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  1. E

    Issue installing windows 7 on my new ssd

    So i got an ssd and i disconnected my hdd and connect my ssd with a red sata cable, there are two things in my gigbayte b85 motherboard one sata 3 and one sata 2, i put the ssd connection to the sata 3 i turned computer on put usb windows 7 tool in and it says windows loading files it installs...
  2. W

    ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 Driver issue (keyboard no longer works)

    I just built my new computer and I installed the drivers that came on the ASRock install CD. As soon as I updated them, the keyboard stopped working. Currently, I am going through all the Windows updates. Is this a common problem? What can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    gtx 970 worries

    Hi I've heard about the 3.5 vram issues and I'm concerned. Will I have issues on 1080p resolution ? Like games modded skyrim , shadow of mordor ,dayz sa, bf4....maxed out. Will I encounter this vram stuttering issues ? And is there any big difference between this two ? I lening towards the OC...
  4. B

    FX 8150 temperatures bother me

    Whenever I play my games such as Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs my CPU temps are higher than I would like They are 55-62(C). In the case of BF4 it gets to the point where the game lags and skips when the CPU hits 60 or higher. I have an R9 280X Dual X OC Edition 3GB. I get 55-60FPS...
  5. MaxChasis

    What do you think of this gaming rig, is it good?

    Hello, this will be my first time building a gaming rig, so I am a novice when it comes to picking parts. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. - Is their any part that is to overkill/underkill - Should I get sli 980. If not now then is my system good enough to support the sli? - is...
  6. proon

    Qwerty - why?

    Why do we still have all these stupid qwerty keyboards ? A2Z keyboards any good ?
  7. T

    PC completely freezes randomly (mouse,keyboard illuminated but not responding)

    Hi there, my problem : newly built pc freezes completely( and anytime gaming or no gaming ),i can hear the sound of cpu fan,mouse,keyboard are illuminated but not responding,desktop clock is stopped at the time of freeze. solution : hit the reset button again on cabinet. my spec : cpu...
  8. J

    good for gen

    Hi im wondering if this hardware will last me through out this generation of gaming for a while at least play these next gen games at low settings and when should i upgrade my parts? CPU: AMD 6300 6 Core Processor clocked at 3.50 ghz GPU: MSI R9 270 2 gig gaming oc edition MOBO: MSI p-23 RAM...
  9. S

    RAM running at different frequencies and latency

    I recently installed two more sticks of GSkill 1866 4Gb each. I already had two 4Gb sticks of the same RAM installed. After installation i ran CPU-Z and under the SPD tab it says "JEDEC #5 is running at 761 MHz with CAS# 10", then the second entry is "JEDEC #6 is running at 800MHz and 11 CAS#"...
  10. X

    New monitor hurting my head

    I recently bought a new 24 inch monitor, the benq rl2455hm. I used to use a 15 inch laptop monitor and now after transitioning to this 24 inch monitor, it starts hurting my head and makes me dizzy after 40 mins-1 hour of use
  11. Z

    What is wrong with my gpu usage?

    My gpu usage at WoW running max settings and streaming stays between 60-80%. Which is fine game runs great! Then, every once in a while the gpu usage will drop to about 30% making my frames also drop down with it. What is causing my usage to do that? Its really annoying. It makes my favorite...
  12. K

    Problem with 970 g1 - Blue screen purple

    Hi people, it's my first time using nvidia gpu, so I'm not sure if the card have some kind of problem or not. I've searched a lot in google and cannot find and answer, that's why I'm asking for help here. Basically, games run really good but sometimes I got the windows blue screen in purple...
  13. B

    How to display output of one computer on other computers over LAN

    Dear Sir, We have a SCADA application running on a Desktop having Window-7 OS . Our requirement is that display output of this SCADA application can be viewed on other Desktop computers also and all these computers are connected over LAN . Kindly help us please . With Rgds B Mittal