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  1. C

    Question Wi-Fi network constant drop outs

    Hello, as I can see there is similar threads like this but none of them solved my problem. I have constant disconnects from the wi-fi network and when troubleshooting the problem, windows give me Unable to resolve DNS address, or Cannot reach DNS server. Router: ZTE Speedport Entry 2i , the...
  2. Sirlee

    Question Second router as ap not working properly

    (Not an IT guy)Hello! I tried to set up my network with a second router as an access point a couple of months ago, but gave up in the end. I have read countless guides on how to do so, but I can't get it to work properly. Therefore, I am posting here to see if anyone can help. Router name etc...
  3. D

    Question IP on devices keep dropping causing device to reconnect and disables internet for few seconds

    Hi guys I have 2 routers one is 3 antenna from Mercusys other is tp links dual antenna router. The Mercusys one is my primary router to which LAN is connected and on tp link router I have put it in repeater mode and connected it to Mercusys router wirelessly with DHCP and dynamic DNS disabled...
  4. S

    Question DHCP issue with Netgear smart roaming mesh WiFi

    Hi there! I'm hoping you folks can help me out with a connection issue I've been having since installing a new WiFi extender a couple of weeks ago. I have a new Netgear extender (EX7700/AC2200 - this one) creating a meshed network with my existing Vodaphone router. The new setup is causing...
  5. M

    Question Cannot Connect to WiFi on my Macbook Pro Retina Earl 2013, Running OSX Catalina 10.15.4

    All of a sudden, I have lost connection to my wifi. When I try to connect, it tells me a WPA2 password is required. I have checked to make sure the password is correct in keychain, on both laptops. I have noticed that when I restart the Mac, as soon as it starts back up and I look in the top...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] DHCP not functioning correctly. Weird router.

    Hi all, So I'm currently back from college with my folks due to the quarantine. They recently got some kind of strange router from a company called gotw3. Apparently this thing is essentially an unlimited mobile data hotspot- it's basically just a box with two antennas, an ethernet port, and a...
  7. O

    [SOLVED] Need help with settings for home network settings - TP Link Acess points

    In a nutshell, my home network was too slow and not reaching certain points across the house. I bought two TP-Link AC1350 Access points off amazon and a POE switch. The current setup is my BT router in the loft with the POE switch connected, and the two access points connected via ethernet in...
  8. AndreiHuharimo

    [SOLVED] Online games won't connect to the internet but i can browse the web normally.

    I don't understand why but all of my games, online games won't work. From LoL to PUBG or CS"go on steam, the steam, Riot games launcher or any game launcher won't connect to the internet. I tried to turn off the windows firewall and it's still not working. Now I'm stuck with a pc that can only...
  9. Eastman122

    [SOLVED] Current Help Desk Tech thrown into New Role at work with Servers. Given a starter Project.

    Im in Help desk but im barely starting to learn about Servers and active directory. My project is to creating a New Active Directory File Server Requirements per Lab instructions: Install 6 SAS GB HArd Drives (1) RAID-1 volume ( 2x 300GB) (1) RAID -5 Volume ( 4 x 900GB) Do i create the RAID...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Block device access to router

    Hello. Is it possible to block a device from connecting to the internet on my router even if it's connected with a cable? Or block internet traffic for that specific device even if it's connected to the router? I managed to block it's access on Wi-Fi but I can't find a way to do it for DHCP...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Accessing an IP outside DHCP range

    I recently bought a used network switch, but i'm struggling to access the web interface as the IP address is clearly out of my DHCP range (Starts with 169.254). I'm kinda new at this so any Ideas how to access the web interface?
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Local static ip while connected to a mobile hotspot

    Hi, i need help to set up a local static ip on my pc (windows 10) that I use with my android phone's (oneplus 7) hotspot. When I set up my local ip for the first time it worked perfectly. I used the default gateway and dns server that i got from ipconfig. The problem is that every time I...
  13. S

    Question Connecting routers lan to lan

    I have 4G LTE wifi router (Huawei b310s-925)[Router A] has only one LAN port. and another router Prolink H5004NK, that I want to cnnect to router A, lan to lan(connected both routers using LAN ports on both devices), and use the internet on both routers and increase the wifi coverage, I tried...
  14. REALIllusion

    [SOLVED] Changing Lan IP

    So for convenience reasons, i wanted to switch to and on my main and sub router, which were previously configured as and respectively. I can't seem to figure out how to setup the proper subnet masks for both, such that on the main router, -...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] Static IP/Network Sharing questions + Switchs

    Hey guys, first-time caller long time listener. So I'm usually the computer guy, but I'm not the network guy - we don't have one of those and our deadline is coming up and research isn't going well. I think I'm mixing a lot of terms so I'll try to speak clearly on the issue we're looking...
  16. A

    Question Losing internet connection due to invalid IP configuration periodically

    Hi, so I'll give you just a quick overview of my home network: I have 1 DSL model that is connected to 2 1gb switches. Switch1 goes to the living room with tv, home-theater etc. connected to it. Switch2 is connected to switch1 (this specific "infrastructure" is for future proofing due to an...
  17. M

    Question Internet dropping every hour. DHCP lease time.

    My problem that I haven't been able to figure out for almost a month is that my dhcp lease time expiring every hour. It obtains the lease when i turn my computer on and expires exactly every hour after it was obtained. My problem is that after that hour it kicks me offline for like 10 seconds...
  18. C

    Question I need help with my homework for school..

    Hello, I am working on school work that needs to be completed no later than Tuesday and I have been having trouble with understanding DHCP. If someone could please assist the questions I am being asked are: 1. If you are enabling DHCP server at a client location that has 250 domain joined...
  19. Question Internet drops like 2-3 times a day because of public ip change

    Hello, as title says my connection drops very often because of ip changes. I don't know if this is related to my ISP or a bad configuration in my router. My LAN is as follows: ISP Router in Bridge Mode. My Router connected to ISP Router. Phones, Tablets, etc. connected via wifi. PCs connected...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] How do I assign a static IP through DHCP?

    Hello friends, I have a server that I plan to use as a file server in my house that I want to have a static IP so we can always access it from our computers. How do I configure this so that all of my other computers can continue to use DHCP from the ISP to get their info? Thanks, Matt