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  1. H


    Hello Stranger! I have a very old (and low end)PC and I want to play VALORANT. The PC meets all the requirements but I'm concerned about one thing. I have an NVIDIA GEFORCE 330 1gb GPU. On the Official website it is stated that the minimum requirement is intel hd 4000 as of December 2020. Since...
  2. T

    Question Direct X 11 games crash if they go windowed/borderless

    A little backstory on what happened: Playing R6 Siege, game crashes once during game play, crashes second time sometime later, and as R6 crashing is very rare I decide to update the drivers to 452.06. Updates prompt restart so I restarted and now attempting to run any Direct X11 game in...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] how to fix warzone crashinig?

    my friend has a problem playing war zone. Every time he loads it up within seconds of the game his game crashes and gets an error saying "directx11 encountered an error". Does anyone know how to fix this? cpu- ryzen 5 3600 gpu-nvidia rtx 2060 16 gbs of ddr4 3200 ram motherboard- asus rog...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] AMD Radeon HD8490, DirectX11, "Feature Level 10.0 is required"

    I have an HP Compaq Elite 8300 Desktop running Windows 10 and recently purchased an AMD graphics card so I can play some games, like Fortnite, while I'm home instead of the default Intel integrated graphics. However, upon installation of AMD's drivers, an error message occurs when attempting to...
  5. mathiasPS

    [SOLVED] Zotac GTX 980-TI crashing in Unigine benchmarks

    Hi there I recently acquired a previously used Zotac GTX 980-TI and have been running some tests today. Specifically i have done a bunch of tests with the Unigine Heaven benchmark, and have noticed some patterns: When i run the benchmark it crashes to a grey screen after roughly 4 seconds...
  6. Graymaven90

    Question DirectX redistributable Error when installing programs

    Any time I try to install a program requiring a DirectX Redistributable, I get the following "An internal systems error has occurred. Please refer to DXError.log and Directx.log in your windows folder to determine problem" I've tried turning off my anti-virus, running registry analysis/repair...
  7. A

    my old apu not using its graphics

    i have an old amd a10 5800k but i always use a graphics card whit it i never used the integrated i took out my 1050ti to use the integrated graphics just to see but it wont open any game i get open gl errors and direct x 11 required errors but i have it all installed no updates i...
  8. lackjack5

    Worth Upgrading Next year?

    I have a 1050 ti to be exact i have a GeForce Gtx 1050 ti EVGA SC Gaming 4gb Is it worth upgrading to a 1060 6gb for next year? How much would a 1050ti sell for next year (please estimate or educated guess)
  9. Yudhbir Singh

    Lengthy Boot Screen?

    I had this problem for a while that when I turn on my pc, it takes about 10+ seconds to go by. If I restart, it'll take 2 seconds to flash. It's annoying to see that another of my old pc's can start up quicker than this. Any idea of what's causing this?
  10. C

    ssd mushkin eco2 240g vs crucial mx200 256g

    regardless of the price, which one should i buy ? speed, reliability , etc...
  11. Harsh Kumawat

    IPS vs TN panel type monitors

    I know that IPS monitors produce better colours and have more viewing angles with a slightly higher response time, whereas a TN is the opposite with almost 1ms response times. I need some advice whether to get an IPS or TN monitor for 1080P 60Hz. I am most likely to use it for work and gaming as...
  12. J

    What do I need to upgrade first?

    Wanting to upgrade to increase my FPS on Arma 3 and other games. Specs as follows: Ram: 12gb DDR 3 corsair vengeance CPU: intel core i5-2500k 3.30GHz GPU: GTX 560 Motherboard: ASRock H67M-GE PSU: Corsair CX750 I think it'll need to be the graphics card first. I was thinking of getting this...