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  1. A

    Question Picture looks pixelated

    So today I had the opportunity to go outside and snap some photo's however when taking some photos of a city skyline from afar the photos seem pixelated much more than they should. I'm currently using my Huawei p20 pro and shot it at 40mp and also had the same issue on a Samsung A71 being shot...
  2. zolydream

    Question Acdsee settings problem

    Hello everyone, i got a problem and i can't solve it. I have ACDSEE Ultimate 2020 i use it for some photo editing and the problem is allways when i download or save a picture it will autoopen and that is annoying, anyone have any idea how can i disable that? Thanks in advance, have a good...
  3. anik6699

    Question Photos corrupted after moving file in a low space external hard disk

    I have some hundreds and thousands of photos in my external hdd, now my space is only 150 mb left . I need to move some video my files for my personal reasons, so after completing moving those files I found some of my images are corrupted. But I am not totally sure my photos got corrupted after...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Best camera for nature photography in the 400-500$ price range

    I'm gonna be going to maine this summer and would like to get the best camera for nature photography that I can with 400-500 $. I'm a noob too so some other tips would be much appreciated!
  5. Pikapikaa

    [SOLVED] How is this build for photo editing ~£1000

    Anyone see any problem with this? For photo editing (mainly photoshop and capture one) No video editing, no gaming. Is the PSU suitable? can I go for a lower watt? Many thanks! E
  6. velocci

    Question AMD or intel for movies and photo editing

    Hi all, which is better for movies and photo editing, AMD threadripper or intel?
  7. F

    Question Mixing different GPUs for Photoshop

    So as far as I can tell, both NVIDIA and AMD are withholding when it comes to 10-bit support in professional applications. I'm a professional photographer and color precision and range are pretty important but I'd also like to be able to do light gaming on the same system. I'm looking to run...
  8. G

    Question Mid Range Router

    Currently running virmin super hub 3, which is not so super ;-) Looking at Netgear x6 8000 or x6s 8000p Budget around £100 second hand Any ideas or recommendations Need to connect to about 10 items phones tablets etc, you know how it is with kids etc Fast & good wifi thankz
  9. F

    Question My pc won't boot

    A few months ago my pc stopped booting and I couldn't figure out why. I assumed I had burnt out the cpu as it was an older one that wasn't able to keep up with the intense renders and processing I was putting it through often running at 100%. I was looking to upgrade my system anyway, but after...
  10. F

    Question Lagging whilst on 300FPS on fortnite

    I dont know if this is a graphics issue or not i have a rx 590 and a i7 8700k OC to 4.7Ghz but as title says i only have discord and fortnite open with fortnite on high priority i get big lag spikes but when they finish it doesnt start from 0-300 it just stays on 300 i get 0% packet loss and my...
  11. A

    Question install windows IN windows to secondary drive without USB/disc?

    I have an ISO for windows and I want to install a seperate installation to an empty drive in my PC without a USB stick or disc. I tried running the setup in the ISO but it doesnt give an option to choose the drive like when you typically install from USB/disc and only lets you do an...
  12. I

    Question Audio and Mic Quality Worsened After Windows 10 Format

    Hello, A couple of days ago I formatted my PC and I went ahead and installed my drivers accordingly and so on and so forth. What I instantly noticed was the audio was extremely sub-par compared to how it was beforehand. Not only that, but my friends on Discord complain that my microphone...
  13. G

    Question PC won’t boot

    Hi all .every time I mist update amd video drivers I can’t boot in to Windows.first boot goes in to black screen after soft reset it goes to Windows logo with infiniti cycle spin.after numrous atemts it boots and after video driver update everything normal til next amd video driver...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Compatibility check/ Recommendations for my new build?

    As of this moment I've only purchased the GPU so that's the only part that cannot change. Feel free to offer any recommendations/advice for the rest of the build. Thanks! CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk AMD AM4 ATX Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB 2X8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16...
  15. I

    Question Antec NE500M vs Corsair CX450

    My old PSU died recently and I was thinking of buying one of these. I would love to purchase Seasonic but its expensive because it ships from US. I planned to buy the VS450 but the reviews changed my mind. The CX450 is twice as expensive as the VS450 and almost the same price as the NE550M...
  16. Athera

    Question Weird computer crash from SSD

    Hello! Very confusing crashes I'm getting. To sum it up real fast, it usually crashes with only CERTAIN games on both drives, I keep having the same error occur in the event viewer right before my computer crashes and I'm 90% sure it's my SSD. (Don't know how to add in images here so forgive me...
  17. O

    Question Is an RTX 2080 compatible with ASUSTek H110M-R

    I can use my pc for internet, downloads etc, but when I try to play it overheats the PC and shuts down, that happens a few minutes after I put the game, my source is 700 wts, so i think its my motherboard o what do you think?
  18. M

    Question GTX 1050Ti Max Q makes Desktop Manager & Client Server Runtime GPU spike to 100% (XPS15 9570)

    Hello everyone, I've been looking for an answer to this problem for more than a month now, and I still haven't found it. I'm trying my luck here. Here's my journey: After updating to Windows 10 1809 (for that darkmode), my laptop kept freezing for a few seconds (5-10) then it would be fine...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Computer *thinks* its too hot?

    So I made myself a new gaming rig recently, unfortunately it has the issue of restarting itself whenever I'm playing a game with high graphics, which it should be able to handle, temps of cpu/gpu reach around 50ish which should be fine as far as I'm aware. Wasn't sure where to post this, so I...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] New fiber optic customer - trying to plan ahead for connectivity

    I've done some forum searching but haven't found an answer that I can wrap my mostly novice tech brain around. I am getting fiber optic service in a couple of weeks and am trying to prepare for the best (and simplest) way to utilize it. What's coming: 300mbps internet only service. Fiber run...
  21. G

    [SOLVED] Port forwarding with wifi extenders

    Hello, ok so my setup is like this Isp router--nexxt router on extender mode--tp link on extender mode too-- my pc via ethernet. I tried port forwarding to my pc ip but that doesn't work so maybe the extenders are the problem? Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  22. R

    Question Is a New computer w/ old gpu until new one comes?

