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  1. ExarKunDS

    Question Windows has stopped this device because it reported code 43

    Hello to everyone. The other day I started getting the code43 error after installing the radeon 21.4.1 update on my rx580 card. I tried the old drivers, it didn't work. I used DDU, it didn't work. Software solutions did not work. But my computer does not show blue screen or distorted image...
  2. O

    Question Windows 10 Logo then black screen

    Hi all, This goes across hardware as well, but I chose to post in Software. I recently picked up a free tower computer and it was all working nice to begin with, at least for the day. GTX 960 - Sabertooth Z22 - i7 3xxx CPU - 16GB ram Then problem one started, and that was the CPU fan cable...
  3. Trap404

    Question Missing Ethernet Driver in device manager

    Hello, After the latest windows update my ethernet internet has stopped working. It does not appear in the device manager nor does it has blink indicators when I plug in the cable. It does work on my laptop but not on my desktop pc. Here is what I have tried after following other threads...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Error in Device manager

    there is an error in "other devices" group of device manager. what could be the reason behind this issue?
  5. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] How to fix Orange Screen of Death?

    I booted my SSD today and I got the Orange Screen of Death. My screen is covered in vertical white and orange bars and I have no idea how to fix it. I turned off my PC and tried rebooting. It booted up, however this time I was on the HDD. I checked Device Manager, and even after waiting 15+...
  6. MLMDota

    Question GTX 1060 does not appear in Device Manager, drivers cannot be installed

    Hi all, I received an MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB OC Edition for Christmas, but as of yet have been unable to get it to work in my current PC. I currently have a GTX 660 which works perfectly fine but no matter what I have tried to get the 1060 to work, I cannot get it to be recognized in the...
  7. S

    Question Device Manager Issue - USB Disconnect Sound Keeps Playing Every Couple Seconds

    Hi all, After having psu issues I was able to finally get my newest PC up and running. I loaded up windows 10 and installed drivers but I've ran into a very annoying issue. The USB disconnect/connect sound keeps playing every couple seconds, it's driving me crazy! I've downloaded USB Log View...
  8. [SOLVED] Windoes 10 Device Manager shows that i have two mouse

    hi, when i look device manager there are two different mouse drivers are shown in the list. windows 10 automatically reinstall if i uninstall the one which shouldnt be exist on the list. so what's this?
  9. twgamerbuilder

    GPU displaying video but not being detected

    I built a system for my friend and it turns on and runs fine, displays video through the gpu (rx 580) but the rx 580 isnt being detected. It doesnt show in task manager and it only shows in device manager with an yellow exclamation next to it. I installed the AMD drivers and upon finishing...
  10. F

    Question Device Manager showing only HID Keyboard Device and HID-compliant mouse, no individual keyboard + mouse

    I own a Hyper X Mechanical keyboard and a Logitech gaming mouse, however in the device manager theses devices are not listed. Instead I see x4 HID keyboard device in the Keyboards tab and x2 HID-compliant mouse in the Mice device tab. There is nowhere in the device manager that show my actual...
  11. GFTA

    Question Graphics card not detected

    Hello, First of, I have a Acer Aspire E5-574 series Laptop. Specs: GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520/Geforce 920M CPU:Intel core i5-6200U Ram:4GB I have the problem that my Geforce 920M is not showing up in my device manager. It's my primary graphics card so now everything is now laggy. I cant...
  12. [SOLVED] Windows Can't Detect My GTX 1050

    Hi, I just built a new PC and had everything installed from scratch. When trying to install drivers for my GTX 1050, I get the error below. The specs for my PC from dxdiag are also posted. The mobo seems to be ok and I've tried everything except for reflashing the GPU bios since I'm a bit wary...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] HDD (D:) was missing, found it disabled in Device Manager but I never disabled it. Why? Should I be worried?

    I never disabled it manually and I don't recall ever updating my windows recently if that matters. I've noticed it missing today while trying to open CS:GO. Last time I played CS:GO was yesterday. Saw my HDD in BIOS which made me think the cable wasn't loose or anything. I'm fairly a rookie at...
  14. eddie986

    [SOLVED] Code 12 in device manager after instaling a new component in my old pc.

    Hey, A few days ago I found my old PC which was an office one (IBM) and I decided to use it for music and stuff.It had it's stock hdd which had Windows XP on,I switched the HDD with a new one which had more storage and had Windows 7 on it(also because I couldnt use internet on xp,even after...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Device Manager Refreshing Constantly

    Hello, I am having an issue where my device manager is constantly refreshing. I have used the USBLogView by Nirsoft and it does not show any issues with USB devices. I have clean installed Windows 10 multiple times and installed all drivers associated with my motherboard. I may have reason to...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Device Manager Refreshing Caused By Network, but Uncertain How to Fix.

    So, I have been playing Rainbow 6 Siege for a while, but it just recently acquired this stuttering problem. I did a lot of troubleshooting to find out that my device manager refreshes every second or so as if a device was being un-plugged and re-plugged. After lots of troubleshooting later, when...
  17. hoopty_handler

    Question Staggered GPU Setup Not Working

    I upgraded my system from an fx8350 CPU paired with an MSI 970 Gaming mobo to a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450 Steel Legend. This has caused my "staggered" gpu set-up (1050ti & Gt730) to throw a fit, with the 1050ti being the sole graphics provider. I use the 1050ti for the gaming / main monitor...
  18. TempTop

    [SOLVED] Controller plug-ins causing long load times; what can I do to fix this issue?

    So in my attempt to utilize my PS3 controller(s) on Windows 10, I installed some previous programs I've installed on another PC such as PS3 SCPToolKit and the Windows Xbox Accessories utilization plug-ins. But now when I attempt to use any of my emulators I have an extra-long boot time while it...
  19. Sebastien pham

    [SOLVED] Can't open any applications on my desktop

    Hey having trouble with my pc. After installing synapse software. I am unable to open any icons or am able to go to the start menu. Here are a few things that I did. 1. Task manager > windows explorer > restart 2. Powershell > sfc /scanner > dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth 3...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] component swap has made windows 7 unusable, mouse laggy, not detecting other USB Devices, chipset driver not even opening.

    Hello all, I recently purchased a new set of components for my pc; i5 9600k 16gb ddr4 2600mhz ram Asus rx 5700 msi h310m pro vdh plus 650w silverstone psu along with windows 7 pro 64 bit As soon as I got it, I instinctively set the driver disc aside, and due to circumstances which involved me...