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  1. D

    is it posible to get an external graphics card?

    is it possible to get an external graphics card for my dell latitude e6320 with an i5 and 8 gb of ram? thanks to all that respond
  2. C

    Smoke and burning smell from PC

    So I've been having some trouble with my PC. It crashed while playing a game and wouldn't boot since but would turn on. So I done some research and I heard a lot about it being the PSU, tried a new PSU but that didn't work. I then tried a new graphics card and that didn't work either. So...
  3. C

    How much is my laptop worth

    I have a Toshiba Satelilte p-500 and i want to know how much i could sell it for
  4. I

    Compatibility problem with Asus H97-PLUS and Samsung 960 Pro?

    I was doing UserBenchmark test and it got stuck at "Running 4kMixed test". I though okay I will do it manually in the "Build" section in top right corner. When I inserted my parts it said my Asus H97-PLUS is not compaitble with my new SSD that I installed today. I had trouble with installation...
  5. F

    Choosing the laptop

    Hello there! Now I'm lookig for laptop, general purpose - a lot of programming (C++ and Matlab mainly, but most of the programms really large) and some gaming (Starcraft 2 and other RTS mainly), and I can't choose PC, cause sometimes I'll need to take computer with me. So, for now, I stopped on...
  6. F

    SAS controller, not detected

    Hello, I got one big problem with my computer. I got for free an Alienware X51 R1 with an intel core I7 3770 and I choose to upgrade my old computer with the motherboard, cpu and RAM from the X51, everything works fine except that I needed more SATA slots, so I ordered an adaptor from mini pcie...
  7. K

    Ryzen 1600 Ram Compatibility

    Are these ram sticks compatible with Ryzen 1600? "Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz C16 - White LED", the code is "CMU16GX4M2C3200C16". Tell me everything I need to know about compatibility. My Motherboard is "B350M MORTAR ARCTIC"
  8. J

    CPU for a gaming PC

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to PC building having built only built one before, and that wasn't a gaming pc. I'm now looking to build a gaming computer for the first time and have got most of the parts including a GTX 1070 (got a really good deal on amazon!). The question is, given I don't want to...
  9. T

    Windows wont install

    I recently built a new gaming pc which has all new parts except for my hard drive, ram which i bought at frys electronics refurbished (it was on sale for $20) and a graphics card which my friend let me have but everytime i go to install wondows i get an error during installation (Error...
  10. A

    gtx 750 TI 80 degrees

    Hi guys, i just bought a prebuilt pc and it has inside a gtx 750 ti founder edition, the one that looks totally stock, when i am gaming let's say on witcher 3 , temps hit even 80-81, the question is, is that normal? and why my card gets so hot when other 750-s are really cool?
  11. B

    Game stopped working while playing also blue screen when game stopped working

    Game stopped working while playing also getting blue screen (i got 3 types of blue screen) but i only had blue screen/stopped working in forza horizon 3 and battlefield 4(I didn't had bluescreen yet in battlefield 4) also I never had any issues with GTA V yet and I tried to fix like reinstalling...
  12. R

    Will gtx 1050 mini fit in my motherboard?

    Hello guyz I just wanted to know will zotac gtx 1050 ti oc or mini version will fit in my asus motherboard P8H61-M LX it has pci 2.0x 16 slot Ty for reading
  13. D

    is the stock cooler for intel i3 6100 cool enough

    is the stock cooler for intel i3 6100 cool enough if im just gaming? not planing on overclocking but should i stick with the stock or look for something better
  14. A

    Windows folder too big and growing?

    Hi guys, I have looked around a bit and I can't seem to find my answer. Hopefully someone can figure this out. So I have a 150GB boot drive, I have put a bit more on it than I should have as a boot drive but its slowly running out of room no matter how much I erase. The "Windows" folder is...
  15. L

    Old tablet have a wifi speed of 130mbps but my laptop is only getting 72.2mbps

    Hi, please excuse my poor English as is not my first language. I'm having issues with my wifi connection. Currently, my s7 edge is running at 144mbps, old Surface RT running at 130mbps but my dell inspiron 14 5000 series 5459 and Oneplus 3 is only at 72.2mbps and the adapter Dell is using is...
  16. K

    PC shutdown issues

    I've built this pc lets say 8 months ago and has been fine since I would say 2 months ago, it has started to just power off and back on again after lets say around 2 seconds and it only really does this when im gaming, so instantly I thought it was getting too hot. But the games it does this...
  17. yourilevoye

    Is this a good monitor?

    So I am looking for a good monitor. I already found 1 some days ago and then it started; I found the ultra wide section. I never looked at it because I tought it would be too exspensive. So I found the LG 25UM58. Before I found the AOC G2460VQ6. I think I would really like ultra wide, but there...
  18. S

    Hybrid fan headers

    I have been making people scratch their heads today because of my questions. However I just realized that on the site of my motherboard it says that it has 8 hybrid fan headers and beneath it shows that all of those things can be connected to those. Now I want to make sure that It does actually...
  19. P

    RAM Capacity Not Showing

    Hey there. So my problem comes from a PC I built. I have purchased and installed 64gb of ram, but only 48gb is available. Originally i was much less, like 14gb, then I went into the BIOS and enabled XMP which raised the capacity to 48gb. DDR4 3200 ram is expensive so I want to be using all of...
  20. Jeffcleds

    AMD Fx-6300 overheating issue

    Hi Guys! I just build a desktop pc recently. I bought AMD FX-6300 together with ASUS M5A78L motherboard. Then, I bought a GTX 1050ti. The problem is, when my computer is idle (no program is running), the temperature is fluctuating to 30 degrees celcius to 55 degrees celcius. And then when I'm...