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  1. stevedream

    Question Laptop not using dedicated GPU after updating BIOS ?

    HP 15-bw0xx laptop specs: GPU: integrated: Radeon R7 / Discrete: AMD Radeon (TM) 535DX (yes I know I said in the previous post that it's R7 m340 but that turns out to be what amd detect it as however the vendor drivers and the laptop catalogue says that it's 535DX) CPU: AMD A-12-9720P RAM: 12...
  2. X

    Question Some of my games use my gaming laptop's integrated gpu instead of the dedicated gpu ?

    Hello, I hope someone can help me fix my issue. I did everything including setting my game's GPU preference to my Dgpu in windows graphics settings and nvidia control panel. But for some reason, a game like valorant still uses my Igpu instead of my Dgpu, though it's kind of like they're working...
  3. T

    Question Need to switch from dGPU to iGPU

    Hi everybody, I am using a gaming laptop and it looks like my dGPU has been cooked(display has stripes and more or less heavy games don't work anymore) so i want to switch to iGPU. Windows 10 does not detect any gpu, so i cant switch gpu in windows, linux ubuntu detects only dGPU, but when i am...
  4. S

    Question Windows 10 GPU Hardware Scheduling - Does it use your dGPU instead of iGPU, or does it offload tasks from CPU to your dGPU?

    I tried getting advice from someone else and they were telling me turning on hardware accelerated options uses your dGPU instead of your iGPU, but I thought it offloads tasks from your CPU to dGPU so I'm confused. For example I thought h.624 on discord uses your dGPU to help render video rather...
  5. FoxMile

    [SOLVED] I can't switch from dGPU to iGPU ?

    Actually the problem is interesting. Initially, the computer did not have a video card, and when I inserted it, the computer started up only with the iGPU and the dGPU did not work. However, after I reset the bios, it worked. But the thing is, only dGPU is working now. The iGPU only works if...
  6. Sammm_5405

    [SOLVED] iGPU is better than dGPU, but dont know what to do

    So I have a Ryzen 3 3200g, and a GT 710. The iGPU on the Ryzen 3 is almost 200% better than the GT 710. My problem is, i want to run on the iGPU of my 3200g but my system only has 8gb of ram. So the iGPU dedicates 2gb of the 8gb and I am left with only 6gb of ram. And I need the 8gb ram. I...
  7. F

    Question Second monitor connected to iGPU kills game performance on dGPU driven main display.

    Hi all, So I have run into an interesting issue that I wonder does anybody have any experience in resolving. I have an older monitor kicking around (some LG not sure what model it is) that only has a VGA input. My GTX1070Ti has no VGA output, however my motherboard's on board integrated GPU...
  8. B

    Question iGPU or dGPU for browser (for online video)?

    Hello all, I have a laptop with Intel HD and a Nvidia MX150 dGPU. I've noticed that the Intel HD gets really pushed while I'm watching videos (youtube and other streaming sites/content). I was thinking if it would make sense to set the dGPU (Nvidia MX150) as default for my browser (Chrome) via...
  9. S

    Question Mobile Motherboard/System Without Somewhat Unresolvable GPU Heat Issues

    Over the years I am the guy stuck constantly re-flowing mobile DGPU’s for my family. I am getting sick of it- I have to many of them out there and eventually they always coming back. Honestly, there is not really a laptop out there that runs cool. Possibly Tough Book’s ect, but then you pay...
  10. M

    GTX950 and Foxconn H81MXV

    I bought a GTX950 and get a black screen on boot. I have upgraded the PSU to 550W. Still get the black screen. Is the motherboard perhaps not compatible?