super quiet and looks...
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    sli gtx 960 or 290 crossfire

    I am making a new build and i don't know with i should get? If 960, i am going to get an evga 4gb if 290, i am going to get a powercolor card
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    I am having the same issue. I purchased a new hard drive and I installed it and it is now saying "operating system not found"

    I have a toshiba laptop. I was getting a S.M.A.R.T Disc error so I purchased a new hard drive. Once I installed the new harddrive it is now telling me that the operating system was not found. I backed it up on a flash drive but now I cannot figure out how to boot my computer from the flash drive.