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  1. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I Update My GPU Driver?

    I have a GTX 1060 running 399.24 but the latest version is 419.17. Should I update to 419.17? Does it improve performance or fix bugs? Is it worth the hassle? Thanks!
  2. R

    Question Good pc build

    Im looking for a good pc build that is great for streaming games and maybe editing too. My budget is around €1300. The best would be if all the parts could be shipped to The Netherlands. Any body got some ideas? (I would prefer ryzen cpu but intel is also fine) Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Question Something is OCing my Gpu.

    MY gpu decreases and increases in clock speed, but I would just like it to stay at the normal speed. My old build never did this, so I'm assuming it's the motherboard. I was just wondering how would I disable it? View: Motherboard: MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Cpu...
  4. GPU Performance Hierarchy 2019: Video Cards Ranked

    Is RX Vega 56 quicker than GTX 1070? How about GTX 1050 vs RX 550? We've tested all the current chips from Nvidia and AMD so you can see how each stacks up. Read more here. CHRIS ANGELINI @cangelini Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and...
  5. R

    Rx-580 will it work on my pc?

    Hello, i recently bought a pc with amd ryzen 7 1700 with GA-AX370-Gaming (rev. 1.x) motherboard and 650 watts corsair power supply and 8gb ram. I now want to buy rx580 graphics card but im not sure it will run properly or run at all on my pc. So please help me will it work or not? If it's gonna...
  6. armonkazemi1

    Best NVIDIA Low Profile Graphics Card In Early 2019?

    I was looking for low profile cards for my Insipron 660s and was almost sold on the GDDR5 GT 1030 until I saw a video from Linus Tech Tips and saw that MSI makes an GTX 1050 Ti low profile card? I have found this website...
  7. aafusc2988

    Windows 10 often not turning display off after specified time

    The only difference between this newly built PC and my old Windows 7 PC in terms of programs are now I have Norton Antivirus. I usually always leave and Steam open, as well as AFK in my friend's Mumble server. I believe the culprit to be Norton Live Update as when I manually run a...
  8. levi74

    [SOLVED] PC Under perfoming ?

    My pc has been really under performing as of late I don't know why I have not touched anything settings wise,
  9. X

    corsair 100r fans

    I've bought the 100R case and looking to maximise airflow, i've got 6 fans I can install but can't find a slot to fit one on the bottom of the case, is this a design flaw or should i mount 3 on the front, two on top and one at the rear?
  10. M

    compac laptop with win7

    it powers up begins to load, but restarts over andover will not boot, i am at a loss on what to do, i have tried other os but same results, i am open for thoughts and ideals.
  11. T

    motherboard and cpu and specs

    so i have a M4A785-M and i was wondering how many fans i can fit in this motherboard? i am getting a corsair carbide air 240 and i have 3 120 mm fans and i think a 80-85 mm corsair fan if possible i would like all of them to go into the case. and will a wind force gtx 760 clear the case? and...
  12. F

    i5 7400 benchmark low score

    Hello. I played some battlefield 5 recently and saw that my cpu have 90%-100% all the time. I thought that I should check performance of my i5 7400 in some benchmark. I used cinbench r15, stared my windows 10 with safe boot with networking and did test. I got 508 points. My google research...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] PC randomly crashes when gaming????? Help me please

    I have a new gaming PC which is only around 8 months old and haven't had any issues with it till now when gaming my PC randomly freezes, which makes me have to manually shut down or the game simply crashes, I do sometimes get the blue screen. the crashing can happen 20 minutes into the game or 2...
  14. A

    Small Business Server

    Hi guys, Looking some recommendations for a small business server plus firewall with VPN. Have around 3 desktops and two laptops connected to server. Laptops are occasionally used off site and need connectivity to network (VPN mapped network drives and RDP for network apps). Had been looking...
  15. H

    is my system ok or i need to upgrade my ram or cpu first

    cpu: core i3 6100 cpu cooler: thermaltake contact 16 dual fan tower air cooler motherboard: gigabyte ga-h110m-h ram: hyperx black 8gb ddr4 2133ghz gpu: msi rx 480 8gb gddr5 primary hardrive: 120gb kingston a400 ssd storage hardisk: 1000gb toshiba 7200rpm psu : evga 500w true rated 80+ bronze...
  16. T

    upgrading pc components

    Hello, I have atm a gtx 960 4gb a fx 8320 and 16gb of ram (ddr3) what can i best upgrade first for gaming?
  17. A

    New motherboard, old OS

    I just built a PC and it booted my old OS with new Mobo and CPU but the problem is my keyboard and mouse work only in BIOS and they die when windows is up. I tried starting windows in safe mode but i have sam issue.
  18. J

    Power to the motherboard and other parts but nothing on display.

    I upgraded several parts on my pc, that basically make it a brand new build (gpu, cpu, motherboard, ram and psu). And I've built a few PC's before so I followed the instructions correctly. Unfortunately when I boot up nothing happens, I get power to the fans (all of them) and here the hard...
  19. K

    PS4 ip Packet Fragmentation

    i get a error on my ps4 saying "this router in use may not support ip packet fragmentation" i feel like I've tried everything, resetting my internet changing mtu static ip port forwarding DMZ when i get this error i notice my connection speeds on ps4 go very low and the only temp fix i have...
  20. M

    Do I Need a Z370 Mobo, or H370 Enough?

    I'm planning to get an i5-8400 to go with a 1070 (hoping to upgrade to 1080ti when 20xx out). Just for gaming/VR. Going for an mITX build. Not planning to use SLI. Is there any reason I need or would want a Z370 board over an H370 (or even B360) board? Is there something else I should be...