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  1. J

    i have brand new seagate 4tb external hd it worked for a couple days n poof gone. does not show in disk management but shows in device manager but ct

    as above it had icon installed on it to get it going but would not connect . never thought about it but its dead now. makes the normal sound when connected and yes tried different ports and my other computer..its a no go any help? does not show in disk management but does in device manager.. but...
  2. Zezo Noaman

    Question static or wired Elctricity sound !

    Hello I have a problem with my laptop I can hear a sound of wired and static electricity coming from the motherboard and it increase when the laptop is plugged in. and go away when turn off or sleep only what may cause this sound and how it is harmful or not ? sorry for my English Cuz...
  3. Z

    I need help!!

    Okay building my first gaming rig and been having a good amount of problems but narrowed it down to one, no video, I have replaced every component on it other than the Gpu and the motherboard, and i just tested my gpu on another computer a couple weeks ago and it was fine, can anyone help...
  4. club27

    Super hot in my computer room/home bedroom - looking for suggestions to cool down..

    Super hot in my computer room/home bedroom - looking for suggestions to cool down.. here are my specs and the temps, I really need to bring something down or all of it, I have all this inside a dell xps case. Would the hard drives be the best bet to go after? New Case? Or other Solutions...
  5. D

    Driveres from GTX960 to GTX1060

    Hello, At the moment I'm using the GTX960, today has arrived my new GPU GTX1060. So I have a question. Do I need to uninstall the actual Nvidia drivers (which are up to date) and all the stuff before installing the GTX1060? Or should I just switch them without uninstalling/installing the...
  6. C

    Help me reformat my HDD

    I just "zero fill Full Erase" my hard drive today using Seagate Tools for Dos, and then i created a bootable usb using a YUMI software. And then when I boot it to my PC i cant find an option to boot it, it is just only saying GRUB4DOS, or "Minimal bash like line editing is supported and i'm...
  7. G

    'Claymore Miner' ETH Mining Software Vulnerable To Botnet Hijacking

    A new growing botnet is targeting machines running the Ethereum mining software called “Claymore Miner” and hijacking them to mine for someone else. 'Claymore Miner' ETH Mining Software Vulnerable To Botnet Hijacking : Read more
  8. B

    Need Password for Start Up

    I have a black screen with a start up password box but I don't know what password to put in? I have a Toshiba Satellite E55-A5114
  9. F

    What about giving sub winners sleeved GPU cables

    Everybody wants sleeved GPU cables, so that could be a great gift.
  10. A

    Undervolting Caused Performance Downgrade

    I watched a video about undervolting. I used the intel program, but realized my laptop CPU ran cool already, so uninstalled the program. Now, Paladins which ran at ~60fps runs at ~25, and Rocket League went down a good 20fps as well. Minecraft, which I used to run at 190fps, also went down to...
  11. S

    Is fx4100 worth it?

    I am running a Core 2 Quad Q8300..is it worth upgrading to Fx4100(+new motherboard) for 30bucks ..will i gain performance or loose...i mostly play CSGO and usually get around 100fps (which isnt enough)with a Gtx560Ti will i be getting more fps with a Fx4100??
  12. J

    PC can't get to BIOS

    My PC will not power on, I cannot get to bios screen. The desktop is receiving power as the pump LEDs and on-board button lights up. I have systemically removed all peripherals, GPU, RAM. I have gotten it to boot twice, once after a CMOS reset. I originally thought the problem was the battery so...
  13. Z

    Is the RX 550 GPU compatible with the HP 3048h Motherboard?

    I really need to upgrade from the Intel GMA x4500 graphics. Cpu is an Core 2 quad q9500.
  14. M

    Getting a black screen when starting a computer,but it works in safe mode (GPU problem?)

    So as a title says after i got a frozen screen yesterday and restarted computer i can't get into windows,it just shows a black screen...safe mode does turn it on tho.I tried uninstalling display adapter and it worked without it,but when i reinstalled drivers the same problem is back. Does this...
  15. S

    Windows 7 CD/DVD Driver Missing

    I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional using my USB right now but whenever I start the installation I get an error saying CD/DVD Driver missing or something along those lines. People have said to use USB 2.0 but I'm not sure I have that. People said to install some USB drivers or something...
  16. F

    Msi After burner causes pc restart

    Not even an hour ago I went to overclock my gpu for the first time. I watched a tutorial about a week ago but decided not to check it again. So I cranked up the core clock only , clicked the check mark, and went to run 3D mark. That is when it started. My pc shut down but case lights were still...
  17. M

    door speaker tweeters not playing

    i connected my door speakers to my amp and they are only playing bass the tweeter on it is not playing
  18. F

    980 Ti gets hot 60fps. High fan curve. Help?

    Hello, So my GPU gets in the 75C+ range on certain games even though I get and am capped at 60fps. Overwatch on Ultra is usually 70-78C, even though I can run it 90 or 110+ fps, but I keep it on 60. On Skyrim with all my mods, I'm running at 60fps, but sometimes 80-84C. In these cases where I'm...
  19. malrats

    Recording devices suddenly show no "green bar" activity and microphones are all very quiet, whether USB or 3.5mm.

    This issue started a few days ago. I can use the various headsets and microphones that I have on Discord and as long as I crank up my settings, people can hear me but say that I'm quiet. But in Windows 10 under my recording devices, ANY microphone that I plug in (4 different USB headsets and 2...
  20. J

    PC reestarts over and over

    Hi guys, I'm building a new Gaming pc. The specs are: Gtx 1050 ti MSI, Intel core i3 6100, EVGA 500 W power supply, G.Skill Ripjaws V series 16GB DRR4-2133 and the H110m-A motherborad. I've been trying everything to get it working, but it just last like 5-7 seconds on and then reestarts. I tried...