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  1. T

    What colour RAM should I get?

    Hi there, My pc is all black with some RGB LEDs I bought on Amazon. I was originally going to buy red RAM but I'm not sure if it would clash with my RGB LEDs. Let's say for one day I want my LEDs to be green, would my RAM look horrible with the green in my case? The RAM I'm looking at is...
  2. Rafael Mestdag

    I unplugged my 500GB HDD on the data cable first while the pc was on, now pc won't start with it connected.

    The HDD is making a strange noise and won't let the pc boot up or start, the green light comes on, the fans spin, but there's a strange noise coming from the HDD affected and the pc won't go any further than spinning fans and green light on. Is there a way to save this HDD? PS: I have another...
  3. D

    Is It a good idea to use a SSD as my boot drive?

    I am really new to an SSD (never used it before) so I was just wondering if I should use a 240GB SSD as my boot drive and a 1TB hard drive as my secondary storage?
  4. V

    Is my 530W PSU enough for RX480 4gb?

    I bought this psu for my build: I currently have a prebuilt Acer PC: I7-6700 R9-360 8 GB DDR3 300W PSU included in my acer pc. Trying to remove this to add my 530w psu. Will this RaidMax RX-530SS Modular Power Supplywork with a...
  5. J

    My i7 6700k can't go over 4.5 Ghz?

    I can't get over 4.5 ghz with 1.35v on my CPU. It's not delidded or anything but this seems pretty bad. Did I just lose the silicon lottery or is there something I'm doing wrong? GPU: MSI RX 480 8gb RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @3000MHz and 1.35V Cooler: Noctua-NHD15 Motherboard: Gigabyte...
  6. N

    How to determine which motherboards are most recent?

    I've been looking for a good x99 motherboard but when I find one with good reviews I see that some are 2 years + old. I'm looking for a way to determine which motherboards are the newest for each manufacturer. The information is not on their websites.
  7. M

    Where to implement a SSD for Gaming

    I an avid gamer, mostly RPG and FPS. Far Cry, Witcher, Deus Ex, Batman, etc. mostly go for all the AAA titles. The save game and level load times waste a lot of my life staring at progress bars so I was thinking of getting a SSD now that they are within budget. My question is: Where do I...
  8. B

    New Laptop, clone SSD

    Hello everyone. Ordered one of the new xps 15's to replace my 2013 inspiron. I have a SSD in the inspiron, the new xps is coming with a 1tb hard drive. I want to have the SSD in the XPS. What is the best way to go about doing this? I'm not trying to copy everything that is on my current...