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  1. C

    Will there be a noticeable difference? i5-4460 vs i5-8400

    Im trying to get more fps in a game, currently have 4460 and want to upgrade soon. budget is around $200. Will there be a noticeable difference between these two? here are their specs: Intel Core i5 4460:
  2. D

    Looking for a good ddr3 intel mobo, not crazy expensive!

    Just looking to finally get away from amd, though seemingly cheaper and simpler I just think its high time I went intel (first computer I built was amd FX 8350 + RX 480 gpu, which i do not recommend!). I've been browsing on amazon and newegg and cant seem to find a good intel mobo that supports...
  3. R

    Cyber Monday 1080 price drop

    I was wondering do you think cyber Monday will have big drops on the 10 series graphics cards I want to upgrade to a 1080 or 1080ti and want to know do u think the 10 series will go down cause the 20 series came out. And if not when would it be best to buy one.
  4. Leoplate25

    Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Gold, good, great, excellent?

    Hi! I just bought this PSU (850w) and it's a little bit 'warmer' to the touch than my previous XFX XTR. I read that the Focus line is a great line of PSU's. Can the small case be the reason of being warmer, or is just fine? Thanks for your answers!
  5. R

    Pc instant shutdown

    So i turn on my pc lights come up for 1 second the next second it shutdown instantly so i tried to fix it with my friend for about an hour all we found out was that the computer would only stay on if ram stick wasn’t connected and i was like k , ill just give it back to warranty and they’ll try...
  6. C

    Intel Core i7-6700K Performance is Terrible

    I am running my pc for almost 2 years. From the beginning I am not getting performance according to my expectation. Here is my benchmark result
  7. V

    Windows Script Host - Error code 800A0400

    Hello peeps, I am getting this error at the windows start up and it's annoying , anybody can help on how to resolve this issues and it happened ? is it a virus or bad file ? thanks I've attached a screenshot for it to help more ]
  8. S

    To buy a laptop under 50k in India

    Is the ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UF (X510UF-EJ592T) a good laptop to buy under 50k eventhough it has 4gigs of ram and is there a better one to buy under 50 k in India
  9. A

    Buying GPUs of EBay

    Hey everyone. I’m not very good with computers but I have been trying to build one for work and gaming. I decided to go for the 1440p 144hz monitor, listed here And a gtx 1080. I can’t seem to find one for a good price on...
  10. T

    No High Speed Internet Plans in my Area

    So I just moved to a new home not so far from my old home. I went on my phone to search for high speed internet in my area and the fastest I could find was 12mbps download speed. As the only plan in my area basically, I got it and regret it. This internet can't even handle 720p video streaming...
  11. S

    How do I connect my drone to my Xbox one controller

    How do I connect them together
  12. I

    Want a refund from asus

    I bought an asus rog strix rx 480 oc back in Jan 1 2017. It broke down in April 2018 when rx 480s were unavailable, so they replaced it with an asus dual rx 580 and it had terrible thermals and broke down in August.Now I want a refund as I don't want to take another risk. Can and does asus cut...
  13. Z

    MSI GTX 1080/1070Ti/1070 AERO

    Can anyone give me a decent answer on what is the deal with the MSI GEFORCE GTX AERO (1080 1070Ti 1070)video cards ? Are they bad, why are they on such a lower price compared to other models? Is it worth getting one of them?
  14. D

    DVI port not working on GPU

    So a few days ago, my pc hanged completely. i shut it off, removed the cables and it said "no connection" on the monitor. When i plugged in the cable, it said D-SUB no signal. after a few days and alot of stuff, i had thought it was my 7 year old HDD giving up, so i got a new one. It worked...
  15. S

    Home theater to set top box to tv

    Hi, I have a Samsung Led Tv, Harman kardon Avr 155 Receiver and Videocon D2H set top box. 1. Samsung Led Tv - Optical connection, 3 Hdmi ports 2. Harman kardon Avr 155 3. Set top box - Hdmi and spdif connection. I have connected Hdmi from Set top box to Receiver and Hdmi from Receiver to Tv...
  16. G

    Which graphics card does better 4k encoding?

    Have 2 fury x's in crossfire but don't support h.265 hardware encoding... which card is better for 4k/uhd h.265 upscaling ??? 1080ti or vega 64???
  17. C

    GTX 1080 Ti

    I have a 8-pin PCI-E cord but the other end fits perfectly into the CPU slot on the power supply rather than the VGA slot. Isn't it supposed to fit at the VGA port. Is this okay or will this damage something? I just played bf1 on ultra just now for a whole hour with no issues or over heating. My...
  18. T

    A slight budge in the laptop makes the whole wifi facility or option to disappear

    My laptop Asus x542un is having a weird issue. If I move it to one place to another or it somehow gets mildly shaked, it shows no wifi. By no wifi, I mean like there was no wifi facility in the laptop to begin with. As there is no wifi option its impossible to connect with any router. Also when...
  19. G

    Pair with Q9550

    Just looking for the best GPU to Pair with my CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, its just a secondary build i use in my bedroom to play some games on a little 720p monitor i have in there. I use it right now for just watching some youtube and VRV, would like to play some simple emulators so i can stop...
  20. E

    System build compatability

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could please tell me if the parts in my build would be 100% compatable. Gpu: Asus Gtx 1060 3gb of edition Power supply:EVGA supernova 750 g3 fully modular Ram: Corsair vengance lpx dram 2666mhz c16 memory kit for systems 8 gb ddr4 2666(pc4 21300) Mobo: Gigabyte...