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  1. A

    Building a New Multi-processing Desktop.

    Hello, My computer is quite dead (literally) and just cannot handle what I want it to do anymore. Therefore, I am looking to build a new system. Up until now, I have always been using AMD, but now I just want whichever system can handle what I want done. I will first list a few components I...
  2. B

    System fan failure

    I have a go pavilion 531w n everytime I turn it on it says system fan failure. Your system will shut down in 5 seconds. I've pressed f1 f2 control n f10 n f11 when i turnwd it on n after 5 seconds it shuts down. It wont let me enter any kind of set up options or anything. Fan works properly as...
  3. K

    PC Crashes Randomly with Kernel-Power Crash Report.

    It only started happening after i did a full system wipe and used windows' feature of removing everything and starting from the beginning. i can game from any were from 10 min to 5 hours. it has also happened while i was browsing the web on youtube while the system wasn't under stress at all...
  4. G

    Cant delete files

    when i try to delete two folders, it says i dont have permission when im the administrator can someone help me identify the problem? PS images: EDIT: solved it by following a link commented by blackbird on a similar thread
  5. D

    Does AMD A8 7600 stock heatsink include a thermal paste?

    i bought a new chip, and i wondered should i buy a aftermarket thermal paste or not
  6. J

    msi driver's for military class 4 a78m-s02

    Hi, I'm looking for a driver's for this motherboard. But I can't find on the web. Can I use different driver's?
  7. S

    AMD FX 8370 started overheating?

    Hi all, see picture attached, recently switched my rig over to a new case, and added some new and more fans in, now have two front mounted corsair sp120's as intake, and a sp120 exhaust on the roof with a rear mounted rad also as an exhaust with a stock fan, since changing cases, my cpu is now...
  8. J

    Case fan cable melted and now motherboard reads 127C

    Hi Guys, been dealing with computers for 12 years now and this is the first this has happened, I was change around case fans and put them in the designated slots on the motherboard, fired up the computer and one of the case fans cable glowed red and was melting but now when I switch my...
  9. A

    Strangled ethernet and coaxial cable

    We are currently in progress of building a house and it seems that they kinda strangled the coaxial cable and ethernet cat. 6e cable with wire as can be seen in the below picture: Is this something I should worry about? I don't want any signal loss or for it to simply not work. The cables...
  10. T

    Help me build my brothers PC!

    I am trying to build a PC for my brother and need some help picking out parts! I would like to keep it under $800 and need keyboard and mouse included. I have the software and monitor already! The most graphically intensive game he would play would be BF1, but he will spend a good chunk of his...
  11. wuubb

    How much will these temps impact the life of my CPU?

    I have a desktop and server that I use for audio work with DAWs and samples. All of the guides out there on optimizing windows for DAWs includes disabling turbo boost and EIST in the BIOS. As a result, the CPUs in both computers (Xeon 1231v3 and i7 4790k) run at a consistent 3.57 and 4 ghz...
  12. Rafael Mestdag

    Do I really need to format/delete my HDD in order to short stroke it?

    I have a 1TB HDD and half of it is empty right now. I don't wanna lose my data on it and I can't back it up, I don't have a spare HDD. Is there a way to short stroke it without formatting/deleting this HDD?
  13. N

    looking for good budget mic for voice recording

    im looking for mic that is good for voice recording that mainly will be used for youtube, mainly for commentary in gameplay videos, i know a lot of people always recommend blue snowball ice mic, but the problem is that mic cost like almost 3 times of it original price with rare amount of stock...
  14. G

    Windows 7 Pro 64 OEM on ebay or Amazon

    Hi there, I was wondering if it still possible to buy Windows 7 Pro 64 online? Are there any OEM keys that could be used safely? Thanks a lot!
  15. K

    best ram for ryzen after agesa update

    hello i am making a ryzen build and would really like to know if i should buy flare x 3200 mhz ram(F4-3200C14D-16GFX) for ryzen or after the update now can i get something cheaper like the trident z 3200 mhz ( F4-3200C16D-16GTZR ) the price difference is like around 35$ and what about...
  16. C

    Multiple problems with display after installing new graphics card (Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 550)

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I received my new graphics card, a Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 550. I installed the card and the associated drivers, which I found on the AMD website using their auto-detect system first and then manually locating the correct driver second. Now I am having multiple issues...
  17. S

    Is it ok to put a case fan on the PSU ?

    can i lay down a LED molex fan right ontop of the PSU so it blows air straight up to the MOBO and the cpu cooler ? also when i get a gpu it will blow right into the gpu , is that a good idea or no because there is no space in my case .
  18. M

    Shall I use Driver booster? (Drivers)

    Hey, So I'm wondering if I shall use a softare that updates all my drivers at once like "Driver Booster" to update all drivers? When I scan a fresh pc there are tons of outdated drivers that i would never have noticed without Driver booster like for example "Intel(R) 100 Series/C230 Series...
  19. B

    New Build Thoughts

    Hi. I recently won £900 online, and decided I would use the winnings to buy a new PC. I'm not great with computers, or what all the different specs mean, and I've never built a computer before but you've got to start somewhere, so I could use your guys help. Mostly I'm just unsure that I've got...
  20. N

    1080p ultra settings or medium settings on 1440p?

    which would look better 1080p ultra maxed out settings or 1440p medium-high settings? This is to decide whether im going to stick with my 1080p monitor or get a 1440p one.