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  1. kaeru

    Question D-Link DIR-809 DHCP Issue

    My router seems to have some problems with DHCP stating "connection : DHCP client disconnected". I can connect to the internet by plugging the modem straight into my PC. I have tried doing a factory reset, but I'm stumped.
  2. C

    Question Lost internet connection - Cant get IP address from DHCP server

    Windows 10 PC. Using wired ethernet connection to home cable modem - dynamic IP. motherboard is Asus B550M-Plus All was working fine. I downloaded NetLimiter 4.0 to try out the product. It worked fine (although did crash my computer 2-3x when playing around with it). But all was fine...
  3. B

    Question How can I set up a network for a travel agency office?

    Hi everybody, I have got to set up a network for a travel agency business. I have been told that I may include DNS, DHCP, Active Directory and the Domain Controller all together in only one server. Is that actually correct and convenient? Thanks! :)
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Hourly Disconnects

    I am currently on a Windows 10 machine plugged into a wifi extender. Every hour on the dot I will disconnect for about 10 seconds. I think it has something to do with my DHCP lease time and idk how to fix this issue. I tried logging into my optimum router and my wifi extender, but there weren't...
  5. S

    Question Connecting routers lan to lan

    I have 4G LTE wifi router (Huawei b310s-925)[Router A] has only one LAN port. and another router Prolink H5004NK, that I want to cnnect to router A, lan to lan(connected both routers using LAN ports on both devices), and use the internet on both routers and increase the wifi coverage, I tried...
  6. C

    Question I need help with my homework for school..

    Hello, I am working on school work that needs to be completed no later than Tuesday and I have been having trouble with understanding DHCP. If someone could please assist the questions I am being asked are: 1. If you are enabling DHCP server at a client location that has 250 domain joined...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] DHCP Issue - Some PC not getting internet connectivy

    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a situation here and need your advise on what might be the issue. I have a DC which also host DHCP, now everything was working fine until the DHCP started giving issue (all clients getting 169.254.X.X IP). After that happened I put in a recommendation to redo the...
  8. X

    Screen Flickering problems

    Hello i have bought my new pc but i have this problem that my screen is flickering some gray lines from the top to the bottom on idle and full load!can anyone help me?and my psu is going crazy buzzing all the time and makes lots of noise! :/ Specs Xfx r9 280x dd black edition amd fx 8350 stock...