    Alright so I am building a new cpu. Have spent over $1,200 on it already. Obviously I need budget money so I am waiting to buy my NEW GPU by march 14th when I get paid. I have an Old GTX970 laying around. Duhhhh I am excited to boot this thing up and play!!! Would it be fine to use the old...
  23. Question Is It Possible? Two Mice, One Machine

    Community: I am wondering if it is possible to set up one mouse that can be used to play a game on a separate monitor while using another mouse to do other things (coding, surfing, Netflixing, etc.). My specs: I'm trying to use a macro I made in Razer Synapse with my Naga Epic for a game...
  24. W

    Question ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580 8Gb fans too loud

    I bought a new RX 580 from Asus two weeks ago for my new AMD build. Performance wise, it does what it has to, but the fans are extremely loud. My previous card was another rx580 8gb from Sapphire but I never heard anything like this from that card. I checked in afterburner and tried out...
  25. P

    [SOLVED] Does components fit in NZXT H500

    Hi i have a few questions. First of all i spend around 1-2months of watching videos about PC Building and stuff and i started choosing the components but im not still sure if i choose the right one and if they fit without any problems because it will be my first build. I also check components...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] custom desk PC build

    So my company just bought a waterjet and I was thinking it would be great for building a custom PC desk. This will let me cut any shape in any material and any thickness like butter, and can even import pictures to cut out any logo or image. so the imagination is the only limit on this. I'm...
  27. G

    Question PC boots to windows. I login and the of reboots to Post code (1long beep 2 short)

    HELP PLEASE. Hopefully this community can see this post and help. :/
  28. shmu26

    Question Print to fax -- HP Officejet on Linux Mint

    I have an HP officejet 6830 (all-in-one), running on Linux Mint 19.1 x64 Cinnamon. I want print to fax function, or workaround. On Windows I use the HP universal fax driver.
  29. I

    Question SSD wont formart

    So, I had this SSD in my house and decided to make it a external storage for college use, but windows 10 wouldn't recognize it. installed EaseUS and it still would take a loooooooooooooooooong time and wouldnt surpass the 1%. The SSD is unformatted. Also tryed to use diskpart and it gave me this...
  30. A

    Question 2070 vs 2080

    So Im trying to decide whether to buy a 2070 or a 2080. Im looking to play on 1440p at 144hz on games such as BF5, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 2 RE, Doom Eternal and maybe Anthem. At the moment I have enough saved up for an 2080 but if I purchased a 2070 then the money left over could help with...
  31. C

    Monitor help please

    My monitor is connected by via cable to pc but message still displays no signal, vga recommended
  32. J

    Is it bad to buy a free sync monitor when you have a Nvidia GPU?

    I recently bought a View Sonic XG2402 from amazon and my Pc runs with a GTX 1060, was just wondering if I should return it or if it is still okay and will make no difference?
  33. A

    AOC Q3279VWFD8 vs viewsonic xg2401

    in a budget of 200-250 which of these 2 monitors would you choose? AOC 1440p 75hz or viewsonic 1080p 144hz? I will play all kinds of games, online as battlefield or csgo and offline resident evil, tomb raider, far cry, etc.
  34. magnificent_90

    DVD Writer problem on MSI GX 680

    Hi all My Pioneer DVD-RW DVRTD10RS does not burn any files on any CDs or DVDs after I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my MSI GX 680. It reads the CDs and DVDs pretty well but does not burn files onto them. I have tried every possible driver on my laptop but nothing has worked. It is...
  35. E

    [SOLVED] I can't figure how to connect the fan hub

    I don't know if I'm posting in the wrong category since it's my first time posting here, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place. So I recently bought a Nox infinity neon case (Spanish brand) that comes with a fan hub. It has "PC PWM DATE" connector, which i think must connect to a pwm header...
  36. L

    can remove graphic card uefi-gop?

    my english is not well now use GT740 I wanna use rx560 on h61. but it couldn't work.(maybe not good compatibility?) my h61 is oem motherboard therefore can't bios update. I am trying to modify my rx560. Can I try remove uefi-gop part on rx560??
  37. luka1000

    Does it really matter witch ssd I pick

    Hi I have a Samsung ssd 500gb right now and I wanna buy a 1tb one I was just wondering does it matter what brand I pick I have the 860 evo and I would just buy the 1tb version but can I go for a cheaper brand like Kingston?
  38. C

    [SOLVED] compatable sata 3 motherboard xeon x5650

    so right now i am running a dell precision workstation t7500 I 3d model and animate and the complexity is getting pretty high. I have a ssd that runs sata 3 but my intel xeon x5650 (12 cpus) runs sata 2. i can use my ssd but it is at half power. i was wondering if there was a decent but still...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] What the heck is this thing? Can someone help?!

    I recently had to exchange my motherboard and I successfully got my build done. Now I notice there is a USB port I cannot seem to plug in. Anyone tell me if this is normal or what? I am using an ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 Gaming E Can anyone tell me if that metal or...
  40. Z

    New Build - storport.sys and ntoskrnl.exe

    New build and I've randomly been getting BSOD and crashes, mostly while gaming. Crashes are intermittent and all of my drivers seem to be up to date. I've ran memtest, 4 passes with 0 errors, wiped and reinstalled Windows, checked all my connections, ran CHKDSK, and I can't seem to find the...