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  1. A

    PSU Confusion. Can't find an answer!?

    My PSU only has a 2x2 12v ATX cable, as does my current MOBO. My new MOBO has a 2x2 12v AND a 2x4 12v, bit the manual doesn't say to use either, or, or both. I'm not going to be overclocking. My specs will be Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X, Intel Core i7-8700, GTX 1050ti and 32GB DDR4 RAM. Can I use...
  2. R

    PC - Abruptly shutting down after about 5 - 7 minutes

    I have a very old desktop pc (Ideally it should find its place in e-waste by now) AMD Athlon 1800 Socket A PC with M7NCG motherboard, 1GB DDR1!. Occasionally I would just switch it on for may be half an hour or so and shut it down. Now a days within 5 minutes of switching it on, it just...
  3. D

    Will my PC handle a gpu upgrade?

    Specs: Motherboard: MSI Z77 MPOWER CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K RAM: Corsair XMS 2x8 1600Mhz GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 670 2GB PSU: be quiet! Straight Power E9 - 480W Storage: 250GB Samsung SSD + 2 Toshiba HDD's The GPU I want is the MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8GB. My biggest concern is the PSU, as it is...
  4. Z

    can I replase an i5 430m with I5 3360m?

    Hi, I need to know if can I replase an i5 430m with I5 3360m? I have a Samsung R580: socket 989 rPGA, compatible with G2 988B (wikipedia) Chipset HM55, compatible with 3360m (Game Debate) They both have the same power consumption has shown here but I dont know if the BIOS is compatible or if...
  5. TheDarkIce

    What upgrade path should I follow?

    Hey there, I can upgrade my system right now but I don't know what the best upgrade path for me will be so, I come to the forums for suggestions. My current system specifications are: Motherboard : Gigabyte H110M-S2 Processor : Intel Pentium G4560 @3.5GHZ Graphics card : iGame Colorful...
  6. C

    Asus z270 fans

    I have an asus z370-a and everthing is set up however I have 3 case fans and only 2 case fan headers where should I plug in the 3rd case fan? I do have a m.2 fan 4 pin header free as well.
  7. A

    Netgear X4S R7800 vs Pro Gaming XR500

    I am upgrading to the Cox Gigablast 1GB speed service and currently own the original Nighthawk AC1900. Had to buy new modem Arris SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 to support new service (arrive in 3 days). Can someone help me out determining if my current router is good enough? If not, should I upgrade to the...
  8. T

    I7 3770k Overclock

    How are all of you today? Well I know this is an older cpu and there are prolly a good bit of information out there about it. But I recently obtained an un-opened 3770k from ebay for a great deal and ended up upgrading from an i5. But the first thing I did was run it for a while with default...
  9. R

    i7 6800k dual channel vs quad channel ram.

    I've tried to find an answer myself, but I still don't really know. Since the I7 6800K is made to be use with quad channel ram. How much of a performance difference would it make if I use 2x8gb vs 4x8 gb. Would I lose a lot of potential if I only use 2x8gb? This is mainly for gaming purpose.
  10. E

    Ethernet outlet help

    Help! Hi all. I’m going to apologize ahead of time for being computer/ethernet cable/motem illiterate. My dad always helped me fix these issues but he passed away. My family recently moved into a new home and the rooms have the ethernet hook up outlet. When I plug my computer into the outlet it...
  11. B

    Tv sound to stereo receiver

    I have a Yamaha rx v1900 stereo receiver with HDMI output and inputs. Have just bought a new Lg oled 55c8pta tv, but cannot get sound from tv to stereo. Have gone through settings on tv, but no sound. Have optical out on tv, but not on stereo. Is is doable? Cheers, Brad.
  12. J

    AC power outlet controled by the PC

    Is there a way to install or connect a 120 volt AC power outlet to my desktop PC so that it powers on when the PC is turned on? I have a set of speakers that I would like to automatically turn on and off with the computer. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or perhaps some type of external...
  13. L

    Likelihood of outage having damaged GPU

    My GPU is a Palit GTX970, and the output was on a DP-HDMI adapter. I was playing when there was an outage, after a few hours I tried booting it again but there was no signal from the GPU. The iGPU (onboard) displayed fine, though, and the 970 was correctly identified by Windows. Other than DP...
  14. B

    Modern motherboard for Windows XP

    So i want to build a Windows XP machine for playing old video games, such as Max Payne, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Harry Potter games and so on and so forth (I miss them so much). The thing is I want to go all new: new motherboard, new ram modules, new gpu etc, because I am afraid of buying...
  15. O

    two monitors idk

    So, i tried to connect my second monitor to my motherboard, and my first monitor witch is connected to gpu just goes blank and cant do anything
  16. B

    I need a CPU recommendation.

    I've been building a pc for my friend. I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing but I know nothing about CPUs. He has a budget of £800 maximum The build consist of : Motherboard : Gigabyte - GA-970A-DS3P ATX AM3+ Motherboard RAM : Corsair - Vengeance 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (He has...
  17. A

    HELP sir, Can my GPU crossfire with no crossfire bridge version?

    Hello... I want to ask you something, I'm from Indonesia, I'm sorry if my language isn't good, I use Google Translate to communicate I want to make Mutli VGA with Crossfire, I have an Asus HD7850 1GB GPU with no crossfire bridge image...
  18. I

    500MB Raw Partition on Second Hard Drive

    The other day I reinstalled windows after deciding to remove linux from my computer completely. I have windows 10 on my SSD and a secondary hard disk for extra stuff. I thought I removed all the linux data from the hard drive, which is my guess as to what this is. I unplugged the HDD when I...
  19. F

    Watercooling RTX 2080

    I am installing a waterblock to my RTX 2080 now, the EK-Vector RTX 2080 RGB, and I do not know what to do with the RGB wire, where do i put it when i install the waterblock?
  20. A

    Windows 10 slow boot after new GPU

    So recently I upgraded from a 980ti to a 1080ti and the windows boot has been crazy. I checked and it was about two and a half minutes for windows to load. For reference it's just the windows boot, not the bios screen, bios screen goes as fast as always but the actual windows loading screen (win...